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I have actually read on how to identify, however I"m still confused. The fixed I have covers the end of the steel grip. So not sure whats there. If I open up the cyclinder, the assistance that goes native barrel to lower framework has several numbers on it. I watch the mod 10.5 stamp. Then below that on the swivel end is 69343 and also just listed below that in bigger letters that looks like D13. No sure about the D but sure about the 13. What carry out I have and also maybe a value. I"m make the efforts to profession for a motorcycle to gain back it. TIA

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Model 10-5 (Model 10 - 5th engineering change) transport from manufacturing facility in 1962. Value varies w/ place but about here the would offer for $400-450.

Hi Roidfingers - welcome to the forum. I had actually a comparable question on my an initial post, and also the guys right here were an ext than forthcoming about the answer.What I believe you have is a design 10, 5th engineering change, .38 special revolver. It is the workhorse of the S&W line, and also is lower from end a century that development. It"s precursors were known as M&P (Military and also Police) guns, countless in the mid-"40s checked out war as win guns. In approximately 1957-58 S&W started offering their guns model numbers, yours gift a design 10. Without understanding the serial number (and xxx out the last 2-3 number if you post it), us can"t call much around when it to be made.Yours shows up to have actually been nickel plated as the hammer and trigger carry out not look case hardened - yet the irradiate in the snapshot may be fooling me. The barrel length is a famous one. Unfortunately the refinish diminishes the worth considerably. If it is manufacturing facility nickel, then there need to be a N stamped top top the cylinder. Open up the cylinder, and look about the rim where you"d insert the bullets, see if there is an "N" there. There yes, really isn"t lot collector worth to begin with as numerous Model 10"s and also predecessors to be produced. In mint condition, not refinished, worth maybe $400. Refinished, perhaps half that, possibly less. More knowledgeable heads may straighten me out on that.You have the right to remove the share (grips) pretty quickly - take it a good-fitting screwdriver and loosen the screw a bit. Insanity the screw head and the right stock panel have to come loose. Then remove the screw and the stock panels should both come off. You deserve to see the tight frame, mainspring and whether this is originally a round butt converted to square-butt using those stocks, or a square-butt all along. If the lower structure is teardrop shaped, it was round-butt. If the framework is distinctly squared off, then square-butt. I"m no savvy enough to to speak if the stocks are initial to the gun, I would think the pistol came v magnas (narrower in ~ the top, not as square overall) and also much smaller sized so would have actually exposed the framework all around. Yours are dubbed target stocks.

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