THE third Harry Potter movie, The sinner Of Azkaban, opens up in Britain following Monday. To celebrate, The sunlight is bringing girlfriend a main of people exclusive photographs and interviews through the young stars. This day Rupert grint reveals the inexplicable tactic he supplied to win his function as Harry’s best friend.

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Written by approve Rollings

RUPERT GRINT has actually told because that the an initial time just how he won the part of Ron Weasley ? he wore a skirt.

The young actor love JK rowling’s best-selling books and also was desperate for the role.

So come conjure increase something yes, really wizard, Rupert go an impression of one of his female teachers.


Talking solely to The sun in his an initial major interview, Rupert said: “I pull up as my drama teacher in my video clip audition tape and also did a rap.

“Unfortunately she to be a girl therefore it connected wearing a skirt. I understand Ron no a girl however I wanted to obtain noticed and also show ns was versatile.”

Rupert, who was 11 in ~ the time, discovered out about the auditions native the BBC website for kids’ show Newsround.

He had to do half a dozen auditions after sending out in his ice cream ? i m sorry he didn’t enjoy.

Rupert admitted: “At the auditions you had actually to learn your lines and also do a display test. I had actually to perform six or seven of them. I didn’t gain it since that’s a lot of nerves.”

Now 15, Rupert had actually only appeared in school plays before winning the an essential role together Harry’s best friend.

Overnight he went from simple schoolboy to movie star. Slowly he is obtaining used come fame ? and the fist of mrs fans.

Rupert said: “I gain quite a lot fan mail from girls and a most them come approximately me in the street.”

The ginger-haired star is not keen to take it on romantic roles.

But in the movie Ron start to autumn for his girlfriend Hermione therefore Rupert has had to attend to some “awkward” exhilaration moments.

He expose they have recorded scenes where the couple hug and hold hands ? i m sorry shows brand-new director Alfonso Cuaron has added spice come the film.

Rupert said: “There were part awkward scenes. There was a most hand-holding between me and also Hermione. There to be hugs too but lock got reduced out.”

In the publications Ron and also Hermione perform not hold hands until the 4th novel, The Goblet of Fire.

Rupert said: “It’s monster doing romance. I’ve never been attracted to play a romantic lead.”

He’s happier play comedy. And Ron has plenty of witty currently ? i beg your pardon Rupert delivers perfectly.

He said: “I don’t yes, really take things seriously. Ron is a funny character and also that is why I like playing him.

“I have always liked comedy films. I choose Lee Evans. He is cool. I would like to carry out a little of comedy exhilaration after bother Potter.”

The fun does no stop when the cameras cease rolling, either. Rupert and Daniel Radcliffe, that plays Harry, have actually become good friends and also enjoy causing mischief.

Rupert smiled and also said: “Me and Dan make a crazy golf course out of stuff we found roughly thestudios. We made a windmill too, which us were going come power v an electrical fan, but it was a little bit dangerous.”

Rupert also draws cheeky cartoons that friends and also fellow actors.

He said: “I perform caricatures. I did Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) with a huge nose. Ns wasn’t planning to present it to him yet he crept up behind me and saw it.

“He asked to save it, which was a relief. It was choose being caught by mine teacher. It to be scary.”

Rupert, who will be 16 in August, does not enjoy school. That confesses he “forgets” to perform his homework and will it is in happy to leave after his GCSEs next month.

He said: “I still obtain told off. I gained a detention when I went earlier after filming since I didn’t do my homework.

“When the director collection an practice to aid us acquire to understand our characters, ns was claimed to explain Ron however I forgot to carry out it.

“But Alfonso thought it was prefer Ron, therefore he to be OK around it.”

Rupert has not yet finished JK Rowling’s fifth Harry Potter book, The order Of The Phoenix which was released critical summer.

He admitted: “I have actually read the beginning and it looks yes, really cool.”

Perhaps that is Rupert’s busy social life i m sorry is holding him up.

He said: “I have started playing golf. Ns love go-karting too.” The young actor has treated himself v his incomes from the three films.

He said: “I bought my own go-kart and golf clubs. I buy stuff I can enjoy. Some of my money is held in trust.”

But there is nothing Rupert enjoys much more than being on set. He talks enthusiastically around stunts because that the new movie.

Rupert said: “I obtain dragged follow me grass through a male dressed in an all-in-one suit. In the movie he is edited out and a computer-generated dog is placed in his place.

“I really took pleasure in the film. It’s really wicked.”

Rupert stays with his parents, Jo and also Nigel, his 4 younger siblings and dog Ruby in Hertfordshire.

He said: “I still have to tidy my room. I have tried to remain really normal. I have actually a huge family and also that brings you under to earth.”

His youngest sister Charlotte used to believe he had actually magic powers.

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Rupert said: “Charlotte was three once The Philosopher’s rock came out and she assumed it to be real.

“When I dropped off the equine she got really worried. Happily she there is no asked me come do any type of magic.”