Hematopoiesis refers to the development of blood cell within the red marrow caries of specific bones.

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Compact bone is replaced much more often than spongy bone.


Bones are classified by whether they are weight bearing or security in function.


The periosteum is a organization that serves only to safeguard the bone because it is not provided with nerves or blood vessels.


Short, irregular, and also flat skeletal have huge marrow cavities in order to keep the load of the skeletal light.


In child infants, the medullary cavity and also all areas of spongy bone save on computer yellow bone marrow.


The structural unit that compact bone (osteon) each other the expansion rings that a tree trunk.


The term osteoid refers to the organic part of the procession of compact bones.


Sixty-five percent the the mass of bone is a compound called hydroxyapatite.


All bones developed by intramembranous ossification room irregular bones.


An osteon contains osteocytes, lamellae, and a central canal, and is found in compact bone only.


The trabeculae of spongy bone room oriented toward lines of stress.


Bone tissue in the skeleton of a human fetus is fully formed at 6 months’ gestation.


Each consecutive bone lamella has actually collagen fibers the wrap in alternative directions.


Cartilage has a flexible matrix that deserve to accommodate mitosis of chondrocytes.


Closure of the epiphyseal key stops every bone growth.


The structure of bone tissue suits the function. Which of the following bone tissues is adapted to assistance weight and withstand stress and anxiety stress? A) spongy bone B) rarely often rare bone C) compact bone D) trabecular bone

C) compact bone

Yellow bone marrow contains a big percentage of ________. A) fat B) blood-forming cells C) elastic tissue D) Sharpey’s fibers

A) fat

The cell responsible for secreting the procession of bone is the ________. A) osteocyte B) osteoblast C) osteoclast D) chondrocyte

B) osteoblast

What type of tissue is the forerunner of long bones in the embryo? A) elastic connective organization B) dense fibrous connective organization C) fibrocartilage D) hyaline cartilage

D) hyaline cartilage

What have the right to a deficiency of development hormone during bone development cause? A) inadequate calcification of bone B) diminished osteoclast task C) diminished proliferation the the epiphyseal plate cartilage D) increased osteoclast activity

C) decreased proliferation that the epiphyseal bowl cartilage

A fracture in the tower of a bone would certainly be a break in the ________. A) epiphysis B) metaphysis C) diaphysis D) articular cartilage

C) diaphysis

The hatchet diploë describes the ________. A) double-layered nature that the connective tissue spanning the bone B) reality that most bones are created of two varieties of bone tissue C) interior layer that spongy bone in flat bones D) two varieties of marrow discovered within most bones

C) internal layer of spongy bone in flat bones

Which that the following is a bone noting name that shows a estimate that help to kind joints? A) meatus B) ramus C) foramen D) fossa E) epicondyle

B) ramus

Factors in staying clear of (or delaying) osteoporosis include ________. A) drinking fluoridated water B) decreasing weight-bearing exercise C) increasing dietary vitamin C D) to decrease exposure to the sun

A) drink fluoridated water

Ossification that the ends of long bones ________. A) is a characteristic of intramembranous bone development B) entails medullary cavity development C) is created by secondary ossification centers D) takes twice as lengthy as diaphysis

C) is produced by an additional ossification centers

Which structure allows the diaphysis the the bone to boost in length until at an early stage childhood, and shaping the articular surfaces? A) lacunae B) Haversian device C) epiphyseal bowl D) epiphyseal line

C) epiphyseal plate

The many abundant skeleton cartilage form is ________. A) hyaline B) elastic C) fibrocartilage D) epiphyseal

A) hyaline

Which the the following is no a function of the skeleton system? A) support B) storage of minerals C) manufacturing of blood cell (hematopoiesis) D) communication

D) communication

What is the structure unit of compact bone? A) osseous matrix B) spongy bone C) lamellar bone D) the osteon

D) the osteon

Bones space covered and also lined by a protective tissue called periosteum. The inner (osteogenic) layer consists primarily that ________. A) cartilage and compact bone B) marrow and osteons C) osteoblasts and also osteoclasts D) chondrocytes and also osteocytes

C) osteoblasts and osteoclasts

The periosteum is secured to the underlying bone by thick connective tissue dubbed ________. A) Volkmann’s canals B) a bony matrix with hyaline cartilage C) perforating (Sharpey’s) yarn D) the struts of bone well-known as spicules

C) perforating (Sharpey’s) fibers

The canal that runs v the core of every osteon (the Haversian canal) is the site of ________. A) cartilage and also interstitial lamellae B) osteoclasts and also osteoblasts C) yellow marrow and also spicules D) blood vessels and also nerve fibers

D) blood vessels and also nerve fibers

What space the little spaces in bone tissue that room holes in i beg your pardon osteocytes live called? A) lacunae B) Volkmann’s canals C) Haversian canals D) trabeculae

A) lacunae

For intramembranous ossification to take place, i beg your pardon of the complying with is necessary? A) A bone collar forms around the cartilage model. B) an ossification facility forms in the fibrous connective tissue. C) The cartilage matrix starts to deteriorate. D) A medullary cavity forms.

B) an ossification center forms in the fibrous connective tissue.

The process of bones boosting in broad is well-known as ________. A) closeup of the door of the epiphyseal bowl B) long bones reaching adult length and also width C) appositional development D) concentric growth

C) appositional growth

21) Bones room constantly experience resorption for assorted reasons. I beg your pardon of the complying with cells perfect this process? A) osteoclast B) osteocyte C) osteoblast D) stem cell

A) osteoclast

Which hormone boosts osteoclast activity to release an ext calcium ions into the bloodstream? A) calcitonin B) thyroxine C) parathyroid hormone D) estrogen

C) parathyroid hormone

The universal loss the mass watched in the skeleton, i m sorry begins about the age of 40, ________. A) is slower in females than in males B) is certain uniform throughout the skeleton C) reflects incomplete osteon formation and mineralization D) is better in afri Americans 보다 in northern Europeans

C) reflects incomplete osteon formation and also mineralization

Wolff’s law is involved with ________. A) vertical development of bones being dependent on period B) the thickness and shape of a bone being dependent ~ above stresses placed upon it C) the function of bone being dependent on shape D) the diameter the the bone being dependent ~ above the proportion of osteoblasts to osteoclasts

B) the thickness and also shape the a bone gift dependent top top stresses put upon it

Cranial bones construct ________. A) from cartilage models B) within fibrous membrane C) from a tendon D) in ~ osseous membranes

B) within fibrous membranes

Which that the following glands or offal produces hormone that tend to diminish blood calcium levels? A) pineal gland B) thyroid C) parathyroid D) spleen

B) thyroid

Osteomyelitis is ________. A) partially as result of insufficient dietary calcium B) literally known as "soft bones" C) as result of pus-forming bacteria D) resulted in by changed vitamin D metabolism

C) because of pus-forming bacteria

Cartilage grows in two ways, appositional and also interstitial. What is appositional growth? A) development at the epiphyseal key B) the cheap of new matrix against the external confront of present cartilage C) along the edges just D) the lengthening of hyaline cartilage

B) the secretion of brand-new matrix against the external challenge of currently cartilage

Which of the complying with statements ideal describes interstitial growth? A) expansion occurs in the lining the the lengthy bones. B) Fibroblasts give rise come chondrocytes that identify and kind cartilage. C) Unspecialized cells from mesenchyme develop into chondrocytes, which divide and type cartilage. D) Chondrocytes in the lacunae divide and also secrete matrix, allowing the cartilage to thrive from within.

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D) Chondrocytes in the lacunae divide and also secrete matrix, enabling the cartilage to grow from within.

In the epiphyseal plate, cartilage grows ________. A) through pulling the diaphysis toward the epiphysis B) by pushing the epiphysis far from the diaphysis C) from the edge inward D) in a circular fashion

B) by advertise the epiphysis away from the diaphysis

Spongy skeletal are consisted of of a framework referred to as ________. A) osteons B) lamellar bone C) trabeculae D) osseous lamellae

C) trabeculae

Osteogenesis is the process of ________. A) do a cartilage design of the fetal bone B) bone destruction to liberate calcium C) bone formation D) do collagen fibers for calcified cartilage

C) bone formation

Lengthwise, lengthy bone growth during infancy and also youth is solely through ________. A) interstitial growth of the epiphyseal plates B) the cheap of bone matrix right into the medullary cavity C) differentiation of osteoclasts D) calcification the the matrix

A) interstitial growth of the epiphyseal plates

Growth of skeletal is managed by a symphony of hormones. Which hormone is vital for bone growth during infancy and also childhood? A) thyroid hormone B) somatomedins C) growth hormone D) prolactin

C) development hormone

In some situations the epiphyseal plate of the long bones of kids closes too early. What could be the cause? A) overproduction of thyroid hormone B) elevated levels of sex hormone C) too much vitamin D in the diet D) osteoblast task exceeds osteoclast activity

B) elevated level of sex hormones

Normal bone formation and also growth space dependent top top the sufficient intake that ________. A) calcium, phosphate, and also vitamin D B) potassium, phosphate, and also vitamin D C) sodium, calcium, and also vitamin E D) vitamin D, phosphate, and also chloride

A) calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D

Ostealgia is ________. A) a defect dubbed clubfoot B) a disease of the bone C) ache in a bone D) fractured bone