it worth between 300.00- 1000.00 it simply depends top top if that is the Canadian gold collection or the united state millinery model.

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The typical Remington version 742 in .30-06 (the model you request about) is valued at;Exc. Cond: $350.00 USDV.G. Cond: $275.00 USDGood Cond: $250.00 USD

* include 10% for the 18" barrel in .30-06 caliber

The previous write-up kind of obtained you off topic.

Hope this help you out,kcbuck

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Hello, together usual I need to agree 100% v KCBuck. The prices & problems he provided you room spot on. I have actually one the the ole" Remingtons. A 1961 in fact and since then it"s only been fired 11 times. Even still there is a factor they have actually a nickname "The Jam Master", or castle would have a much better resale. Can"t go wrong when KC offers you the info! good guy and also smart one too!!Bluegrasscotty