Somebody who an initial says that he will perform something, and later kind-of forgets, or assumes that people forgot. The Russian word because that it is "необязательность". I guess i am searching for a translation.It have the right to be either an adjective, or a noun definition such high quality or condition.

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Sample sentences could be:

This person is an extremely fill-the-word.

fill-the-word has constantly been his weakness.



I would contact that human a "big talker".

The term refers to somebody who is "all talk and no action".

That term describes somebody that makes several commitments, however doesn"t follow through.

Depending on your context, that human can likewise be explained as simply "unreliable".



the plot of continuing a plan, project, scheme, or the like to the completion. (Random House)

Here are some methods of using it:

So-and-so is no very an excellent at follow-through.

Lack that follow-through is so-and-so"s main weakness.



This relies very lot on context.

If the person were do boasts or threats, climate the term paper tiger would certainly fill your an initial space well. I don"t think there"s a solitary word which would fill the 2nd as comfortably.

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I"m walk to assume from the Russian word friend provided, though, that you median something prefer they assumed (or acted as though) it to be unnecessary to monitor through, in which case I deserve to think of numerous pairs the might occupational for you:

very lazy and pure laziness very> rather effete and also passivity inconsistent and inconsistency

Michael_B has currently suggested unreliable for the an initial position; I"d indicate spelling the end the second as A lack of reliability but that"s a personal style choice, not a hard-and-fast “grammar rule”.

¹ There are a lot of somethings that would fit here: strength, forcefulness, decisiveness, …

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