PowerPoint record that helps deliver a dynamic, professional-looking blog post to one audience.

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Slide ShowPowerPoint document that helps deliver a dynamic, professional-looking post to one audience.
DeckA repertoire of slides in a presentation, generally resembling a deck of cards stacked on height of every other, the is supplied to boost an dental presentation.
ThemeA particular design v coordinating colors, fonts, and special impacts such together shadows and reflections.
VariantAlternate template designs
Title SlideLayout that appears when you open a brand-new presentation, whose objective is to introduce the presentation come the audience.
PlaceholderBoxes with dotted or hatch-marked boundaries that are presented when you create a brand-new slide.
ParagraphA segment of message with the same style that begins when you push the ENTER crucial and ends once you press the ENTER key again.
LevelA place within a structure, such as an outline, that suggests the size of importance.
ZoomViewing function in PowerPoint that allows you to display a see of the on slide so that the text or various other content is enlarged or shrunk.
FormatModify the appearance, or format, that typed personalities on the screen and also in print, including transforming the font, style
FontTypeface that defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and also symbols.
StyleA named group of formatting characteristics.
SizeThe elevation of characters that is gauged by a measurement system that supplies points.
PointSize measurement that is 1/72 the an inch in height.
ColorFormat that specifies the hue of characters.
ItalicFont layout that reasons text to have actually a slanted appearance.
Bulleted ListA list of paragraphs, every of which may be came before by a bullet character, such together a dot, arrow, or checkmark.
Multilevel bulleted ListA on slide that consists of more than one level that bulleted text.
Demoting TextCreating a lower-level i in a bulleted list.
PromotingCreating a higher-level paragraph in a bulleted list.
LayoutSettings the specify the arrangement of placeholders ~ above a slide.
Layout GalleryPowerPoint function that allows you to select a slide layout that specify text and content positioning and also formatting.
Custom LayoutPowerPoint attribute that allows you to create a layout if nobody of the layouts in the gallery accomplish your design needs.
Normal ViewDefault PowerPoint watch that is composed of three areas that allow you to work-related on various facets of a presentation simultaneously.
Slide PaneLarge area in the center of common view that displays the slide you at this time are developing and enables you to get in text, tables, charts, graphics, pictures, video, and also other elements.
Slide TabArea the the on slide pane that screens miniature see of separation, personal, instance slides, dubbed thumbnails.
Notes PaneArea that PowerPoint window, in typical or summary view, the you deserve to use to kind notes to yourself or remarks to share with your audience.
Scroll barArea of PowerPoint window that enables you to usage scroll boxes or arrows to relocate forward or backward with a presentation.
Scroll arrowArea that PowerPoint scroll bar that permits you to relocate forward or backward through a presentation.
Scroll boxesArea of PowerPoint role bar the you can drag or click above or listed below to relocate forward or backward v a presentation.
Insert snapshot Dialog BoxDialog box that is presented when you click the Pictures switch that allows you to search for photo files that space stored top top your computer or a warehouse device.
ResizingChanging the dimension of a graphic, either by reduce or enlarging.
Selection RectangleLines that show up around a selected graphic, i beg your pardon include tiny circles dubbed sizing handle at each corner and also middle location.
Sizing HandlesSmall one that show up around a selected graphic. Likewise called move handles.
SmartGuidesPowerPoint facets that space displayed instantly when picture, shape, or other object is moved and also is close come lining increase with one more slide element.
Rotation HandleIcon the appears above a selected object that you have the right to use to rotate an object in any kind of direction.
Black SlidePowerPoint default on slide that appears only when the slide show is running and concludes the slide show, so the an audience never sees the PowerPoint window.
Drag and DropThe procedure of sliding or dragging and then dropping a thumbnail in a brand-new location.
Slide TransitionA special effect used to development from one slide to the following in a slide show.
Document PropertiesDetails around a file, such as the task author, title, and subject.
Standard PropertiesDocument properties that are connected with every Microsoft Office files and include author, title, and subject.
Automatically update PropertiesDocument properties the include document system properties, such as the day you create or change a file, and also statistics, such as the record size.

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Slide display ViewPowerPoint see that permits you to look at number of slides at one time.