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When i was composing A much more Beautiful Question, or, more accurately when I to be procrastinating from creating the book, I began compiling the listed below list of song that need to do with inquiries (often in the title) and also that I favor (for the most part).

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Then four years later, I once again turned come this playlist while researching and writing mine follow-up book, The publication of Beautiful Questions. That book features an effective questions you deserve to ask of you yourself or others to get much better results in this 4 key areas: decision-making, leadership, creativity, and interpersonal connections. The fun thing is, evaluate by my Google analytics, an ext than 200,000 folks about the world have likewise enjoyed this playlist over the last 4 years—in fact, that long been one of the top three saw pages ~ above this website.

The song in the Spotify player below aren’t in any particular order, other than that periodically one tune title makes sense complying with the one before. Listed below the Spotify player is my initial annotated list, with the full list that 50 or so title (Spotify didn’t have actually some that them), and all the many additions I and readers have made end the years.

Thanks to every who’ve added on come the list by leave more great question track titles in the comments.

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Enjoy! (Related: My reading List)

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My annotated list“What’s so funny ’bout Peace, Love & Understanding?” (Elvis Costello – personal favorite)“Does anybody really recognize what time the is?” (Chicago)“Where have actually all the flowers gone?” (in honor of the man, Pete Seeger)Moody Blues – these males were big-time questioners – “Are you sitting comfortably?” & “Isn’t life strange?” (and the all-time good question song, “Question”—though technically, the doesn’t have actually a question title).Creedence Clearwater – think it or not, they did 2 question songs BOTH about rain! “Who’ll avoid the rain?” & “Have you ever seen the rain?”“Should I stay or need to I go?” (Clash)“What’s the frequency Kenneth?” (REM)“What’s her name?” – (Skynyrd) “Are friend experienced?” (Jimi Hendrix)“Who will save your soul?” (Jewell)“How can you mend a broken heart?” & “How deep is your love?” (Bee Gees)“Have you seen your mother baby?” & “Doncha wanna live with me?” (Stones)“Tell me why?” (Neil Young)“When will certainly I be loved?” (Linda Ronstadt)“What is life?” & “Isn’t that a pity?” (George Harrison)“Where is the love?” (two different songs – Roberta Flack; black Eyed Peas)“Where go our love go?” & “Do you understand where you’re going to?” (Diana Ross)“Who permit the dogs out?” (by who knows who, and who cares)“Have you ever before loved a woman?” (Clapton)“Why does the hurt once I pee?” (Zappa)“Why carry out fools loss in love?” (Frankie Lymon) “Do you love me?” (two various songs – Dave Clark Five; Guster)“Will girlfriend still love me tomorrow?” (Shirelles)“Do you feel prefer we do?” (Frampton)“Do you understand what i mean?” (Lee Michaels)“What’s goin on?” (Marvin Gaye)“How long has this been going on?” (Ace)“War – (what is it great for?)”“Is she yes, really going out with him?” (Joe Jackson)“Where to now, St. Peter?” (Elton John)“Where’s the orchestra?” (Billy Joel)“Do you want to know a secret?” & “Why nothing we do it in the road?” (Beatles) those versions not obtainable on the Spotify playlist“Why don’t you love me like you provided to do?” (Hank Williams)“Doesn’t anybody continue to be together anymore?” (Phil Collins) “Doesn’t anybody stay in one location anymore?” (from “So far Away” by Carole King)“Isn’t she lovely?” (Stevie Wonder)“Wouldn’t it be nice?” (Beach Boys)“How will I know?” (Whitney Houston)“How have the right to I be sure?” (Young Rascals)“Who created the publication of love?” (The Monotones)Special question-songwriting honors to Hal David – “What’s that All about Alfie?” & “Do You understand the means to san Jose?” & “What’s brand-new Pussycat?”

Latest additions come the list (from reader & me):

“When have the right to I check out you again?” (Owl City)“When will I see you again?” (The three Degrees)“Is this it?” (The Strokes)“Why?” (Annie Lennox)“How quickly is now?” (The Smiths)“Are you gonna walk my way?” (Lenny Kravitz)“Is that all there is?” (Peggy Lee)“What i do not care of the broken hearted?” (Jimmy Ruffin)“Wouldn’t it it is in good?” (Nik Kershaw)“Are you lonesome tonight?” (Elvis Prestley)“Now that we’ve uncovered love (what room we going to execute with it?)” (Heavy D & The Boyzz)“Who to know where the time goes?” (Fairport Convention)“Do you believe in magic?” (The Lovin’ Spoonful)“Who’s zoomin’ who?” (Aretha Franklin)“Could you be loved?” (Bob Marley)“Am ns wrong?” (Nico & Vinz)“Why does love got to it is in so sad?” (Derek & The Dominos)“Is you is or is friend ain’t mine baby?” (Louis Jordan)“Why can’t we be friends?” (War)“Do girlfriend wanna dance?” (Bobby Freeman/Beach Boys)“Do friend really want to hurt me?” (Culture Club)“Where execute the kids play?” (Cat Stevens)“What’s love gained to perform with it?” (Tina Turner)“Who desires to live forever?” (Queen)“(Can anybody discover me) someone to love?” (Queen)“Did you ever before have to comprise your mind?” (The Lovin’ Spoonful)

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