Welcome come the very first installment the ptcouncil.net"s "Trapped in the Closet" recaps, in which we reflect top top each brand-new entry the R. Kelly"s fantasia of sex, lies and singing. By now, the whole civilization has soaked in every critical drop of Robert"s first 22 episodes of "Trapped" (released indigenous 2005 to 2007), gorging upon the melodic sufferings of Sylvester, Rufus, Rosie The Nosey Neighbor, Twan, Roxanne, and also of course, Pimp Lucius. Yet then: five years of unanswered questions. Will these beloved characters ever uncover happiness ~ above the crazy roads of Chi-town? What will Bridget and large Man"s love son look like? and what in God"s name is "The Package"?

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Kellz left pan of R&B and also humanity desire more, and now, graciously, the has noted it. Chapter 23 to be released online on Wednesday (Oct. 17), and also as "Trapped in the Closet" is slated to continue on IFC beginning Nov. 23, R. Kelly has confirmed that 20 more chapters have actually been filmed. And also that"s no all: ""Trapped in the Closet" is forever," the genius freshly told TIME. "I"ve obtained like a hundreds chapters to come." A hundred chapters! Forever! we no longer need to hope that, centuries and civilizations from now, our ancestors are deprived of very closely constructed hip-hoperas. Our future looks brighter by the second.

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But let"s focus on the here and also now: thing 23.

We open on a broad shot the Chicago"s skyline, together night bleeds into day and all the troubles of the "Closet"s" lost souls momentarily brighten. Kellz, together the Narrator, welcomes us into his humble abode, i beg your pardon is colored by party of liquor, allusions come previous illustration (check the end Joey"s face on the "Chicago Mob war Erupts" poster, and that Dixie"s cocktail glass) and a total (obviously). The Narrator confirms that the next few chapters the the story room going to be "so crazy," which is shocking to no one, however is additionally comforting.

Sylvester and also Gwen are chilling in bed -- store moving, folks, no drama to check out here. Yet suddenly, the phone rings. Who"s calling? and how go they acquire that number?

And then… the phone call calls keep coming. Rufus and Cathy get their sunny day of shopping spoiled all as well quickly.

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Bridget appears to be a little an ext receptive to the mysterious speak to -- "Am ns gonna it is in famous?" she asks, together if she is not already famous in ~ R. Kelly pan clubs. Meanwhile, Twan is external the liquor store, shouting obscenities into the phone before asking exactly how much he"s "getting paid." oh Twan.


The calls save rolling in to assorted minor characters; Michael K. Williams, reprising his duty as James, also picks increase the phone. Yet then Robert closes the book on chapter 23 by asking what we"ve all been thinking: "…But there was no luck/When it concerned getting in touch… v Chuck."


"Where room you Chuck?"

"Trapped" fans will certainly recall the Chuck"s last appearance was method back in thing 18, as soon as he tearfully admitted to his lover, Rufus, the he remained in a hospital. For this reason much has actually happened since that sad day: the secret Package to be introduced, and Sylvester has created an uneasy commitment with Joey. Together Chapter 22 finished with a tangled internet of Kellz questions, the viewer is now saddled with even fewer answers. Who might be placing this calls? has everyone just forgotten about the package (or can that be package sitting top top the dresser next to the Narrator, together Chapter 23 fades come black)? and where in the surname of "Twelve Play" is Chuck?

In a small over a month, chapter 24 will without doubt breathe brand-new life into Robert Kelly"s magnificent saga. Stay tuned, and also stay "Trapped."