A lady quit me in the parking the majority of the neighborhood supermarket and asked if my PT Cruiser had a "Shut-off move under the dashboard".She felt about under the steering wheel of mine 2003, however couldn"t discover it.She stated that her 2001 had to be towed to the garage since that switch had actually been by chance flipped. Walk anybody know what she was describing??Thanks

26 Jul 2005, 10:15 pm


Sounds prefer she purchase a supplied PT and the previous owner had installed (or had actually it installed) a cut off move so if someone tried come steal it, lock couldn"t begin it. The doesn"t come native the manufacturing facility that way.

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Aftermarket alarm, possibly. It didnt come stock, for this reason she could be talking around anything. I think she was refering come the Valet move on an alarm system, though.
Agree w/Crewzin & Espresso. Hers must"ve to be used and modified by former owner.Or, she could just be crazy...<:0>
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Her being crazy did happen to me;<:I> but due to the fact that I advised her to write-up here in this group around it, she can read this, for this reason an aftermarket mod sounds right.<8>I had to feeling sorry because that her, since having come pay because that a tow, and a mechanic, and be so late to work, just to upper and lower reversal a switch<:X> is an high-quality discovery!Thanks.
That is why you dont buy a used auto without understanding EVERYTHING about it first. If girlfriend cant acquire under the dash to look at wiring & such, carry someone who can. The dash wiring( any for that matter) once in the wrong hands, is just......bad.
She can be talking about the Fuel Pump cut-off switch. This is there in situation of accident and the fuel line was severed. This will rotate off the fuel pump staying clear of fuel indigenous spraying.That would be the just "Cut-off" switch.
quote:Originally posted by jtdevShe could be talking about the Fuel Pump cut-off switch. This is there in situation of accident and also the fuel line was severed. This will turn off the fuel pump avoiding fuel from spraying.That would be the only "Cut-off" switch.

Not specifically sure where, I will look tonight and let girlfriend know, yet usually they room behind the plastic kick panel top top the chauffeurs side (near the left foot rest)I"ll recognize for sure tomorrow and post it.

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2001 pt cruiser unknown switches....hi i have actually 2 switches under driver side dash area near obd2 portone is a metal toggle switch mounted...and the other is a black plastic push switch (reset breaker style) layout switch just randomly hanging through 2 wires attachedany ideas what they might be?see both pics...
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