South Park episode Hooked ~ above Monkey PhonicsSouth Park - episode 0313 - original Air Date: 10th November 1999.This southern Park illustration was create by Trey Parker and Matt StoneIn ready for a spelling bee, Cartman"s mom buys that a "Hooked ~ above Monkey Fonics" system. While in ~ the assignment bee, the youngsters face stubborn competition from 2 homeschooling children, Rebecca and also Mark Cotswalds. After the exposure to other children, mark asks to walk to publicly school, where he is berated through his classmates due to the fact that of his society ineptitude.Meanwhile, Kyle tries to teach Rebecca what love is, when Cartman make the efforts to convince his mother that he have to be home-schooled. His mom gets that a Fonics Monkey to assist him learn how to spell, however it"s useless.Cartman likens the home-schooled son in the hamster round to man Travolta"s 1976 TV Movie portrayal of the true story that Tod Lubitch who was born v a severely deficient immune system. Once Kyle and also Rebecca talk around the far-off lights (the city), this scene parodies a similar scene indigenous Star Trek"s "The Gamesters that Triskelion" wherein Captain Kirk talks about the remote lights (stars) through an extraterrestrial woman. This contains use that music from the original series, however not directly from the episode in question.The TV movie was titled ""The young in the Plastic Bubble."Cartman"s Fonics Monkey death Kenny.South Park Spoiler Alert!(The finish plot because that this southern Park Episode)
In preparation for a assignment bee, Cartman"s mother buys that a "Hooked top top Monkey Fonics" system. While in ~ the assignment bee, the children face stiff competition from 2 homeschooled children, Rebecca and also Mark Cotswalds. Cartman asks the monkey to help him order his word, chair, yet instead the monkey starts to masturbate, and also Cartman misspells it as C-H-A-R-E. In the final round, Kyle is unable to order his word, "Krocsyldiphithic" (which in fact isn"t an really word), correctly and also Rebecca and Mark are claimed the champions. Although Kyle is uncomfortable at having been beaten, he end up arising a to like on Rebecca.Mark becomes intrigued by the interactions he sees between Cartman, Kyle, and also Stan, and also begs his father to be permitted to attend public school. His father objects yet relents. At the school, Mark, placed in a protective plastic balloon by his overpossesive father, is tormented for his haughty attitude and superior knowledge, and also ends increase duct taped to a bench. This prompts Mark"s dad to speak through the adult in the bar around the incident. The adult are quick to dislike him as lot as the youngsters dislike Mark, and also they proceed to duct ice Mark"s father to among the bar"s benches.After questioning Mark about why he has actually never been checked out before and also why that does no attend school choose the other children, Cartman is introduced to the concept of home schooling. The idea that never having actually to go to school appeals to him greatly, and, using Mr. Garrison"s condescending remarks towards him together an excuse, needs to be house schooled himself. Come him, this involves a regimen of resting in and also sitting in bed if snacking and also watching television, if his mom unsuccessfully attempts to gain him to study. When Stan and Kenny involved visit, Phonics Monkey death Kenny.Meanwhile, Kyle makes numerous efforts to make his feelings known to Rebecca, back several finish up humorously unsuccessful. Eventually he convinces her to discover the people of public schooling, and also she agrees to walk to the south Park bay of Pigs Memorial Dance through him. He likewise explains what love is to she and, out of curiosity, she asks Kyle if she deserve to experiment a kiss with him, come which the agrees.At the dance, the band Dio dram its tune "Holy Diver", later on with the Phonics Monkey joining in top top drums. The guys of the school hatch a plan to duct tape note to the flagpole when the adults also hatch a similar plan because that Mark"s father. When Rebecca start the dance dressed up promiscuously kissing every young in sight, mark is outraged and attacks Kyle for doing this to his sister. The various other boys perceive this together cool and also finally expropriate him. Rebecca and Mark knife the possibility to consistently attend public college from your parents.

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Mark"s father, however, is tho duct recorded to the flagpole by the adults, regardless of his readjust in attitude and also opinion. Rebecca and also Kyle climate share a kiss.