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With the re-release of "Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow" top top the Nintendo eShop, we"re really seeing that played the games ago during their debut and who didn"t. That"s just how you tell that you desire to it is in friends with, after all (just joking!). However there are aspects that brand-new players might not understand or need aid figuring out.


covert Moves

HMs space special "hidden" moves that you can use outside of battle to resolve the assorted puzzles you'll find scattered throughout "Pokemon Red and also Blue." They're pretty simple to find and also use (unlike capturing Mew) and it's usually easy to number out whereby you should use claimed moves, yet if it's your very first playthrough you may be struggling.

HM01 - cut

This is one of the most basic HMs to find. You"ll need to have gotten in the S.S. Anne, i beg your pardon you require an S.S. Ticket for. Friend will acquire this by helping the end Bill during his unfortunate teleportation accident that transforms him into a Pokemon. You"ll have to head come Vermilion City to board the S.S. Anne and also fight your rival. As soon as you fight and also defeat your rival, friend can enter the Captain"s quarters.

You'll discover an older man there who's seasick. If you provide him a backrub, you'll it is in rewarded with HM01, which is Cut. You have the right to use the in and also out of battle, either together a an effective attack or to cut the bushes in your way here and also there transparent the entirety of the game.

It's one absolute need like the remainder of the HMs, so make sure you obtain it as soon as feasible in the game so you have the right to open up additional areas come explore.

HM02 - paris

This HM is one of the most beneficial and also one of the easiest to obtain. You require only, after ~ obtaining the Thunder badge in Vermilion City, head to route 16. You'll uncover a girl there that is in a "secret" will area. In return for your silence and not telling anyone wherein she is, she'll offer you HM02 - Fly.

This will certainly then permit you to travel everywhere the world at the drop of a hat using a flying Pokemon. You'll have the ability to get to locations without traveling over there on foot, an obvious boon if you're exhausted of walking everywhere and also wasting beneficial time!

HM03 - Surf

This ability is vital if you want to exploit the Missingno. Glitch or various other tricks in the game, for this reason you"ll absolutely want it, especially as a powerful water-type move. You"ll discover it in the Safari Zone, and you will purchase it because that 500 of the Pokemon currency.

It's the only HM that you're actually compelled to purchase in stimulate to acquire it, yet you need to do therefore in stimulate to finish the game. You're walking to desire to.

HM04 - toughness

If you've viewed boulders or similar items in the Pokemon world, you've most likely been curious about how to get them out of your means or if you even can. Friend can, and also it calls for the HM04 - toughness item. You'll have to head earlier to the Safari ar in stimulate to uncover this HM. If in Fuschia City you'll uncover a Warden who's shed his yellow Teeth. You've acquired to get in the Safari region to uncover them.

Explore the bushes till you check out a Poke sphere item after ~ walking down a few steps and also you'll discover the yellow Teeth. Walk to the left the the display screen after you pick up the item and go into the residence to acquire Surf if friend haven't done the already, and then walk approximately until you immediately exit the Safari Zone.

Go back to Fuschia City and also present them to the Warden. You'll climate be rewarded v HM04 - Strength.

HM05 - speed

This is one of the simplest HMs in the video game to get, and also you'll be provided it really early approximately the Boulder argorial state in Pewter City. It's uncovered in route 2, southern of there. If you had a Pokemon that knows Cut, you'll be able to continue v this pathway till you watch an area close to Viridian Forest.

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There's a Professor's Aide waiting right here to offer you speed if you have captured up come 10 Pokemon before that point.