Yoroshiku onegaishimasu is a typically used phrase once meeting someone for the very first time. Is there a more suitable phrase that would much more accurately convey nice to satisfy you? can I say oaide kite ureshii desu?


It counts on what you median by "nice to accomplish you"

a) as the phrase, whereby it tote no / an extremely little meaning of in reality being happy to have met the person (instead the never finishing up meeting)

If a), "はじめまして" is most likely the most herbal one.

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b) to express actual happiness of obtaining to fulfill the person, e.g when you have been really looking forward for it.

If b), ns can"t come up through anything really good, yet maybe "あえてうれしい" or "やっとあえてよかった" (The latter one is stressing more the reality that you have actually been waiting, i.e. Would certainly be like "I am glad I finally got to meet you"

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If it is towards a 目上の人, you have the right to use 目にかかる.


But that"s much more of "It"s quite to check out you (again)" quite than "Nice to accomplish you (first time)".

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