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Also well-known As: fight & Run: The SimpsonsGenre: Action, Comic activity Developer: Radical entertainment Publisher: Vivendi global Interactive ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: September 17, 2003

On level 1 you must be homer. So journey all the inside the power plant and also go v the gigantic fan and also stop once you acquire to an ally. You must see an opening boarded up. Obtain close come the opening and also get on peak of your automobile (i would reccomend the plow king) As soon as you space up action inside the opening and kick the wood. Once it division go inside and also at the finish of the tunnel you have to see a gigantic chess board. And your in mr. Burns yard!

When the police get you use enable explosion vehicle cheat to hit the police dare or as soon as the police cars get you permit a jumping automobile cheat and in your auto to acquire away indigenous the police enjoy.

In Level 6 (Bart) obtained to the earth Hype and also Ifyou watch up, there have to be a automobile sticking outof the next of the building. Walk onto the top ofthe roof and line up with the vehicle so as soon as youpurposely autumn off the edge you will land on theback part of the auto the if you push thetriangle button you can then enter the car!!(To Me the automobile looks prefer a pink cadillac!)SOenjoy this famed car!

Moe"s Tavern(Homer"s drink Spot), over there willbe a lottery an equipment and a love tester machinethat you can use. As soon as you usage the love tester,it will say you are a ""cold fish"", and also whenyou use the lottery machine, the will review ""barbar bar"". And also after you usage one, girlfriend willrecieve a Buzz Cola coin.

The Kwik-E-Mart (accessable on Level 1, Level 4,or Level 7) has two fun things you deserve to play, anATM Machine, and a ""Larry The Looter"" demovideo. After using one, you will certainly recieve a BuzzCola coin.

First, just USE THIS hint IF YOU have NO MONEY!Borrow the strongest automobile you check out driving on theroad then crash right into it until you both punch up. Ahuge amount of coins will come the end of thecars. If friend still not have enough coins kickall the items choose bins, lamposts, chairs etc.then go to old Gil come buy a vehicle from him.NOTE: Gil will be marked with a $ ~ above the map.

On the Halloween level at the end of the game, onthe roof that the Krusty burgess by the large carwreck (accessible only by making use of the fire truckladder), there will be a pint-sized RC Carwaiting to be driven. Also though it"s thesmallest auto in the video game you can still driveit for some reason. That is quite fast too. All inall, it"s a cool ride.

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On Barts level there are 2 fire van on thestreet the monorail is. It"s no on the groundit is top top a platform however in bespeak to gain upthere, there is a walkway blocked off through cautiontape. Jump over it. Follow the walkway come theplatform and also go th the front of the monorail andhit triangle. Friend will get in the monorail carand you can drive it.

In Lisa"s level, drive under to the docks. Then,drive to the road alongside the Duff blimp andProfessor Frink"s lab. Increase on among the bulidingsis three of environment-friendly boxes or crates. Obtain up thereand top top the top green box/crate there should be aboat car.If that is no in the optimal crate look at tothe side of the 3 crates and also it have to bethere!!! an excellent LUCK!!!!!!