Everyone desires to change up your appearance every now and then in Sea of Thieves, and now you have that option. You deserve to reset her character's looks together you head back to the bottom that the ship to choose a premade pirate based upon their gender and also unique appearance. The is feasible that you thrived bored of your present character, or never took the time to do a good selection in the first place.

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currently you deserve to have that chance by following a few simple steps, yet it isn't free if you want to keep every one of your progress. Luckily, that is reasonably cheap and also is a great way to change things up as soon as you desire a brand-new look for her pirate in Sea that Thieves!

Updated respectable 17, 2021 through Gabrielle Huston: Sea of thieves is tho a wildly renowned game, but it's not always abundantly clear just how to change up her character's appearance, also after several updates to the basic game. Plus, there is a people of distinction between changing your outfit and transforming your character's face and also body. Review on to learn more.

Changing your Cosmetics Vs. Changing Your Character

once you an initial played Sea the Thieves, you obtained to pick from a randomly generated set of pirates. ~ that, there are lots of options to adjust your hair, hair colour, makeup, clothes, and an ext by to buy cosmetics through money you do in-game. You may be happy just making a couple of edits to those things! Actually transforming your personality will allow you to choose a pirate with a various body type, sex presentation, skin colour, and also facial features.

Sea of thieves - key Menu with arrowhead directing the viewer to the Pirate Emporium
The an initial step is come load right into the key menu the Sea that Thieves till you with the part where you space asked to choose your experience. This is the display where you would certainly generally pick to go into Adventure setting (where friend can complete Tall Tales) or Arena setting (where you complete with various other pirates). It likewise tells girlfriend what the latest update has changed about and/or included to the game!

Sea of thieves - Pirate Emporium with arrow directing the viewer to the Pirate tab
when you space in the main menu, you will see a box that says Pirate Emporium in the top right-hand corner. As soon as you click on this the will carry you to a new window where you have the right to buy things choose cosmetics for her ship, pirate, or pets.

Sea of thef - Pirate Emporium with arrowhead directing the viewer to the Pirate illustration Potion
when you look at the peak of your screen, friend will check out several various tabs that you deserve to cycle through in the Pirate Emporium to view different kinds that content.

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The tab girlfriend are in search of is the Pirate tab, and also you will view a variety of weapon cosmetics, costumes, and emotes - and also the Pirate figure Potion!

Sea of theif - Pirate Emporium with the Pirate figure Potion
when you soil on the key page the the Pirate tab, friend will watch something dubbed the Pirate appearance Potion in the bottom center of her screen. It will price you 149 old Coins, i m sorry comes the end to around $2.09 USD, or $2.69 CAD.

If friend don't have enough old Coins girlfriend can always purchase much more by clicking the icon at the bottom right-hand corner of her screen. They frequently run sales on this coins, and also hold special events where you deserve to earn castle for you yourself in-game; one instance is to take it on old Skeletons.

It will offer you options of different ancient Coin packages which room as follows:

Number the CoinsCost in USDCost in USD v Discount from Owning video game PassCost in CADCost in CAD through Discount native Owning game Pass150550100025504250

Pirate illustration in Sea that Thieves
when you have acquired the medicine you have to relaunch Sea the Thieves in stimulate to usage it. You will then be required to the bottom that the ship where you have the right to choose a new character, and you won't lose any kind of of the progression you have actually made.

Don't resolve on a pirate you just kinda like! You just spent money to switch, ~ all. If you don't like any of the alternatives that Sea Of thieves has provided you, simply shut the down and also reboot that again to obtain a brand-new set that characters.


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