The Sienna is a big MPV created by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota in the us for the phibìc American market. Due to the fact that 1997, he is currently in his fourth generation. For this reason this time, I will tell you how to reset the oil maintenance compelled light ~ above the Toyota Sienna.

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I’m going come be mirroring you just how to reset the maintenance forced light the pops up on the dash. Ns finally discovered in the owner’s manual how to perform it, basically, so let me go through the yes, really motions.

Next, turn off the ignitionWith the engine turn off you’re going to organize the trip button, so hold it in and also then push the ignition start button twice with your foot turn off the brakeKeep this Trip switch pressed inYou will watch this resetting maintenance data come increase on your screen and also once the zeros space done flashing you have successfullyWith Steering Button
Today we have actually the 2018 Toyota Sienna ns going to show you just how to reset the maintenance forced light. Basically, you’re gonna be using the navigation button on the steering wheel. So just follow me along.Start increase the carPress the START/STOP switch with your foot on the brake pedalGo to the ⚙️ gear menu tabWe desire to go to the sprocket on peak of the menu so we’re gonna press to the right, there’s a sprocket therefore if you’re everywhere else on display screen just keep scrolling it rotates you acquire to the sprocket right there

Next, press and also hold the OK switch to get in the menuFind and select SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE or OIL MAINTENANCEAnd as soon as the device asked “Reset Data?” pick YES to proceed reset
So it is it. This could be done by you yourself in a garage. Girlfriend don’t should take it come the dealer. They’ll charge you about fifty percent an hour i beg your pardon is, ns think, 65 bucks, yet you deserve to see there’s no much more message on the display screen the vehicle is running no an ext maintenance forced light. This procedure, choose I said, should work on many Toyota’s and also Lexus. So many thanks for reading!

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