By Steve BeauregardAlthough there space a few casinos by san Francisco, (4 within 100 mile to it is in exact), nothing deserve to replicate the excitement of a road expedition to ras Vegas.But because that Bay-area residents, that can be fairly a long road trip.In fact, that 565 mile (or 909 kilometers) from mountain Francisco to las Vegas via the fastest driving route. Commonly it would certainly take you between 8 to 9 hrs to acquire there (not consisting of stops).More specifics the drive can take from simply 7 ½ hours (if leaving very early in the morning) up to a brutal 12 hours if leave the city throughout rush hour.

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ItIt’s 565 miles from mountain Franciso to the las Vegas Strip
A significant portion of that 12 hours is eaten up in the stretch indigenous downtown san Francisco eastern to the city of Livermore, California. That part of the drive is just 44 miles, but during sirloin hour, it can take 2 ½ hours.From there, the vast bulk of the drive is rural, and has you adhering to Interstate 5 southern through the central Valley.At 283 miles south and also east of san Francisco, Bakersfield, California marks practically the precise halfway allude of the trip.It’s below where you’ll draw away off the I-5 and make your means onto Highway 58 eastern (also dubbed the Blue Star Memorial Highway), come Barstow, California.At Barstow, you’ll obtain on I-15 because that the long desert drive right into Las Vegas.This final part of the journey from Barstow is 158 mile to the las Vegas Strip.The journey is long and boring and mostly level with not much to see. Yet if can not wait till Las las vegas to scratch your gambling itch, there are Casinos in Primm, Nevada, i m sorry you’ll discover on the California/Nevada border, 40 miles prior to you get to las Vegas.

San Jose to ras Vegas

From san Jose, it’s 524 miles to las Vegas, or 843 km. Generally it’s one 8 hour journey or so, however it deserve to reach 10 hours if she leaving at sirloin hour.The route has actually you going southern on 101 to Gilroy, prior to heading eastern on Highway 152 to federal government 5.Scenic route from san Francisco to las VegasWhile the route described over is by far the quickest, the not crucial the prettiest.It’s been stated that to acquire to vegas from the just area, you deserve to take a at some point boring drive, or a 2 job scenic one.The longer scenic variation would have you going through Yosemite national Park.The Yosemite park entrance is 167 miles east of downtown san Francisco, or around a 4 hour journey (165 miles from downtown san Jose). The drive with the park is top top Highway 120 (Tioga Road), yet please keep in mind this road is closed during the winter season.After driving v Yosemite nationwide Park, you have the right to head south on Highway 395 come hit up an additional park, fatality Valley, prior to the relatively short drive east into las Vegas.While this drive is just slightly longer in mile (585 miles), it will take much longer as you will certainly be driving on curvy, slow-moving roadways through Yosemite.Not come mention, you’ll desire to avoid a lot on the means and inspect out the jaw-dropping see at what is the nation’s 3rd most visited nationwide Park.

Distances from just Area cities to ras Vegas

All distances represent the fastest control route, and start out at the facility of town, finishing at Caesars royal residence on the ras Vegas Strip.

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Oakland – 557 mile (896 km)Fremont – 540 mile (869 km)Santa Rosa – 612 miles (985 km)Hayward – 541 mile (871 km)Sunnyvale – 535 (861 km)Concord – 554 (891 km)

Flying from mountain Francisco/San Jose to ras Vegas

Including time invested taxiing on the runway, a flight from san Francisco take away 1 and also ½ hours, follow to protest to the 565 mile driving distance, the flight distance from mountain Francisco international Airport come McCarran global in ras Vegas is just 414 miles.There room 161 weekly SFO to ras flights. Unified Airlines has the most flights to Sin City, followed by Virgin Airlines and also Southwest. These three airlines account because that 91% of all the flights from san Francisco come Sin City.In mountain Jose, there space 57 weekly flights to ras Vegas from mountain Jose global Airport. All of these space Southwest airlines flights, and also usually takes just under an hour and also a half, follow to has 73 flights to Sin City each week, 80% that which room Southwest flights.(Photo courtesy of Eje Gustafsson via Flickr).

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