Hey there, Brigadiers! Recently, we discovered ourselves in the thralls of uncovering few of Stan Lee’s lesser known cameos amongst a torrent of television shows. And also what a tough time it to be whittling it under to only 5 choices. Well, today we thought why not try it again, but this time v movies!

Stan Lee appeared in almost every among Marvel’s large budgeted blockbuster bonanzas, yet there room a whole slew of non-Marvel movies the mustache has actually popped increase in in the past. Hold on to your No-Prizes as we delve into these delightfully differentiated appearances (in no particular order).

Yoga Hosers (2016)

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Kevin smith met and became lifelong pals with Stan Lee as soon as he very first cast The man in his cult classic film Mallrats earlier in 1995. That mighty see Askewniverse mainstay doesn’t fairly make this list due to the fact that Stan had an ext than just a cameo in the movie; he to be featured in two whole scenes bursting through Kevin blacksmith dialogue! but what does do the list is a an ext recent blacksmith flick, Yoga Hosers native 2016. In the film, two teenage convenience keep clerks (both called Colleen) unearth an ancient evil in the kind of miniature monster Hitlers (yes, plural) made the end of bratwurst. The 2 girls call 911 for help from the sausage Nazis and also a certain Generalissimo answers the call, name dropping physician Doom and also Darth Vader in the process, no less. Bonus: They space some hilarious outtakes from stated scene if you can track them down on YouTube.

The Princess Diaries 2: imperial Engagement (2004)


If ever before there was a movie the you wouldn’t expect Stan Lee to popular music up in, it would be The Princess Diaries 2: royal Engagement. Stan has no creative connection come the ann Hathaway and Julie andrew franchise beyond a friendship with the late great director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride). Marshall had actually a variety of meetings with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment around developing few of Stan’s non-Marvel properties in the at an early stage 2000s. The two became friends and also when Marshall to be shooting The Princess Diaries 2, that asked Stan if he would favor a small part in the movie. Boy, go he! Stan gained to ham it up playing a international wedding guest whose only expertise of the English language came from the town hall The three Stooges.

The Ambulance (1990)


The Ambulance is a B-movie directed by the late horror grasp Larry Cohen (It’s Alive, The Stuff), and also stars none various other than Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and also James Earl Jones (Star Wars, The Sandlot). The movie revolves approximately a Marvel Comics artist trying to track down a mrs who, after an accident, was taken far by an ominous ambulance and also never heard native again. The film has an attractive premise but never totally takes off into cult classic territory favor so countless of Cohen’s other works. The highlight of the movie is—of course—Stan, that plays himself as Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief and also hard-nosed ceo to Roberts’ artist character. We can’t tell for sure, but we think we can glimpse some various other uncredited famed Marvel Comics artists and writers in the blurry lift of the bullpen scenes.

Ralphs division the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018)

Wreck-It Ralph to be a massive hit for Disney Animation earlier in 2012. The story the a 1980s vintage arcade video game villain who no longer wants to play the negative guy resonated v old-school gamers and noobs alike. In the 2018 sequel, Ralph’s best friend Vanellope feeling the speak to of a brand-new life outside her arcade console and also embarks on one adventure right into the wilds that the internet. As soon as inside the world large web, Vanellope and Ralph get a fast job dishing out pop-up ads. They’re soon captured in a Disney-owned website there is no authorization. Vanellope is chased by a team of very first Order stormtroopers indigenous Star Wars and in she rush to escape runs through a Marvel-themed area. She bumps into an online avatar that turns out to be non-other than Stan Lee!

The Concessionaires need to Die! (2017)

The Concessionaires should Die! is a delightful tiny indie flick directed and also co-written by America Young. You could know her together a geezer of all trades with a plethora the credits ranging from voice exhilaration to writing to also stunts! Young’s ties come Stan Lee date earlier to his YouTube channel, World the Heroes. There, she co-hosted a nerd-news collection titled Mask & Cape. Concessionaires is the story the a band of minimum fairy movie theatre employees fighting to save their beloved single screen indie theater from being shut down… type of like the Empire Records however for movies! Stan was honored to play the duty of Grandpa Frakes, the wise sage that bestows life advice top top the movie’s main character. That was additionally an executive Producer top top the flick and also even shooting a small bearded trailer intro i beg your pardon you have the right to watch above!

Phew, that was hard one! In developing our top 5 lesser recognized Stan Lee movie cameos list we were compelled to leave the end some huge ones choose Big Hero 6 (2014), or challenge we say… Jugular Wine: A Vampire Odyssey (1994). Did us overlook any type of deep album reduced cameos? Let us know! Excelsior!

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