The general Sportcraft Company, better known as simply Sportcraft, is a manufacturer the a selection of gaming tables including foosball, wait hockey, and also outdoor games due to the fact that the year 1926.

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Most Sportcraft wait hockey tables space made in a method that they can be appreciated by children and also adults alike.

The affordable, entertaining range of Sportcraft wait hockey tables space worthy the your consideration if you are an air hockey enthusiast ~ above a budget.

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ProductWeightDimensions Features
Sportcraft Slap shoot 84" waiting Hockey Table184.8 lbs84 x 48 x 32 inchesMDF Frame and also Surface, adjustable Legs, digital Scoring System, 4 Pucks and also 2 Pushers Included, powerful Blower System, AC Adapter, electrical Power source
Sportcraft 48” air Hockey Table 30.8 lbs48 x 24 x 30 inchesMDF Frame and also Surface, built-in Electronic Scorer, leg Levelers, 2 Pushers and also 2 Pucks Included
Sportcraft 27” tabletop Air Hocket TableUnknown27 customs (length)Air-Powered Rink, Compact Size, 2 Pucks and also 2 Pushers Included, hand-operated Slide Scorers, Battery Operated
Sportcraft 54" Excelerator Turbo Hockey Table44 lbs54 x 27 x 31 inchesDual-Spinning Puck Accelerators, Overhead LED Scoring System, has 2 Pushers and 3 Pucks
Sportcraft 7’ air Hockey and Table Tennis Table212 lbs84 x 48 x 32 inches2 games in 1, MDF Frame and Surface, hands-on Scoring System, LED Scoreboard, Gaming Accessories had for Both Games
Sportcraft 72” Air powered Hockey Table112 lbs72 x 39 x 32 inchesMDF Construction, 110V 60 Hz UL-Approved Motor, digital Scorer, 2 Pucks and also Two Pushers Included, leg Levelers Present

Sportcraft 48” air Hockey Table

from the very very first glance, you gain the impression the the sturdy black color Sportcraft Slap shooting Table way business.

Its powerful 110V blower device is UL-approved, bring about high output through respect to speed and performance. Set the timer, sound, or game modes over the easy-to-use digital scoring unit.

The in-rail LED scorers are of the flip-up variety, adding to the table’s impressiveness. The adjustable, sturdy leg design helps the Slap Shot resist aggressive forces and ensures balanced play.

Made that MDF material, the table appears to it is in of good quality through a promise of giving some interesting air hockey matches in ~ a budget.

Although not one of the bestselling waiting hockey tables, it seems prefer the Slap shot has enough features to store its customers happy.


A large sized house gaming table flexible installation because of leg levelers


Assembly requires multiple people The puck can gain stuck underneath the rails
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Sportcraft 7’ waiting Hockey and Table Tennis combination Gaming Table

If you looking to do the most out of a 7-foot space, friend should think about getting a mix gaming table. The Sportcraft 7’ air Hockey and also Ping Pong Table is one such product.

The smooth-surfaced air hockey side has an electronic LED scoreboard to save track the the game. The 2-in-1 table comes with two pushers, two pucks, two paddles, two tennis balls, and also a net.

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The table, however, does no seem to be durable because of cheap parts. It has actually earned mixed reviews due to the fact that although the can administer a good game, girlfriend cannot mean it to stand up to the test of time. Customers have likewise found the it is quite daunting to assemble.