This week, my Glyph du Jour is one that does not exist in Unicode. It"s a capital Q v a dot above representing "heat transport per unit time" (or price of warmth transfer). Similar thermodynamic symbols room (rate of work-related produced) and (rate of massive transfer)...and interesting way these perform exist in Unicode.

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Why W-dot and m-dot, however no Q-dot? It"s since these certain symbols probably have actually a use somewhere beyond thermodynamics. Because that instance, was sometimes used in older timeless Irish spelling (today"s mh). Therefore the community was able come lobby because that the consist of of this letter within Unicode in order come transcribe historic classical Irish messages (lucky because that my thermodynamics course).

The irony here is the within Unicode classic Irish actually has far better resources 보다 the engineering ar (or the statistics community which could use p-hat or ). I don"t think it"s an evil conspiracy, yet the fact that many engineers more than likely think of their notation quirks as a "font/layout" concern rather 보다 as a "foreign language" issue.

The next step could be that someone proposes the inclusion of Q-dot or (and the sibling q-dot or which is price of warmth transfer every unit mass. This could raise the worry of whether we can get with just combining Q add to a "combining diacritic" period - that is a manually combining a letter and also a diacritic.

Based top top what I"ve seen, I would say no. First, couple of everyday fonts assistance "combining accents" well. They would much rather job-related with precomposed ptcouncil.netities with accents constructed in. Partly since it is difficult to ar a dot continuously for every letter without structure it ahead. I can fudge a , but if I try , the dot regularly disappears right into the taller resources Q. At best I"m stuck to Q ̇ (Q through upper-right dot). Another lesson the someone WILL constantly find some new mix of the Latin alphabet come mess approximately with.

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Dotted letter & combining Diacritic Test

Below is a table mirroring a test of the combining period for the Q-dots and the currently dotted letters. Together you can see, there are just a few dotted letter missing. Note: Q-dots ideal viewed through Arial Unicode MS, Gentium or other devoted Unicode font.

Character name Character Hex Entity password Decimal Entity code
Lower Q dot (Fudged) q+̇ q+̇
Capital Q dot (Fudged) Q+̇ Q+̇
Lower A through dot above ȧ ȧ ȧ
Capital A with dot above Ȧ Ȧ Ȧ
Lower B with dot above
Capital B v dot above
Lower C through dot above ċ ċ ċ
Capital C v dot above Ċ Ċ Ċ
Lower D v dot above
Capital D v dot above
Lower E v dot above ė #x0117; ė
Capital E with dot above Ė #x0116; Ė
Lower F through dot above
Capital F with dot above
Lower G v dot above ġ ġ ġ
Capital G through dot above Ġ Ġ Ġ
Lower H with dot above
Capital H with dot above
Capital I with dot above İ İ İ
Lower H through dot above
Capital H v dot above
Lower n with dot above
Capital N through dot above
Lower O with dot above ȯ ȯ ȯ
Capital O v dot above Ȯ Ȯ Ȯ
Lower P with dot above
Capital P with dot above
Lower R with dot above
Capital R v dot above
Lower S with dot above
Capital S v dot above
Lower T with dot above
Capital T v dot above
Lower W v dot above
Capital W with dot above
Lower X through dot above
Capital X with dot above
Lower Y with dot above ế
Capital Y with dot above
Lower Z through dot above ż ż ż
Capital Z v dot above Ż Ż Ż