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I placed it 35 yet it i do not care tough and not smooth in ~ all. So i guess much better to put it at 3w front and also rear
I put it 35 yet it i do not care tough and not smooth in ~ all. So ns guess better to placed it in ~ 32 front and also rear

On among my 80"s I have actually Michelin LTX/MS 265-75-R16 (this is the ns rated tire, no the LT version, which are much stiffer). I run them at 36 psi which appears to it is in a sweet spot because that not also harsh a ride, an excellent wear, and no to decrease in mpg.IME if girlfriend air down much below that you may see a far-reaching drop in mpg, but every one of it (ride comfort, mpg,---) counts on the details tire"s style (sidewall C, D, E, LT, tread), etc,etc.HTH"s


I don"t know a most this topic yet when mine rig came v non-standard tires and also wheels, I reached out to BFG since I to be curious what they"d say. Below was the an answer for BFG K02 LT265/70R17 (112/109S) tires through 4Runner trail Edition wheels:
We frequently would recommend going by the PSI indicated on the door sill to determine the optimum inflation pressure. Since you are using an alternative size fairly than the OE dimension of P275/70R16 we would need to transform the maximum load to recognize the encourage PSI for the LT fitment. The maximum fill for the OE dimension at the recommended press of 32 PSI would be 2,450. We division that by 1.1 and it offers us 2,255lbs which amounts to 45 PSI for your current fitment. This would be the encourage inflation pressure and also it will give you a total carrying capacity of 9000lbs. FYI: The pressure shown on the sidewall of the tire offers you the maximum inflation push for her Load variety C (6ply) tire. This press shouldn"t be exceeded and is only to be provided if you need to lug a maximum pack of 9,880lbs.

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I assumed it was a useful response! the being said, I"m no carrying anywhere near 9000lbs...just the rig + prior bumper so I"ve left them all at 34psi. Been also lazy come do any type of of the exam to see if they space wearing evenly. I"d feel open to trying out with greater pressures once I get the suspension worries fixed so far so an excellent at 34.