Are you wondering if a guy is disinterested in you, or make the efforts to do you jealous?

When a male acts distant, it can be either among these things.

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These silly gamings are frustrating for both genders, yet we both continue to beat them.

Thankfully, i have created this an extensive guide to assist you figure out a masculine intentions when he go cold top top you.

Does he not care, or is he making friend jealous? You’re about to find out.

Before us start, I’d choose to introduce this online communications tracker tool. If you recognize a few of this guy’s an easy details, you deserve to use this device to affix with his phone and also find the end if he is contacting other women.

It’s fully discreet, and also it’ll reveal a ton that information about who that is contacting, exactly how often and what apps he’s using. As such, this tool gives the perfect way to find out if he’s still interested in you, or not.

However, it can be feasible to find this out by city hall his behavior. Check out the guide listed below for ideas on just how to perform this.


1 Is that Trying To make Me Jealous?3 FAQs

Is that Trying To do Me Jealous?

If he’s set out to make you jealous, you’ll notice plenty of this signs. The much more he’s doing, the harder he is trying to make you jealous.

1. The flirts with various other girls

A player will carry out this behind your back. If he desires to do you jealous, he’ll perform it within earshot for this reason you recognize that he’s doing it.

2. The talks around other girls

If he’s not talking to other girls in ~ the time, that may just talk around them. For example, he might say the he to be up every night talk to a friend of his the is a girl.

3. That compliments other women in former of or to you

You’re walking under the street and also he mentions the way her target is. He talks about how hot blondes are. He level out tells the waitress that she’s gorgeous.

4. Showing off various other girls

He takes photos of the partying with other women and then articles them come Facebook. A man that is placing forth the extra initiative in make you jealousy will also send you a friend request as a way to make sure that you see those pictures.

5. His schedule is packed

All of a sudden, he’s doesn’t have time because that you. That can’t expropriate your phone calls since he to be busy. Plans gain canceled.

6. The talks about a partnership with someone else

This man isn’t in a connection with anyone else, however he mentions that he’s considering a connection in passing.

7. He’ll speak up other women

He blatantly flirts with other women in front of you. He even flashes them the ear come ear grin the you love.

8. Boasting about attention from other women

If you don’t an alert him flirting, he’s certain to call you around it. Once he’s trying to make you jealous, he makes sure you understand that other women desire a relationship with him.

9. Trying come one-up you

If he’s not out to make you jealous of various other women, that still desires you jealous. Whether it’s making an ext money or having higher education.

10. Acting choose they have actually so numerous women after them


If that doesn’t work, he may present you messages from other girls. He only shows you the one blog post thread v a female complimenting him, though.

26. Telling you around other women hitting on him

Even if there’s no evidence, he renders sure to tell you about the cashier that was hitting on the or all the girls that think he is a dream come true.

27. Talking around past relationships

Past ladies are lugged into the conversation due to the fact that he wants to see your reaction. He might be see if you envious, or he can be considering a relationship and testing girlfriend to view if you have the right to handle him having actually conversations v his children mother.

28. Bragging about things other women are good at

She’s a an excellent dancer. This other one is exceptional in bed. A random girl is all of sudden the best artist he’s ever before seen also though you’re likewise an artist. If you feel a specific way, he is succeeded.

29. Saying he’s dating someone else

If she going to the movies, he tells you he’s date someone rather too. He might be having an honest streak, or it could be he desires an idea of exactly how you feel.

30. Having actually friends tell you he likes who else

Those mutual friends are the perfect means to relay a message. They might tell you he likes someone else, is interested in her, etc. It’s every to tell how you feel.

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31. Gift the life that the party to acquire your attention

If he wants to do you jealous, he desires your attention. Another great way to execute that is to it is in the life that the party. You won’t be able to aid but provide him a couple of glances.

Why Is the Trying To make Me Jealous?

Guys effort this for fairly a few reasons. These are the most well-known ones:

He is identify if you would prefer a relationshipIt’s a check to see exactly how you will certainly act in the futureHe wants much more attention (this is common)Emotional immaturityTo make you want him an ext (guys in reality think this works)