The Phantom the The Opera: 5 precise Scenes from The book (& 5 Inaccurate Details) Joel Schumacher"s 2004 adaptation the the epic The Phantom of the Opera can have missed the note on some details, yet nailed a couple of as well.

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phantom that the opera precise inaccurate details
one of the most beloved popular music dram in the world, The Phantom of the Opera has been adapted to number of platforms. From assorted theater performances to different movie versions, this French gothic novel by Gaston Leroux is a classic tale that stands the check of time.

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Written in 1909, The Phantom the the Opera follows the story that a disfigured personality hiding in the many secluded corners the the Paris Opera House. Erik, likewise known together the Opera Ghost or the Phantom, fell in love through the amateur prima donna, Christine Daaé, who voice deserve to make the angels weep. The 2004 movie adaptation, certification Gerard Butler as Erik and Emmy Rossum as Christine, received blended criticisms. While some details to be on point, rather missed the mark.

emmy rossum phantom the the opera
Christine Daaé came down on her newfound fame after the opera house’s key singer, Carlotta, backed the end from the performance. Mam Giry, the warden that the ballerinas, suggested Christine take Carlotta’s place. She said that the young girl has been acquisition her voice lessons indigenous the ‘Angel that Music’.

The personality of Christine Daaé is a young, naïve girl whose talent has been covert for years. The moment she took the facility stage, it was a mesmerizing view. Emmy Rossum perfectly delivered that personality of a young lady whose desires are around to come true.

chandelier phantom of the opera
The main worry with this adaptation is the shuffling the scenes. Because that instance, the fall of the chandelier scene in the novel occurred sometime throughout the an initial part of the story. In the movie, it occurred towards the finale. They likewise made the Phantom responsible because that the accident as soon as in fact, in the novel, it to be a matter of wear and tear.

The chandelier is a really important element in the story. In the prologue that the film, the damaged chandelier was component of the auction. This was adapted from the musical theater version, not from the novel.

toad phantom of the opera
maybe the just comedic part of the story is something that entails Carlotta. The Phantom want Christine to sing yet the brand-new managers weren’t acquisition his orders serious so they let Carlotta sing. Simply when the diva is around to belt a tune, she croaked favor a toad!

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The Phantom had actually warned both the managers and Carlotta prior to the performance however no one listened. This scene is very significant in the plot since it proves that The Phantom will carry out anything to make his protégé, Christine, the star the the opera house.

7 Miss: The Sword-Fight

phantom of the opera knife fight
there is no point out of any kind of sword-fight in the novel so this is just theatrics. The location of the stated sword-fight, a churchyard, is whereby Christine concerns visit she father’s grave and also where the point of view of Music sings come her.

This included element is maybe done come add an ext tension between the two gentlemen. Raoul, a viscount and also Christine’s childhood friend, is the Phantom’s rival. Many of the fight scenes in the novel are made that traps and tricks, and the usage of a knife as the Phantom’s weapon is very unlikely of his character.

Viscount Raoul de Chagny is the love attention of Christine. His character, fact be told, is overshadowed by the existence of the Phantom. In spite of this, both that his personalities in the novel and film room spot on, together a nobleman and as Christine’s childhood sweetheart.

The viscount screens the mindset of a hopeless romantic lover. He’s constantly acting favor a knight in shining armor and often in ~ Christine’s beck and also call. Many of his scenes through Christine is the clinging and pining end her, both of i m sorry are apparent in the movie.

5 Miss: The Rose

at the finish of the movie, an old Raoul appears to it is in visiting Christine’s grave. Together he philosophies her tombstone, he observed a red climbed on the next of it—an indication that the Phantom has paid she a visit. Over there is nothing favor this in the novel because the Phantom killed himself in ~ the end of the story.

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There to be no relenten of them growing old, although Raoul and Christine went on v their lives and happily live together. Prior to taking his very own life, Erik do Christine promise to bury him along with the wedding ring he gave her. Therefore, this scene is another shift from the initial plot.

The mirrors in the story are depictions of a façade. In Christine Daaé’s dressing room, her mirror is a doorway in the direction of the cellar whereby the Phantom’s populated is located. Erik constructed this because his personality is not fond of doors. He walks with walls, trap-doors, and mirrors.

Although quite a brief scene, the mirror that was used is do of mechanics that could be opened from the outside. This mirror is only mounted in the young singer’s room, as Erik likes to pay she a visit very often and also conduct his ‘voice lessons’ to her.

3 Miss: The Torture Chamber

The audience had actually a brief view that the Phantom’s torture chamber, a place developed to torment a victim come the allude of death their own selves by hanging. In the movie, Raoul fell below the stage and also landed in a room complete of the same mirrors. This is not an accurate depiction of the torture chamber because it is positioned somewhere else.

The mirrors room meant to reflect the view from the outside, for this reason the human inside will certainly die of hunger and also thirst, and their minds will certainly be tortured until the only option left is to death themselves utilizing the rope tied come a tree within the chamber.

Erik is recognized as the trap-door lover, and this is his means in and also out the the opera house. There are quite a few scenes where we view the trap-doors he built, although the rarely provided them as illustrated in the novel. There are quite much more of this in the publication than presented in the film.

Some that the scenes wherein he regulated to traction his tricks utilizing trap-doors are when he switched Carlotta’s mouth spray the made her croak and when Raoul was going down the trip of stairs and he dropped in the lake.

1 Miss: The Persian

one of the important people absent in the film is The Persian. The scriptwriters may have omitted this character and also used madame Giry’s character together the Phantom’s old friend. In the novel, the Persian to be the one who conserved Erik indigenous his untimely demise. The movie proved Madam Giry help him escape once they captured him and also treated him favor a freak.

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Both the Persian and also the torture chamber are necessary details of the story. Their omission has affected the whole plot since these 2 are attached with every other. These are components of the finale scene in the novel, which is totally different in the movie.