Ativan is a potent benzodiazepine the is useful for treating anxiety. The is also highly addictive and also is costly once purchased illegally for habitual or entertain use.

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In general, the cost of Ativan (lorazepam) ~ above the street can expense somewhere between $1 and $4 per pill, back this price can fluctuate.

Lorazepam is a relatively inexpensive prescription benzodiazepine that is generally sold top top the street at a steep profit margin for dealers.

As with other prescription drugs, the street price for Ativan will vary depending on local demand, supply, and also quality the anti-drug efforts.

How lot Does Ativan price Per Pill?

Prescription Ativan comes in three main dosages: .5 mg, 1 mg, and also 2 mg.

When Ativan is offered on the street, the general value is around:

.5 mg to 1 mg: $1-$22 mg: $4

Cost the Ativan ~ above The Street VS Prescription Ativan Cost

Prescription drugs are virtually always an ext expensive ~ above the street than when they are acquired for legal medical purposes. This is the situation for Ativan.

Ativan Pharmacy Prices

In the pharmacy, 120 1-mg tablet computers cost in between $13 and $80 – relying on insurance and also pharmacy discounts. This price is around $.108 every pill (and every mg).

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The pharmacy expense for 120 2-mg tablets is as low as $12 and also averages $97.

The shortest price per pill for a bigger dosage the Ativan actually costs less every pill 보다 the 1 mg variety at specifically $.10 per pill ($.05 every mg)

How Pharmacy Prices to compare To Ativan Street Costs

Compared to the street worth of Ativan at approximately $1-$2 every 1 mg pill, the markup is approximately 1000%.

The cheaper 2 mg Ativan pills, offering at $4 every pill, create a benefit of roughly 3900%.

Getting aid For Ativan Abuse

Abusing benzos choose Ativan can reason serious damage to your health and relationships. If friend or a love one struggles with prescription benzodiazepine abuse, we’re here to help.

Call ours helpline for much more information around the inpatient and also outpatient treatment alternatives to finest suit your needs. Sober life is possible. Gain in touch today to gain started.

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