How execute YOU get to Ivarstead?

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execute you go from Whiterun, to Valtheim Towers, and also around?Or do you walk to Helgen and take the southern route?Or take trip to Riften and also head west?Just wondering. It"s my 3rd disliked part of the MQ and I always go come Helgen and head east, taking that southern path opposite the common path.

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I found a steed that is immune come damage. So i abuse the glitchy habits of horses and also go directly over the mountains.

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the last time i went there ns went from Whiterun to Valtheim towers then to Ivarstead.75%+ of the moment I go from Whiterun come Helgen climate Ivarstead.

I used to walk Valtheim, however then i began going past Helgen, past Orphan rock, and past Heimars cave (the one because that barbas). Ns dont automatically head come Ivarstead anymore, commonly i head to Falkreath in ~ level 9-10 first and buy Lakeview so i deserve to start putting stuff into storage. Commonly by the time i"ve gotten Lakeview i"ve cleared the end Heimars cave so i have the right to just fast travel there and also quickly make it to Ivarstead.

Like everything else, it counts on my characters. Several of them walk by way of Valtheim, few of them walk by means of Helgen. As a roleplayer every little thing I do in my game depends entirely on that my personalities are.

Through the unguarded i a little bit south of the river-crossing tower. It"s a wonderful joint, I"m completely sick that wolves and bears, it"s an excellent that there"s this one place where I have the right to be without fear of being struck every five seconds.

From Whiterun i either go towards Valtheim Towers, yet go up the mountain and take the path that starts close come the Whiterun Stormcloak Camp (I offered to take the course the starts close to ft Amol prior to I discovered this one), or ns go by Riverwood, take it the mountain path the emerges close to Helgen and also then go with the hill pass and also approach Ivarstead from the south.

But that obviously depends on whereby I start. If i come from the north (Windhelm or Winterhold), ns go to ft Amol and also take the route there.

It likewise depends om mine RP. If my character is new to Skyrim he/she won"t now all the shortcuts (unless they have actually a follower I deserve to RP is your guide).

I brief cut increase the mountainside, just a little after Helgon. Saves a the majority of time and distance contrasted to going all the means to Ivarstead. You finish up on the steps simply south of High Hrothgar. Head up northeast off the path between Orphan Rock and also North Skybound Watch, just prior to the Watch.

Map: http://www.uesp.net/maps/srmap/srmap.shtml?locx=48768&locy=-58112&zoom=14

Likewise, there is one actual hill pass prior to you obtain to Valtheim Towers that will take you eastern over the mountain, passing just north the High Hrothgar. In truth you"ll be able to see it over you as you pass. This path will gain you to Ivarstead much much faster than heading all the means down previous Valtheim Towers.

There"s a small back road not too far from the Whiterun Stormcloak camp. That"s the course I take once I go to Ivarstead. If friend have complete roads variation of http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/4929/?, then you can probably point out it.

Yeah, ns recently uncovered this path by the SC Whiterun Camp. Never ever been there prior to until i noticed it.

That"s the one I"m using. Take it me rather a while to uncover it - the stupid thing is, the very first time i played the game, i tried to climb the hill pretty much there (I don"t think I had the pursuit markers active, so ns went for High Hrotgar, not Ivarstead), and I must have actually been adhering to that path for a while, but since I make the efforts to acquire UP, i left the path when it rotate downhill again, and then forgot around it.

The very first path you cite - I"ve been looking for a path around there several times without success, yet not long earlier I think I came down that way. I didn"t understand you could get up there, too, I believed it was too steep.

If you head northeast just before the clock you"ll find a way. There is a tree to fill snowfield that gain steep, yet walkable, and also ends with rock. Hop-skip-jump up and also to the left till you find yourself on another snowfield, this time bare through no trees. This snowfield is steep too, yet like the very first is walkable. It"s just the an extremely short ar of absent you have to fuss with since it"s as well steep come walk. However it"s so quick you are through the in secs after a pair tries.

I"ll have to try this next time (about to begin Season Unending, through all travelling back and forth to HH). I"m not sure my current character has found the watch, though.

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It"s precious taking the moment to discover if friend don"t quick travel.

I head directly down on my means back, whether it"s Whiterun, Solitude, or Windhelm I"m going, and also whether throat of the people or High Hrothgar I"m leaving from.. Find my direction top top the compass and straight under the mountain I go. Followers don"t stand a chance. Lol

This is the basic path:


http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/15775/?, directly from Whiterun. Or, if i feel like it, straight to High Hrothgar.

One that the advantages of gift an change user

P.D: Don"t miss out on http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=6yt6lviLAis about that mod. The aerial battle against a dragon is simply epic

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