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Genre: Simulation, Life development Sim Developer: Unknown Publisher: electronic Arts ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: October 18, 2011

Invite someone to your house and also use this these 2 karma powers (you may need the cheat top top the height of the screen): Cosmic Curse and Epic Fail. Then use Super Satisfy and then the sim may be naked! the doesn"t constantly work, yet usually it have the right to make them shed all their clothes.

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Punish the Sims for your crumb-filled, sub-standard furniture. A Punishable offense (Bronze)
Explore the abandoned Mine trying to find Timmy. Search and Rescue (Bronze)
Deal v the feline in the Dog work of Summer mystery. Doggie Duties (Bronze)
Avoid the zombie bear to uncover the pirate ship"s log. Zombie Bears, five My! (Bronze)
Discover the lost pirate delivery anchor. The missing Link (Bronze)
Complete every of the an enig chapters. Indubitably! (Bronze)
Target her neighbor with the Ghostify Power, then capture them through a cat or Ghost Zapper. negative Neighbor (Bronze)
Catch every ghost spawned through the Ghost intrusion karma power prior to it ends. What Ghosts? (Bronze)
Scare the reaper. Don"t are afraid the reaping machine (Bronze)
Complete every of the Leonardo Reborn Sub-Challenges. Leonardo Reborn (Bronze)
Destroy §10,000 worth of objects through a dog or cat. Dogzilla vs. Cat-Kong (Bronze)
With a pet, steal a Sim"s apparel who is skinny dipping. Yoink! (Bronze)
Escape a karmic backlash by easily balancing the meter ~ dropping listed below -50. Flirting through Disaster (Bronze)
Have your sim kiss your brother"s/sister"s ideal friend. TMI (Silver)
Become a romantic attention of her boss. Employee services (Bronze)
Make out with the maid. Maid-out (Bronze)
Activate the Cry destruction karma power during a wedding party. family Feud (Bronze)
Make a center transmogrified native a cat and also a center transmogrified from a dog come to be a couple. Is This... Okay? (Bronze)
Have a dog and a cat become best friends. massive Hysteria (Bronze)
Complete every of the k9 cop script Challenges. K9 Cop (Silver)
Complete every of the Cat-astrophe scenario Challenges. Cat-astrophe (Silver)
Go to work with 4 job performance requirements at Outstanding. Overqualified (Bronze)
Find a one-of-a-kind plant when fishing. Sunken endowment (Bronze)
Send a simbot earlier in time. No Fate yet What we Make (Silver)
Complete each of the love and romance Challenges. all You require (Gold)
Complete every of the fishing Challenges. I"d fairly Be Fishing (Bronze)
Complete each of the parenting Challenges. The Parent difficulty (Silver)
Complete any kind of 10 skill Journal Milestones. Leet Skillz (Silver)
Use a telekinetic cat to do a Sim settle a enjoy the meal from the fridge. Cat-A-Kinesis (Bronze)
Steal something precious at least §2,000 through a cat. Smooth Criminal (Bronze)
Successfully bathe her cat. perform Not Want! (Bronze)
Fetch something precious at least §2,000 v a dog. Where"d You obtain That!? (Bronze)
Fetch a date. Wingman, er... Dog (Bronze)
Become a BFF v a dog. Sim"s finest Friend (Bronze)
Breed a Natural-Born Hunter cat or Natural-Born Digger dog. It"s hereditary (Bronze)
Find your lost pet. have actually You viewed This Pet? (Bronze)
Earn an ext than §1,000 during a trick exhibition. Sit! play Dead! (Bronze)
Train a pet to have 9 traits. Personality ns Haz that (Silver)
Praise or scold a pet enough times to include a trait. an excellent Fluffy! (Bronze)
Unlock all various other trophies. height Dog (Platinum)
Get the fist of the Socialite Club. Don"t Talk around Socialite club (Bronze)
Create a flux combobulator. great Scott! (Bronze)
Build your home from the ground increase by replacing your residential property with an north lot. indigenous the Ground increase (Bronze)
Build a residence with 5 stories and an unfurnished worth of at the very least §100,000. Mansion Builder (Silver)
Reach level 10 of a career. girlfriend Da ceo (Bronze)
Complete every of the Sim pleasure Challenges. It"s an excellent to it is in a sim (Gold)
Complete each of the relic arsenal Challenges. Curator"s finest Friend (Bronze)
Complete each of the dancing Challenges. dancing Fiend (Bronze)
Complete every of the exhibitionist Challenges. Exhibitionist (Bronze)
Complete every of the traveler Challenges. traveler (Bronze)
Promise and also complete a pet-related life time Wish. need to Love pet (Silver)