a. Tundra climate. B. Subtropical climate. C. Temperate climate. D. Ice cream cap climate.

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An arid or semiarid climate occurs whereby precipitation is better than potential evaporation.


Low soil temperatures and small rain cause soil formation to happen slowly. Because of the temperature, decomposition the plants and animals occurs gradually or stops, limiting the lot of humus in the soil.


A climate with short cool summers and long, gall cold winters is the

a. Mediterranean climate. B. Dry climate. C. Continental climate. D. Tundra climate.


A tropical wet climate exist in the united States only in a. Oregon and also Washington. B. Florida. C. Hawaii. D. California.


Temperate continent climates have cold winters.


In addition to temperature and precipitation, Köppen’s climate system classified climates by a region’s

a. Microclimates. B. Vegetation. C. Seasonal winds. D. Air masses.


The three kinds the temperate maritime climates all have

a. Severe winters. B. Soft winters. C. Merganser summers. D. Little rainfall and also high temperatures.


The hefty rain leaches nutrients from the topsoil. Plants can be grown year round because of the warmth soil temperature, for this reason plants room using nutrient from the floor year-round.

Tropical Rain Forest

Regions that receive less than 25 centimeters that rain annually are called

a. Tundras. B. Savannas. C. Deserts. D. Steppes.


Climates are classified according to i beg your pardon two major factors:

a. Elevation and also precipitation. B. Latitude and also temperature. C. Elevation and latitude. D. Precipitation and temperature.


Tropical grasslands referred to as steppes are uncovered in the dry wet-and-dry climate region.


The an excellent Plains east of the Rocky Mountains have actually a(n)

a. Temperate maritime climate. B. Arid climate. C. Semiarid climate. D. Humid continental climate.

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This semiarid an ar has sufficient rainfall to allow short grasses and low bushes to grow.


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