Have you found the new hidden mount in Guild wars 2 yet? below is everything you must know, including exactly how to gain yours.

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When the new Guild battles 2 expansion, route of Fire, was launched, one of the brand-new exciting features was the mounts. Despite being typical to many MMOs, mounts have actually never been accessible in Tyria before. But, common of ArenaNet, the developers placed their own distinctive twist on them.

At launch, ArenaNet revealed four mounts in the game. Each has actually their very own special abilities and also are essential to take trip to certain areas and also complete specific puzzles in the new Crystal Desert map. For example, the Raptor deserve to leap huge distances, to assist players jump throughout a canyon, if the Skimmer hovers over the ground and also will permit players to cross huge expanses the quicksand or sulfur.

However, a secret, brand brand-new mount has now been uncovered – the Griffon.

This brand-new mount can only be unlocked after perfect the route of Fire storyline. That is special activity is flight, and the mechanics room very similar to the gliders. While it have the right to flap its wings to restore some altitude lost when gliding, the griffon cannot get altitude on its own.


How to obtain your one-of-a-kind mount

After perfect the course of Fire storyline, players will start to uncover strange items approximately the map such together a strange Pellet that Bones and Fur, strange Droppings and a strange Feather. These direct them to visit Beastmaster Ghazal in the Garden of Seborhin, in the northern Domain the Vabbi.

To acquire there, players have to go v a huge jumping puzzle utilizing each of the other four mounts to obtain through come the Griffon Sanctuary. Players space then provided the open Skies collection, i m sorry they have actually to finish to unlock the mount.

There are ten item in total that have to be derived in each of the five brand-new maps (or 50 item in total). In this vast treasure hunt, players must collect runestones from special events, find and also collect griffon eggs scattered approximately the map, and also buy item from love Merchants. Only when they have actually all 50 items have the right to they acquire their Griffon native the Griffon Sanctuary.

Roy Cronacher, one of the developers of the mount, explained to MMORPG: “We were in search of a compelling reward together something to work towards after players had actually beaten the story of path of Fire. Approximately that time, we were iterating top top the griffon mount and also it to be such a large hit within that we figured it would certainly be a perfect fit for this cool surprise and a various enough mount to feel favor a great reward for the extra effort. The puzzle facet was likewise an possibility for separation, personal, instance fans and also the neighborhood as a totality to discover the world about them and also piece hints together.”

While it’s a lot of of difficult work to unlock it, this brand brand-new mount certainly looks precious the effort! clock the video clip below to discover out about the other 4 mounts and their distinct abilities.

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Guild wars 2: route of Fire is currently live! The typical package is accessible from £25.99 indigenous the ArenaNet website. The luxurious version accessible from £47.99 and includes added character slots, and the Spearmarshal’s Garb outfit and also a Lily of the Elon irreversible pass, giving accessibility to one exclusive merchant area in the crystal Desert.