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previous Generations third Gen Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan ? web page 2 started by master Xemnas august 11th, 2013 2:54 afternoon

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Hitmonchan is an excellent for breeding purposes, and also it"s the only one the end of the 2 that can learn the elemental punches. Hitmonlee, on the various other hand, has a great movepool and far better stats. To be honest, i don"t really care around the element punches. I"m not the type of person who likes to breed, either. Due to these reasons, I determined to go v Hitmonlee. This Pokémon ended up help a lot throughout the game, specifically when battling versus the elite Four. N_n


I always loved the Hitmonchan could learn all of the elemental punches, so that was always my favorite of the two (and currently three). I additionally thought the Hitmonlee to be a small creepy as a kid having no mouth or nose, therefore I probably wouldn"t have picked it also if that were double as powerful as Hitmonchan.
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when I was young ns was all about offence so I chose Hitmonlee. Initially I believed Hitmonchan was much more offensive however looks can be deceiving. Yet if i were come replay the game I"d pick Hitmonchan because its all about balance man. All about having a good offence, however a better defence.
once i was younger and also didnt recognize too much about pokemon ns would decided hitmonchan in FRLG due to the fact that of the elemental punches
I favor Hitmonlee far better because I always found kicking attacks more interesting and an effective than Hitmonchan. That also, in gen 3, had actually a much far better moveset and also learns hi Jump Kick early at level 26. Those element punches may sound cool, but in pre-physical-special break-up land Hitmonchan"s pitiful 35 basic Sp. Assault makes lock a novelty.
I"ve constantly chosen Hitmonchan in all of my gamings thus far. The wide array the punching moves that it might learn lead me to pick it over it"s kicking counterpart. I"m likewise not a pan of exactly how Hitmonlee looks therefore it was an easy choice for me.
i remember distinctly choosing hitmochan when i an initial play LeafGreen, yet looking earlier on it, hitmonlee to be pretty sweet too. Go anyone remember that one illustration in the anime v that one man training a hitmochan?
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My battle strategy is typically an ext offensive-based therefore Hitmonlee suits me much better. I additionally think Hitmonlee has far better speed stats, i beg your pardon works much better with mine battling style.
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I have actually two Firered, for this reason in my an initial and main I decided Hitmonchan that I prefer. And in my second I acquired Hitmonlee to trade to my main for mine Pokedex :P
I constantly had problem picking either (both to be great) for this reason if you require fighting form moves desperately, Hitmonlee, if you need a sweeper or something through lots of range choose Hitmonchan, then just BREED each other BREED till you get all 3 :D
I constantly choose Hitmonlee due to the fact that Hitmonchan freaks me out. What kind of a Pokémon yes, really grows boxing gloves as part of that is flesh? It"s a creepy Pokémon for the reason and also not one the I gain using as a result! Hitmonlee ~ above the other hand have the right to kick you right into a coma which is quite cool, right?
an initial playthrough I chose Lee since I liked Bruce Lee but then as soon as I acquired into breeding and also found the end it to be harder to obtain a chan through development I decided Hitmonchan for this reason it i will not ~ be together hard gaining a hitmon lee.

I"d select Hitmonlee any day because that it"s bendy legs :D but it yes, really looks cooler to me, yet the downside is that doesn"t learn elemental kicks prefer Hitmonchan learns element punches :/
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I always lean towards Hitmonchan, you have actually all these varieties of punches it deserve to learn, favor Fire Punch, ice cream Punch, Thunder Punch, etc. I discover it extremely beneficial in battles when it comes to Hitmonchan, so I constantly choose it.
i love Hitmonlee. It is way better IMO. THe style is cooler and it has much better stats yeah i just constantly picked it. Hitmonchan may be an ext useful in-game since of the element punches however i still favor Hitmonlee. Possibly I"m sentimental since it was the very first fighting type Pokemon i really liked...
I"ve constantly picked Hitmochan due to the fact that I to be a kid. Ns loved his design, add to how good he deserve to be if you know exactly how to use him properly. He likewise has the elemental punches come boost, putting at a disadvantage most types that go up against him.
In Leaf eco-friendly I made decision Hitmonlee just cuz i felt like it and also in Fire Red I chose Hitmonchan in order to finish the set. Ns don"t really care for either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan so i didn"t also use them in fight lol.
I never liked the means Hitmonlee looked, therefore I always went for Hitmonchan. Once raising a Tyrogue egg, though, I typically go because that Hitmontop.
ns picked Hitmonchan ~ above FireRed and Hitmonlee ~ above LeafGreen (If i remember correctly), so i would have both. I never ever used lock on my key team, but that might change when I complete the Pokedex and also I play v the region with various Pokemon.

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