5) i m sorry of the complying with statements around members of the Kingdom Plantae is FALSE?

A) They space multicellular.

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B) They are composed of eukaryotic cells.

C) They undergo photosynthesis.

D) They usage organic carbon sources.

E) castle synthesize necessary molecules.

6) i m sorry of the adhering to statements about the members of the Kingdom Animalia is FALSE?

A) They room multicellular.

B) They space composed of eukaryotic cells.

C) They experience photosynthesis.

D) lock ingest nutrients with a mouth.

E) They space heterotrophs.

7) A genus can best be characterized as

A) a taxon created of families.

B) a taxon created of one or more species and also a group level lying listed below family.

C) a taxon belonging to a species.

D) a taxon consisted of of classes.

E) the most specific taxon.

8) A bacterial species differs native a species of eukaryotic organisms in that a bacterial species

A) does not breed with other species.

B) has a restricted geographical distribution.

C) deserve to be differentiated from various other bacterial species.

D) is a population of cell with similar characteristics.

E) breeds v its very own species.

9) which of the following is the best evidence because that a three-domain system?

A) Nucleotide order in ribosom RNA vary between all 3 domains.

B) There are three distinctly different sets that metabolic reactions.

C) There are three distinctly different Gram reactions.

D) part bacteria live in extreme environments.

E) There room three distinctly different species of nuclei.

10) A biochemical test, in the microbiology world, is supplied to determine

A) staining characteristics.

B) amino acid sequences that enzymes.

C) main point acid-base composition of DNA sequences.

D) capability of a microbe to do a specific enzymatic activity.

E) every one of the answers room correct.

11) i beg your pardon of the complying with is NOT based upon nucleic-acid hybridization?

A) DNA chip



D) southerly blotting

E) west blotting

12) The phylogenetic classification of bacteria is based on

A) cabinet morphology.

B) Gram reaction.

C) rRNA sequences.

D) habitat.

E) diseases.

13) which of the following statements is a factor for not classifying viruses in among the three

domains of life (Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya) fairly than in a 4th separate domain?

A) some viruses deserve to incorporate your genome into a host"s genome.

B) Viruses straight anabolic pathways of hold cells.

C) Viruses are obligate parasites.

D) Viruses are not composed of cells.

E) all of the answers space correct.

14) i beg your pardon of the following provides taxonomic info that includes the information derived in the others listed?

A) nucleic acid hybridization

B) main point acid-base composition

C) amino mountain sequencing

D) biochemical tests

E) cladogram

15) Fossil proof indicates that prokaryotic cells an initial existed top top the Earth

A) 350 years ago.

B) 3500 year ago.

C) 35000 year ago.

D) 3.5 billion years ago.

E) 3.5 × 1012years ago.


16) In figure 10.1, varieties "c." is most very closely related come which the the following?

A) a

B) b

C) c

D) d

E) e


17) In figure 10.1, the closest ancestor for both varieties "a." and types "b." would certainly be which of the following?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

E) 5

18) Protists room a diverse group of organisms that are comparable in

A) rRNA sequences.

B) metabolic type.

C) motility.

D) ecology.

E) none of the answer is correct.

19) In the scientific name Enterobacter aerogenes, Enterobacter is the

A) details epithet.

B) genus.

C) family.

D) order.

E) kingdom.

20) The plan of organisms into taxa

A) shows degrees of relatedness in between organisms.

B) mirrors relationships to usual ancestors.

C) was designed through Charles Darwin.

D) is arbitrary.

E) is based on evolution.

21) Bacteria and also Archaea are comparable in i beg your pardon of the following?

A) peptidoglycan cabinet walls

B) methionine as the start signal for protein synthesis

C) sensitivity to antibiotics

D) taken into consideration prokaryotic cells

E) plasma membrane ester linkage

22) i m sorry of the following best defines a strain in microbiological terms?

A) a pure culture that is not completely identical come other societies of the exact same species

B) a team of organisms through a minimal geographical distribution

C) a mixed population of cells,genetically distinct, but with highly similar phenotypic characteristics

D) teams of cell all acquired from and also identical to a solitary parent species

E) same as a species

23) Serological trial and error is based on the fact that

A) all bacteria have the exact same antigens.

B) antitoxin react especially with an antigen.

C) the person body makes antibodies against bacteria.

D) antibodies cause the development of antigens.

E) bacteria clump with each other when mixed with any type of antibodies.

24) Phage typing is based upon the truth that

A) bacteria are destroyed by viruses.

B) viruses reason disease.

C) bacterial viruses assault only members the a details species.

D) Staphylococcus reasons infections.

E) phages and also bacteria room related.

25) biology A has 70 mole % G+C, and also organism B has actually 40 mole % G+C. I beg your pardon of the adhering to can it is in concluded from this data?

A) The two organisms room related.

B) The two organisms are unrelated.

C) The organisms do entirely various enzymes.

D) Their main point acids will totally hybridize.

E) nobody of the answer is correct.

26) Nucleic mountain hybridization is based upon the truth that

A) the strands of DNA deserve to be separated.

B) a chromosome is written of safety strands.

C) pairing in between complementary bases occurs.

D) DNA is composed of genes.

E) every cells have DNA.

27) among the most well-known taxonomic tools is DNA fingerprinting to develop profiles of organisms. These profiles carry out direct information about

A) enzymatic activities.

B) protein composition.

C) the existence of specific genes.

D) antigenic composition.

E) the similarities between nucleotide sequences.

28) every one of the complying with statements are factors why fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) has end up being a beneficial tool for eco-friendly microbiologists EXCEPT

A) it allows for detection the uncultured microbes.

B) it displayed the diversity the microbes in an environment.

C) it allows observation that microbes in your natural environment in association with other microbes.

D) it allows one to attain pure societies of microbes.

E) every one of the answers are correct.

29) which of the following criteria is most helpful in determining whether 2 organisms space related?

A) Both ferment lactose.

B) Both room gram-positive.

C) Both space motile.

D) Both space aerobic.

E) every answer is equally important.

30) A clone is

A) genetically similar cells obtained from a single cell.

B) a gene engineered cell.

C) a taxon written of species.

D) a mound of cell on one agar medium.

E) nobody of the answers is correct.


In number 10.2, which number shows the most closely related organisms?

A) a

B) b

C) c

D) d

E) e


32) In Table 10.1, which features are uncovered in nearly all eukarya?

A) 2, 3, 5

B) 1, 4, 6

C) 3, 5

D) 2, 3

E) 1, 2, 5


33) In Table 10.1, i m sorry feature(s) is (are) discovered only in prokaryotes?

A) 1, 2, 3

B) 4, 6

C) 2

D) 1

E) 2, 4, 5

34) right into which group would you location a multicell heterotroph through chitin cabinet walls?

A) Animalia

B) Archaea

C) Bacteria

D) Fungi

E) Plantae


In figure 10.3, which two are most closely related?

A) 1 and also 3

B) 2 and 4

C) 3 and 5

D) 2 and 5

E) 4 and also 5

36) into which group would you ar a photosynthetic cell that lacks a nucleus?

A) Animalia

B) Bacteria

C) Fungi

D) Plantae

E) Protista

37) You uncovered a unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus and peptidoglycan. You doubt the organism is in the group

A) Animalia.

B) Archaea.

C) Bacteria.

D) Fungi.

E) Plantae.

38) into which group would you location a unicellular organism that has 70S ribosomes and a peptidoglycan cabinet wall?

A) Animalia

B) Bacteria

C) Fungi

D) Plantae

E) Protist


39) use the dichotomous an essential in Table 10.2 to identify a gram-negative cell the ferments lactose and uses citric mountain as its single carbon source.

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A) Citrobacter

B) Escherichia

C) Lactobacillus

D) Pseudomonas

E) Staphylococcus


40) usage the dichotomous an essential in Table 10.2 to recognize a gram-negative coccus.

A) Neisseria

B) Pseudomonas

C) Staphylococcus

D) Streptococcus

E) Micrococcus

41) right into which team would you ar a multicellular organism that has actually a mouth and lives within the human liver?

A) Animalia

B) Fungi

C) Plantae

D) Firmicutes (gram-positive bacteria)

E) Proteobacteria (gram-negative bacteria)

42) into which team would you location a photosynthesis organism the lacks a nucleus and also has a slim peptidoglycan wall surface surrounded by an outer membrane?

A) Animalia

B) Fungi

C) Plantae

D) Firmicutes (gram-positive bacteria)

E) Proteobacteria (gram-negative bacteria)


In the cladogram presented in number 10.4, which 2 organisms space most closely related?

A) Streptomyces and Micrococcus

B) Micrococcus and also Mycobacterium

C) Mycobacterium and also Lactobacillus

D) Streptomyces and Lactobacillus

E) Streptomyces and also Mycobacterium

44) which of the following qualities indicates that 2 organisms are carefully related?