"ping" is not recognized as an interior or exterior command operable program or batch file


"ipconfig" is not known as an interior or outside command operable regimen or batch file.

i tried this 2 solutions.

Go to properties in mine computer, advanced system settings → progressed → atmosphere Variables choose "PATH" indigenous the list of mechanism variables and also edit and collection PATH come c:windowssystem32 ; this will resolve your problem.

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If tho you have a problem, do the below steps

Control panel → System and also security → home windows Firewall → progressed settings → Inbound rule → new rule → custom rule

Im Protocol and ports: Protocol: ICMPv4 top top the exact same panel go to customize, pick "Specific ICMP types", check the crate "echo request"

but it is tho a problem, how can I solve it?

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Sathyajith Bhat♦
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When girlfriend updated your route variable, did you close and also then reopen the Command Prompt prior to you tried to run those commands again? due to the fact that you need to (or possibly restart).

It sounds favor your course variable may have been overwritten through accident.

If friend navigate to C:WINDOWSsystem32, and shot to operation ping indigenous there, does that work? If so, the is your route variable that has the problem.

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Matty JMatty J
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The path is now managed by windows 7 and not the autoexec.bat or autoexec.nt files. To readjust the system environment variables, follow the listed below steps.

From the desktop, right-click mine Computer and also click Properties.In the device Properties window, click on the progressed tab.In the advanced section, click the setting Variables button.Finally, in the atmosphere Variables window (as displayed below), to mark the course variable in the systems Variable section and also click the modify button. Include or change the path lines through the paths you great the computer to access. Each different directory is separated with a semicolon as displayed below.

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This is the default PATH environment variable setting on fresh install of home windows 7


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It"s no clear what type of OS you space using, because both OS/2 and Windows NT have cmd.exe.

In the situation of Windows, you might try re-expanding the papers from your install decaying (asumming windows xp or earlier). Maybe you need to collection your NIC to use TCP/IP, which could reinstall this files.

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