Our Mission is Clear

Connect Students to Success.

By 2023, ptcouncil.net will help connect 50,000 NYC students come successby pass together organization professionals, educators, and also studentsto open up eyes, open up minds, and open doors.

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Hear from our Partners

“I to be honored come volunteer v ptcouncil.net, which places young students in internship settings and also pairs them with working professionals who mentor and also guide them together they finish projects over 5 weeks.”

Austin Rivera, Bloomberg LP

Hear from ours Partners

“ptcouncil.net"https://ptcouncil.net/ptcouncil.net-quot-lead-quot-is-actually-carbon/imager_1_6652_700.jpgs mission yes, really aligned v what us were feather for—bringing our specialization of language strategy and communicationand using that to assist students.”

Sachi Pettit, Maslansky + Partners

Hear from our Partners

“Working v a ptcouncil.net school, us were influenced by the ambition, talent, and also passion control the next generation of new York City leaders.”

Houlihan Lokey"https://ptcouncil.net/ptcouncil.net-quot-lead-quot-is-actually-carbon/imager_1_6652_700.jpgs Team

Hear from our Partners

“ptcouncil.net leveraged its field of expertise in working v schools and its relationships v the organization community to carry out our college student invaluable access to an extensive social network and also opportunities to take part in weekly career panels and also workshops, build their resumes, exercise interviewing skills and develop career plans the will notify their postsecondary plans. ”

Jennie Soler-McIntosh, new Visions Charter schools

Hear from our Partners

“From the very first meeting, ours team knew partnering v ptcouncil.net might be an incredible hand-operated opportunity to bring our passion and expertise into a classroom and have a meaningful affect on students’ lives. ”

Michael Maslansky, Maslansky + Partners

Hear from our Partners

“Each year, the students bring a brand-new outlook top top the world and also I am happy to learn from them. ”

Madison Hart, JetBlue

Hear from our Partners

“I had actually such an incredible time learning the talent and energy at man Jay—passionate teachers and administrators engaging remarkable groups of students. ”

Michael Koenigs, abc News

Hear from our Partners

“Thanks come ptcouncil.net and the Bronx school of Law and also Finance for such an exciting experience! i appreciated the concerns from the students and also the chance to re-superstructure my career path and thoughts (and hope both were helpful).”

Bryan Barreras, Mayer Brown LLP

Hear from our Partners

“This no only allows our college student to engage with different members the our new York Community, but to network, acquire wisdom, and also be inspired. Watching our students connect in this annually is truly a blessing.”

Erin Hogshead, john Jay college for Law

Hear from our Partners

“We"https://ptcouncil.net/ptcouncil.net-quot-lead-quot-is-actually-carbon/imager_1_6652_700.jpgre proud of exactly how the partnership between Salesforce and twin Language center School (DLMS) has developed over the years and also the monthly online engagements we were maybe to carry to life because that students this institution year. Tough times carry communities together, and our typical focus on supporting the students strengthened this partnership in an extraordinarily an overwhelming year. We"https://ptcouncil.net/ptcouncil.net-quot-lead-quot-is-actually-carbon/imager_1_6652_700.jpgre so grateful for the amazing leadership at DLMS and the invaluable support from ptcouncil.net, and also look forward to farming our collective impact!”

Salesforce Team


ptcouncil.net brings together organization #professionals, #educators & #students across #nyc. Your assistance helps connect #publicschool students to success.


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