Since BD is one altitude, therefore the height of the triangle is BD and the basic of the triangle is AC.

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The street formula to discover the distance in between two point out is,


First, we find BD, wherein B(-1,4) and also D(2,4).


So, the height of the triangle is 3.

Now, we discover the value of AC, whereby A(2,1) and C(2,6).


So, the base of the triangle is 5.

The formula to discover the area the a triangle is,



Therefore, the area the the triangle is 7.5 unit square and also the correct alternative is A.



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A. 7.5

Step-by-step explanation:

In triangle ABC, BD is the altitude the the triangle which method BD is that height and also AC is that is base.

We recognize that B(-1,4) and also D(2,4), thus we can find height BD using the street formula:


BD =


Now, us will find the basic AC:


Area that the triangle = 1/2 * basic * height

Area of abc = 1/2 * AC * BD = 1/2 * 5 * 3 = 7.5

Therefore, the area of abc is 7.5.


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Step-by-step explanation:

Let us expect a time duration "t" i beg your pardon is greater than 4 weeks.

Let united state say

for no sick college student

because that sick college student

Now the probability of in ~ no sick student each week is provided by




There are other instances such as


The probability of over cases is equal to


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Read 2 an ext ptcouncil.nets
What is the multiplicative station of 2?A) -2B) 0.500000000C) 0.700000000D) 0
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The mult. Inverse of 2 is 1/2, which is (somewhat) equivalent to 0.50000....
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What is 4(5n-7)=10n+2?variables on both sides
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About "Solving equations through variables ~ above both sides"

Solving equations through variables top top both political parties :

To solve equations with variables on both sides, we have to carry the variables to the left next of equal sign and also the number which or not having the variables, that is constants to the right side of equal sign.

Solving Equations through Variables on Both sides - Steps

Step 1 :

Use the Distributive residential property to eliminate the group symbols.

Step 2 :

Simplify the expressions on each side the the amounts to sign.

Step 3 :

Use the addition and/or Subtraction nature of Equality to obtain the variables top top one next of the equates to sign and also the numbers without variables ~ above the various other side the the equals sign.

Step 4 :

Simplify the expression on each side the the amounts to sign.

Step 5 :

Use the Multiplication or department Property the Equality to solve.

If the solution outcomes in a false statement, over there is no solution of the equation.

If the solution outcomes in an identity, the equipment is all numbers.

Solving Equations with Variables top top Both sides -Examples

Example 1 :

Solve the complying with equation. Then check the solution.

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5t - 9 = -3t + 7

Solution :

5t - 9 = -3t + 7

In stimulate to remove -3t, we have actually to include 3t top top both sides.

5t + 3t - 9 = -3t + 3t + 7

8t - 9 = 7

In order to remove -9, add 9 on both sides

8t - 9 + 9 = 7 + 9

8t = 16

Divide by 8 ~ above both sides

8t/8 = 16/8

t = 2

Hope this help you recognize better!

(It is no the however it is an instance so hope this helps and please offer me Brainliest)