i am going ~ the roaming pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver, and also they are a nuisance to catch. Ns need mean Look to ensure that they don"t instantly run, False Swipe to hurt it as much as possible without fainting it, and a relocate to paralysis them or placed them come sleep to record them.

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At the moment, this way using 3 Pokemon, which is a nuisance as it wastes time switching in between them. Room there any kind of Pokemon that can learn this combination of moves?



There are 2 Pokémon that can learn that combination of move via TM and breeding.

Absol can gain Mean Look together an Egg move from Umbreon, can learn False Swipe from TM, and can discover Thunder tide from a TM.

Gallade have the right to learn average Look together an Egg move from many ghosts, learns False Swipe normally at level 45, and can opt for either Thunder tide as a TM or Hypnosis as a level 50 Kirlia (this route would need you to usage either the move Tutor or a TM for False Swipe, but Sleep is better for catching).


If you want to look up moveset combinations, examine out Serebii"s Moveset Calculator. For the moves you want, Absol, Gallade and also Smeargle will certainly work.

Personally, if you want something effective, I offered to have actually a Smeargle with the adhering to moveset:

Spore (100% opportunity of sleep)Mean LookFalse Swipe

With the fourth slot being anything of your choice. Ns can"t psychic what ns had. I think it was Odor Sleuth in instance I necessary to catch a Ghost-type.


I did a quick search with this, and also found that Absol and Gallade space the just two Pokemon alongside Smeargle that find out both of those. They deserve to both be taught Thunder tide from a TM.

EDIT: Also, Gallade can know Hypnosis if Kirlia to know it when it evolves.

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I wish to boost upon Corey"s answer. The is a decent answer, but I must suggest something out.If you want to catch Entei/Raiku, typical Look, and Spore is a must. But If you carry out not usage Spore immediately after using average look, lock WILL use roar. Forcing her pokemon come run, finishing the battle. So having a Smeargle v Taunt in the 4th moveslot is equally together helpful, if friend don"t have access to spore. Yet it is simply as momentary as Spore, (2- 5 turns), for this reason you require to have actually something that can attack hard, and fast. Assuming her Smeargle is at the very least Lv.50, but I"d recommend at least level 65, because of it"s appalling disastrous stats. (The Lengendary dogs at LV.40) That method the assault stat of Smeargle is good enough to reduced it"s HP under to 1 through False Swipe. Ns recommend using either Silk Scarf, or Metronome together a organized item (to power up False Swipe). For where they can be acquired, watch your games walk through.