Having problem finding all of the strength Stars when playing through the super Mario 64 section of supervisor Mario 3D All-Stars? We\"ve got you covered. As you make your means through the castle and cost-free Princess Peach indigenous Bowser\"s clutches, you\"ll discover 15 process with 7 Stars to earn in each one. Add all the the course Stars to the 15 an enig Stars scattered throughout the castle and that brings it come 120 Stars total!

We\"ve separation this overview up through courses v the Castle mystery Stars being noted at the really end. Here\"s whereby you\"ll uncover all Stars in super Mario 64.

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All Stars in at sight Mario 64

Bob-omb Battlefield

Course 1: Bob-omb Battlefield

Source: Nintendo

To acquire to the Bob-omb Battlefield, head right into the castle and also enter the door top top the far left side of the room. You\"ll watch a large painting v Bob-ombs top top it. Jump right into the painting to start the course.

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Without more ado, here\"s just how to obtain all Stars at Bob-omb Battlefield.

Star 1: large Bob-omb on the Summit

You\"ll must head to the peak of the mountain. Head increase the path and follow it as it passes by the Chain Chomp and also over the bridge. You\"ll then must avoid the rolling balls coming under the summit. Eventually, you\"ll do it come the top and also come challenge to confront with big Bob-omb.

To defeat big Bob-omb, run behind him, swipe at him, and also then litter him come the ground 3 times. Be mindful not come let him pick you up or he\"ll likewise throw you. Beat him to knife a Star.

Star 2: Footrace v Koopa the Quick

Upon entering the level, you\"ll see a green Koopa to the left that the path. He\"ll ask girlfriend if you\"re up for a gyeongju to the top of the mountain. Quickly take the same course you did come defeat huge Bob-omb. If friend beat the Koopa, he\"ll provide you a Star.

Star 3: Shoot to the Island in the Sky

Talk come the pink Bob-omb to do the level\"s cannons accessible. Now head right up the wood ramp and head for the rock hill amid the grass. Get in the hole at the height to pack yourself into a cannon. Allude it towards the island in the sky.

You\"ll notification that the really top that a tree is visible over the floating island\"s side. Aim a tiny above the tree and also then beginning Mario skyward. If you\"re successful, he\"ll grab hold to the tree. Struggle the Yellow ! block to acquire a Star.

Star 4: find the 8 Red Coins

You\"ll have to collect all eight Red Coins to earn the star. Here\"s wherein you\"ll find them all:

Just above the checkered elevators.Atop the eco-friendly hill close to the rock hill.On the Chain Chomp\"s pole.Cross the wooden bridge and also head left. You\"ll uncover this Coin near an upright log.A second Red Coin can also be discovered near the one above.Next come the violet ! button under the gated tunnel.On the eco-friendly slope coming under the left next of the mountain.Using the cannon within the stone hill, shoot yourself to the island in the sky. Aim a tiny ways above the optimal of the tree that\"s poking the end to latch on to it. The last Red Coin will certainly be atop the tree.

After collecting every eight Red Coins, head down to the group of trees and also logs throughout the means from the Chain Chomp to collection your Star.

Star 5: Mario wings to the Sky

Head come the rock hill that dwellings a cannon. Shoot slightly over the tree on the floating island (it will certainly be much easier if friend Hit the Red ? Block to obtain a Wing cap first). Girlfriend unlock the Red ? blocks by hitting a switch at the Tower of the soup Cap an enig Star level.

Now, autumn down right into the cannon feet on the floating island. Over there are 5 rings that Coins with one Coin in the facility of each.

To get the Star, you\"ll must collect every of the five Coins in the centers the the rings. Friend don\"t have actually to acquire them all in one go. Simply keep shooting at them until you collection them all. Once you\"ve gained them all, a Star will show up on the ground.

Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp\"s Gate

Make your way to the Chain Chomp. Ground-pound the pole three times come let the Chain Chomp loose. This will cause it to break with the fence and permit you to gain the Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin strength Star

You\"ll must collect 100 coins to gain this Star. Below are part tips to acquire you started:

Defeating Goombas offer you one Coin each.Defeating Koopas gives you a Blue Coin precious five consistent Coins. If friend run about in circles roughly the log stakes sticking up indigenous the ground, you\"ll receive five Coins because that each one.

Source: ptcouncil.net

To accessibility Whomp\"s Fortress, you\"ll must have gained at least one Star. Indigenous the key castle entryway, get in the door top top the bottom right below the railing. You\"ll see a paint with a tall tower ~ above it. Jump within to start the level.

Now, here\"s just how to get all Stars in ~ Whomp\"s Fortress.

Star 1: Chip turn off Whomp\"s Block

Make your means to the top of the fortress by jumping on various ramps, elevators, and also platforms. When you with the optimal you\"ll uncover a large Whomp wait for you. Get close sufficient to that so that he falls forward leaving his back exposed. Currently ground-pound top top his back. Repeat this two much more times to defeat him and get a Star.

Star 2: to the optimal of the Fortress

Climb as much as the peak of the fortress wherein you beat the huge Whomp. You\"ll notification that a brand-new tower ar is now located up here. Jump up the platforms roughly the tower if dodging bullet Bills. You\"ll find a Star at the peak of the tower.

Star 3: Shoot into the Wild Blue

Cross the watery ar until you uncover a pink Bob-bomb v a cannon hole beside it. Enter the cannon and fire yourself in between the pillars ~ above the communication just listed below the flagpole. You\"ll uncover a Star wait in this area.

Star 4: Red Coins ~ above the Floating Island

You\"ll must collect all eight the the level\"s Red Coins to get this Star.

The first Red Coin is located just over where the 2nd white block is moving in and out. Head increase the white stone stairway and you\"ll see a blue Thwomp relocating up and down. Jump on height of it to acquire a Red Coin. Proceed from where the Blue Thwomp is and you\"ll quickly see a Piranha Flower. A Red Coin is hiding just behind it. The next Red Coin is pressed against the Fortress wall surface between this first Piranha Flower and a second one.Continue past the second Piranha Flower and also you\"ll see a rotating platform. Walk out to the far end and also stand there as it passes through a Red Coin. Currently jump under onto the slope in ~ the rotating platform to get one more Red Coin. Make your method to the top of the grey section of the fortress. You\"ll notification a wood plank standing upright. Hit the to make it loss down and create a path to the floating islands. Collect the Red Coin ~ above the floating brick island.Continue jumping along the floating islands until you with the farthest one out through its Red Coin.

To collect the Star, jump down to the bottom level near to whereby you very first appeared.

Star 5: loss on to the Caged Island

Climb the tree top top the left of wherein you first appear. A little brown owl will certainly come the end of the canopy once you\"ve got to the top. Jump up in ~ it to have actually it carry you through the air. Navigate the owl over the floating cage and then drop down right into it to obtain the Star. Be careful. If girlfriend take also long, the owl will drop you.

Star 6: Blast away the Wall

Go approximately the white brick section and also make your way across the water come the pink Bob-omb. Jump in the cannon and aim it earlier towards the height of the cliff girlfriend passed on the means over. As soon as Mario hits the bricks, it will lodge a section loose revealing a Star. Make your way up near the Piranha Flower and also claim your freshly exposed Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin strength Star

To get this Star, girlfriend will have to gather 100 Coins. Below are part tips to gain you there.

Jump on a Thwomp\"s back to acquire a Coin. Ground-pound on its ago to earn 5 more. Run on a Piranha Flower\"s head to loss it. This will result in a Blue Coin precious five consistent Coins.Red Coins are each worth two Coins each. Collection all to include 16 Coins to her total.Five Coins are situated on the dust ramp close to whereby you begin on the level.Five more Coins deserve to be discovered on the white stone near the water.Eight Coins can be uncovered in a ring within the water. 5 Coins are uncovered in a row next to the pink Bob-omb. About the edge from the pink Bob-omb there\"s a switch with a Blue Coin on it. Ground-pound this come make 4 Blue Coins appear. They are worth five Coins apiece and also will add 20 Coins to your full if you acquire them all.Pick up the brown block close to the Blue Coin button and also throw it. It will certainly burst into three Coins. Eight more Coins are uncovered on the platform beneath the flagpole.

Source: Nintendo (screenshot)

From the castle\"s front door, head come the door ~ above the far right that has actually a 3 ~ above it. In the following room, you\"ll check out a painting with a sunken ship. Jump right into the paint to begin the level. Continue reading come learn just how to get all of the Jolly i get it Bay Stars.

Star 1: Plunder in the Sunken Ship

Jump right into the water and also swim till you discover a sunken ship. Dive down and swim directly in former of the eel poking out from it, but don\"t touch it as it will hurt you. Currently swim in the direction of the front of the ship. The eel will move away leave an opening for you to swim through. Head to the surface to replenish your breath and also then swim into the ship.

When inside, you\"ll view a team of four chests. They need to be opened in a details order. First, open up the one you see as you go into then turn around and also open the left, right, and finally the center chests. The water will now drainpipe from the ship.

As it\"s draining, quickly swim towards the greatest platform in ~ the ago of the ship. If friend weren\"t maybe to make it to the top before the water drained, jump up the platforms. As soon as you with the peak platform, struggle the Yellow ! Block to obtain your Star.

Star 2: can the Eel Come out to Play?

The eel has adjusted locations and is now poking that head the end from a cave in the depths. Swim in former of that to acquire it to come out. A Star will be located on that tail. Swim to it to collection it.

Star 3: sweetheart of the s Cave

The ship will currently be floating on the water. Dive down right into the depths listed below it and also enter the cave. Jump out into the dried cavern and also avoid the falling rock pillars as you do your way towards the four treasure chests in the back.

You\"ll gain injured if girlfriend don\"t open up them in the correct order. Open up them in this order: Back, left, right, front. You\"ll earn a Star for doing so.

Star 4: Red Coins on the delivery Afloat

Here\"s wherein to find all Red Coins at Jolly i get it Bay.

From the entrance, dive directly down and wait for the clam shell to open up revealing a Red Coin.Swim straight forward come find one more Red Coin in a clam shell. Walk forward and also dive into the depths. Yet one more Red Coin will be situated in a clam shell. Head come the surface and make your way to the pink Bob-omb. There\"s a clam shell in the water below it that has a Red Coin. There\"s a pole alongside the pink Bob-omb. Rise to the optimal to acquire a Red Coin. Speak to the pink Bob-omb to gain it to open up the cannon. Jump into the cannon and also shoot you yourself at the boat. Take a Red Coin at the earlier of the boatGrab the various other Red Coin next to the one above.The final Red Coin is situated at the front of the boat.

The Star will appear at the earlier of the boat once you\"ve gathered all that the Red Coins.

Star 5: Blast to the rock Pillar

Head to the cannon in prior of you and jump in. When aiming, you\"ll see two poles coming the end of the water a few feet ahead of you. Shoot yourself to the left pole. Currently climb to the top and jump onto the cliff. Hit the Yellow ! Block to acquire a Star.

Star 6: through the Jet Stream

Traditional approach:

You will need to have actually unlocked the eco-friendly ! Block to acquire this Star. The eco-friendly ! Block is unlocked in ~ Hazy Maze Cave. Struggle the environment-friendly ! Block near where you gone into the level come turn right into Metal Mario. Now make your method to the jet stream in ~ the bottom the the ocean. Walk with the jet stream and touch the Star.

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Star 7: 100 Coin strength Star

You\"ll need to collect 100 Coins to get this Star. Below are some tips on exactly how to do that.

Upon start the level, immediately head left. There\"s a Yellow ! Block with 3 Coins in it.Dive down automatically from where you get in the level to check out a ring the eight Coins.Head to the raised section just North that the pink Bob-omb and you\"ll see 5 Coins stack vertically in the air. Jump up on the cliff to the phibìc of the pink Bob-omb and you\"ll uncover a violet ! Button. Step on the to do a temporary bridge appear. There are 15 Coins to collection in this area.You\"ll discover eight Coins make a ring approximately the rock pillar the you challenge when you very first enter the level.Dive down into the depths and also head in the direction of the underwater cave. There space eight Coins in a ring floating in front of it. Enter the underwater cave and ground-pound on the Blue Coin button to the right. 6 Blue Coins will appear valued at 5 Coins each. Conveniently gather lock up prior to they disappear because that a complete of 30 Coins.Enter the underwater cave and head come the ago of the cavern. There room eight Coins for you to collect.Jump on every of the 3 Goombas in the underwater cavern come earn 3 Coins.

Source: Nintendo (screenshot)

From the main castle entryway, go into the room ~ above the left through a number 3 on it. You\"ll view a paint with snowmen top top it. Jump into the paint to start the level. Keep analysis to see exactly how to get all of the Stars at Cool, Cool Mountain.

Star 1: slip Slidin\" Away

Jump right into the cottage chimney that you see upon start the level and also you\"ll find yourself dealing with a slope. Race under the frozen slope. Be careful not to fall off as you twist and also turn. If you efficiently make it to the end and also exit the cottage, you\"ll knife a Star.

Star 2: Li\"l Penguin Lost

Jump approximately the cliff behind the cottage and you\"ll see a tiny penguin walking around. Pick it up and then head to the left and slide down the hill until you do your means to a bridge v two snowmen jumping follow me it. There is no dropping the penguin or emotional the snowmen, make your method across the bridge (go under the snowmen if they\"re in the air).

Next, head down the wooden ramp till you check out a large penguin in a tiny pool of water. Return the little penguin come the huge one to gain a Star.

Star 3: huge Penguin Race

Enter the cottage chimney once more. This time, you\"ll see the adult penguin wait to gyeongju you. To win the penguin come the complete line without falling off and also you\"ll knife a Star.

Star 4: Frosty Slide because that 8 Red Coins

You\"ll should collect every eight Red Coins to gain this strength Star.

Jump on height of the tree in front of the cottage to acquire the an initial Red Coin. Head back to the slope and continue slide down. A Red Coin will certainly be nestled versus the hill on her left as you start to slow down. Make your method across the snowman bridge. You\"ll see a broken bridge in the distance. Very closely walk to the finish of it to get another Red Coin.Head under the remainder of the method and go as much away indigenous the adult penguin together you can. There\"s a Red Coin hidden versus the cliff. Head ago towards the adult penguin and also you\"ll watch a floating platform to the right that you can reach via a bridge. Collect the Red Coin the is floating there without slipping. You\"ll check out a Red Coin floating in the air over a tree close to the adult penguin. Jump onto the trolley close to the adult penguin. There\"s a pink Bob-omb top top a small floating island. Run on the island and also talk come the Bob-omb to do the cannon accessible. Wait because that the lift come come back and then usage it to go up. A Red Coin is wait for you at the top. Get in the cannon at the height of the lift and shoot you yourself at the frozen waterfall above. Go behind the waterfall and pick up the critical Red Coin.

The Star will appear below you across the broken bridge. You\"ll need to lengthy jump from one next to the other to with it.

Star 5: Snowman\"s shed His Head

Jump increase behind the cottage whereby the small penguin is wade around and then head left. There\"s a big snowball ~ above a pillar. Land alongside it and also it will certainly ask girlfriend to bring it come a snowman head. Carefully navigate down the hill slope and lead it come the snowman head ~ above the platform.

Star 6: wall Kicks will Work

Head down the slope till you check out the Snowman\"s head on the platform. There\"s a Spindrift v pink flowers on the head nearby. Jump on the head and then slowly glide under off the side. You\"ll watch a location to land listed below you. Float down to this area. Head up the platforms and also cross the ice leg to locate this Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin power Star

You\"ll should collect 100 Coins in ~ Cool, Cool mountain to gain this Star. Here are some tips come help.

There are five Coins heading into the cottage chimney. Race under the frozen slope inside the cottage. A Blue Coin is bouncing along the path in addition to various Coins strewn throughout. If done right, friend can get as many as 77 Coins when going down this slide.While sliding down the mountain, there\"s a ar where the slope makes a spicy u-turn. If you jump up ~ above the cliff here, you\"ll view a Blue Coin Button. Ground-pound top top it to make 2 Blue Coins show up behind you, which to add 10 Coins to her total.Sliding under the mountain starting from behind the cottage can an outcome in as countless as 20 Coins.

The Star will show up at the base of the exterior hill slide.

Source: Nintendo (screenshot)

To obtain to large Boo\"s Haunt native the castle\"s front door, enter the door just to the ideal of the stairs then turn left down the long hallway. A Boo will certainly go through the wall surface and out into the courtyard.

This is maybe the most annoying course to enter. Numerous Boos room floating approximately Princess Peach\"s gardens at the ago of the castle. One of them conceals a cage within of it. Ground-pound this Boo to get it to drop the cage and then girlfriend can enter the course. You\"ll should defeat this Boo every time you great to enter huge Boo\"s Haunt.

Without further ado, here\"s just how to get every Star at big Boo\"s Haunt.

Star 1: go on a Ghost Hunt

Note: you should take into consideration knocking the end the 8 Red Coins Star and also the 100 Coins Star while doing this objective.

To gain this Star, you should defeat all of the 6 Boos in the mansion. Here\"s wherein you\"ll find every one of the Boos:

Head right into the mansion and enter the very first door top top the right. Ground-pound the Boo to make it disappear. Platform across this first room and enter the door. An additional Boo is wait to it is in ground-poundedGo ago to the main entryway and also then head to the room top top the left that the entrance. You\"ll notification a large Boo poster. Fight the Blue ! Block to obtain a Vanish Cap and also make the so you have the right to walk v walls. Now, jump v the poster. You\"ll uncover two Boos in this room. If standing in ~ the mansion\"s key entryway, head to the back left door. Defeat the Boo without gaining hit by Mr. I. Large Boo will certainly now appear in the key room. To defeat him, backflip right into the air when he\"s near and then ground-pound him three times. The Star will show up once he\"s gone.

Star 2: Ride huge Boo\"s Merry-Go-Round

Note: girlfriend should think about knocking the end the 8 Red Coins Star and the 100 Coins Star if doing this objective.

Instead that heading into the mansion, take it an immediate left and also enter the tiny shack. Currently go to the earlier of the room and also stand top top the red elevator to take you down. Wind your method through this subterranean area until you discover a door. Get in it and also you\"ll discover a turn room through Boo posters on the wall.

Ground-pound each of the Boos the appears. Be mindful as the wall surfaces shoot out fire. Once the consistent Boos have actually all been defeated, large Boo will appear. Defeat him to earn her Star.

Star 3: secret of the Haunted Books

Head right into the mansion and immediately head increase the stairs and go right into the room top top the ago left. You\"ll uncover yourself in a library. Evade the books and make your way to the end where 3 green publications are sticking out of the shelf. Hit every of lock in to do the bookcase slide.

Enter the door that has actually now to be revealed and also you\"ll be able to get your Star.

Star 4: look for the 8 Red Coins

You\"ll need to collect all eight Red Coins from large Boo\"s Haunt to acquire this Star. Here\"s wherein they are.

Upon entering the level, head right into the mansion and enter the first door on the right. There\"s a Red Coin close to the Boo. From the mansion\"s key entryway, go upstairs and head to the left door closest to the camera. There will certainly be a cool piano inside. The will concerned life and try to bite you. Get it to relocate away indigenous the wall and you\"ll watch a Red Coin. Proceed through come the following door. Evade the chairs being thrown at you and also then backflip ~ above the bookshelf right next to the door to acquire a Red Coin. In this exact same room, you\"ll find another Red Coin on the various other bookshelf. Backflip top top the shelf to pick it up. Head earlier to the key mansion entryway and also then get in the door on the earlier right. Head approximately the bookshelf and you\"ll see a Red Coin. Be cautious not to action on the catch door. Head earlier to the main room that the mansion and also then get in the door ~ above the right side the the upstairs back wall. You\"ll view a Mr. Ns in here. Run about him easily to make him spin and die. Now head additional into the room and also you\"ll check out coffins. Head towards the very first coffin top top the right side to disclose a Red Coin. Now head to the center coffin top top the left to reveal another Red Coin. From the mansion\"s main room, enter the door on the maximum ground left earlier wall. Jump across the grated flooring and you\"ll discover a Red Coin.

Once you\"ve gathered each of this Red Coins, a Star will show up on the 2nd floor the the mansion\"s main room.

Star 5: huge Boo\"s Balcony

Enter the mansion and also head up the stairs. Get in the door that\"s in ~ the back of the ideal wall. Obtain on the wooden platform and then wall surface jump to the platform over the doorway. Head to the right and also enter the double doors to acquire to the mansion\"s balcony.

You\"ll find large Boo floating approximately out here. Backflip and also then ground-pound him 3 times to do a Star show up on the roof above you. To obtain the Star, long jump to the rooftop on the right. Now, walk as much as the an extremely top of the mansion. Slide down to whereby the Star is.

Star 6: Eye come Eye in the an enig Room

Enter the mansion and head upstairs. Go into the room on the right. Wind your method through the room and also the door being cautious not to step on the catch door. You\"ll check out a Blue ! Block in this room. Hit that to obtain a Vanish Cap and make the so you can walk v walls.

Now, easily make your way back come the room with the trap door. Wind approximately the bookshelves and also jump as much as the platform above you. Get in the door and also then head towards the camera and also through the poster depicting a hiding Boo. You\"ll find a Mr. I in here. Run around him several times to make him dizzy and fall over. Once he\"s dead a Star will appear.

Star 7: 100 Coin strength Star

You\"ll have to collect 100 Coins in the huge Boo\"s Haunt level come unlock this Star. Here are part tips on just how to execute it.

There are rooms whereby fanged books pop the end of the bookshelves. If you defeat these enemies, they will certainly drop a Blue Coin. As soon as you loss a Mr. I it will certainly drop a Blue Coin. There space two that these negative guys in the mansion.

Source: ptcouncil.net

From the castle\"s prior door, get in the door just to the left of the stairs and then walk down into the basement on your right. Keep in mind that you gain the basement vital after beating Bowser in the Dark World.

From here, go ideal down the hall and also through the door. Instead of jumping right into the paint with the fire on it, hang a right and enter the door with a Star top top it. You\"ll discover an inky black pool surrounded by checkered flooring. Jump right into the pool to begin the level. Need assist figuring out exactly how to get all of the Hazy Maze cave Stars? Keep reading below.

Star 1: swimming Beast in the Cavern

Upon start this level, take a left at the map. Lengthy jump end the pit and go v the door. Make your means around the room and also go up the hill with the roll stones. Get in the next room and go top top the elevator to head underground.

Take the route down right into the water and swim till you with the Nessie-like creature. Ground-pound ~ above its ago to make it reduced its head. Jump onto the head and wait because that the beast come raise its head as soon as more. Now, direct Nessie come the island in the middle of the lake and then jump over to obtain your Star.

Star 2: Elevate for 8 Red Coins

You\"ll should collect Hazy Maze Cave\"s eight Red Coins to obtain this Star. Here\"s whereby you can discover the eight Red Coins.

Upon entering the level make a right. Head under the path jumping over gaps and also dodging flames until you make it to the door. Enter this brand-new room and also slide under the pole on her left. Currently go up the grassy steps on the right.

Jump on the floating platform through buttons on it and also direct it to the pole directly in prior of you. Rise the pole and also jump on the checkered platform. Drive it around the room if smashing any blocks or jumping over any kind of obstacles that gain in her way. You\"ll obtain four Red Coins this way.Now go back to the platform v the arrows. Obtain Mario to smash every one of the brown blocks in the room to expose three Red Coins. The last Red Coin will be ~ above a cliff in the earlier left corner of the room.

Star 3: Metal-Head Mario can Move!

Make a left as soon as you obtain to the map and also enter the room in ~ the finish of the hall. Make your means around this next room and also up the hill v the rolling stones. Enter the door at the end and also take the elevator down. Walk down the dirt path and jump right into the water.

Get on Nessie\"s back and ground-pound to make her lower her head. Obtain on her head and suggest her in the direction you want her come go. There\"s a double door in this cavern. Command Nessie to it and also then get in the doors.

Jump right into the inky pool in this brand-new room. (Note that collecting the Red Coins in this area will an outcome in you earning a Castle an enig Star). Top top jumping into the pool, you\"ll be turned right into Metal Mario. Run with the course beating enemies and jumping end platforms until you with the substantial Green button at the finish of the cave. Jump on this to activate the environment-friendly ! blocks in the cavern.

Now departure this area and return come the room through Nessie. Fight a green ! Block to turn right into Metal Mario near the height of the dust path and then walk come the violet ! switch next come the gated door. This will open up the gates and also let you enter the door. Lengthy jump across the floating platforms and also get her Star.

Star 4: Navigating the toxic Maze

From the entrance, take a ideal at the map. Walk all the way to the end and enter the door. Drop under the floor below and take the very first door on your right. Currently drop under the feet in this room.

You\"ll be lugged into a maze through toxic gases. Usage the eco-friendly ! Block come turn right into Metal Mario and temporarily be immune come the poison. After hitting the block, head right and also then monitor the maze as it transforms left. Soon after encountering a Monty Mole, there will be two alcoves the you deserve to jump up to on the left side. Jump up to the further one and enter the door.

You\"ll view an elevator ~ above the far finish of the room. Stand on it and also it will certainly raise you come the floor above. Touch the Star to collection it.

Star 5: A-Maze-ing Emergency Exit

From the level entrance, do a ideal at the map. Head to the earlier of the path and also enter the door. Go under the pole top top the left and also then enter the very first door on her left. Fall down into the feet at the back of the room.Hit the eco-friendly ! Block to turn right into Metal Mario.

After hitting the Block, head right and follow the curve of the cavern. An alcove will be above you soon after you encounter a Monty Mole. Jump up into the alcove and enter the door. Now wind your method through this following room and also hop on the elevator.

Head through the door ~ above the higher level. Now jump and also cling to the underside of the red platform. Follow the red caging till it takes you come the Star.

Star 6: Watch because that the rojo Rocks

From the entrance, head come the appropriate at the map and also enter the door at the far end. Head come the right and also wind your way towards the rolling rocks. Now wall-jump back and forth in former of the door until you obtain on the right ledge above. There\"s a Star concealed on a communication up here.

Star 7: 100 Coin power Star

You\"ll have to collect 100 Coins scattered throughout the Hazy Maze cave level to acquire this Star. Here\"s exactly how to acquire 100 Coins:

Killing a spider offers you three Coins, over there are numerous scattered throughout the level.The toxicity maze features plenty of adversaries that will provide you Coins as soon as defeated.

To access Lethal Lava Land indigenous the lock entrance, get in the first door top top the left that the stairs and also then walk down into the basement\"s twin doors. Take the hallway to the right and also jump straight into the painting with the smiling flame.

Here\"s exactly how to get all of the Stars at Lethal Lava Land.

Star 1: boil the large Bully

Make your method across the various platforms, hang a left once you gain to the tiny Bully. Pass the Mr. I, pass the moving Bowser puzzle, and also go ideal from the fire shooting island. A big Bully will certainly be wait for you here.

Push him into the lava to disclose a Star. Be careful while do your method up the steps to the Star as they will loss into the lava.

Star 2: Bully the Bullies

Head across the assorted platforms and also take a right at the little Bully. Jump across the various platforms and continue to make your means to the earlier right that the level. You\"ll obtain to one area where 4 squares space rising and also submerging in the lava. Wait because that a an excellent time and then overcome to the large cliff top top the various other side.

There space three Bullys here. Push them into the lava and also a huge Bully will appear. Now push the huge Bully right into the lava to knife a Star.

Star 3: 8-Coin Puzzle through 15 Pieces

When you obtain to the lone Bully, head straight to the volcano v the rotating island. Run about this rotating platform and also collect all eight Red Coins. A Star will show up in the volcano. Jump right into the opening to collection it.

Star 4: Red-Hot log in Rolling

If you look wherein Mario is looking when he an initial lands in the level, you\"ll check out a gated area. This is where you\"ll have to go. Do a ideal at the lone Bully and then head as much right as you can. You\"ll finish up on an island through two Bullys.

There\"s a little grated communication in the lava. Jump on it and it will certainly take you towards a giant log. Dodge any type of flames the shoot out from the ground if making this trip. Now, jump on the log and run follow me it so that it move closer to the gate. As soon as it\"s been moved over as far as the can, jump onto the brick and collect her Star.

Star 5: Hot-Foot-It right into the Volcano

Remember the volcano in the center of the level? make your means over to it and jump inside. Now, make your method along the various platforms and also cliffs as you climb the wall surfaces of the volcano. Eventually, you\"ll come top top a pair that poles.

Climb come the height of one of the poles and then run to the cliff alongside it. A Star will be wait there because that you come collect.

Star 6: Elevator tour in the Volcano

Once an ext make your means to the volcano. This time when you acquire inside, jump throughout the black piles in the lava until you reach the checkered elevator. At part point, you\"ll satisfy up with another elevator. Run onto this new platform and also then run onto the pole that it circles.

Climb up the pole and also then jump on to among the floating platforms. Now all that\"s left is to walk as much as the waiting Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin power Star

You\"ll should collect 100 Coins in the Lethal Lava Level to obtain this Star. Here\"s just how to gain all 100 Coins.

Note: If friend hit the Yellow ! Block near the entrance, you\"ll gain a magical green Koopa covering that is impervious come the lava. You deserve to use it to quickly ride round and also collect her Coins.

On your means to the Bowser puzzle, there are 5 Coins in a row. Once the shifting Bowser puzzle ultimately lines increase correctly, 8 Coins will appear for you to collect. Simply make certain you don\"t loss into the lava once doing so. There are five Coins under the leg that rises and also falls close to the entrance. One of the archipelago in the back right corner has a Mr. I on it surrounded by eight Coins. Spin roughly Mr. I to loss him and collect a Blue Coin. There\"s a ramp in the really back right corner of this level that has a 1-Up Mushroom on it. Ride the covering up this ramp to collect five Coins. The large island whereby you fought the three Bully enemies residences eight Coins. Defeat the three Bullys and the large Bully to gain even much more Coins. If all else fails, drive the shell around the level and also look in places you haven\"t confirm yet. There\"s an additional Mr. I in the edge near the volcano and also the Bowser puzzle. Defeating it will acquire you a Blue Coin.

Once you\"ve built up 100 Coins, the Star will appear in the cage underneath wherein the over Mr. I was located.

To reach moving Sand Land, go into the door next to the stairs in ~ the begin of Peach\"s Castle. Currently go under the basement stairs come the right and also continue under the ideal hallway. Once the paint for Lethal Lava soil is in view, hang a left. It will certainly look favor you\"ve concerned a dead-end, but jump right into the wall surface at the really end and you\"ll be taken to changing Sand Land.

Instructions on exactly how to obtain each the the changing Sand soil Stars deserve to be discovered below.

Star 1: In the Talons that the big Bird

Traditional approach:

Upon beginning the level, run around the sandhill and also head directly to the section with the dark quicksand and also rotating boxes. In the bottom right corner of this maze area, there\"s a Red ! Block. Hit the to obtain a soup Cap. Fly to among the pillars rising roughly the pyramid. As soon as Klepto the vulture flies overhead run up and also touch the Star it clutches.

Instead that dropping whereby you are, the Star will certainly launch come the much side of the pyramid. Fly over there to collect it.

Faster/Skilled approach:

Upon start the level, run around the sandhill and also do a triple run to floor on top of the pavilion ~ above the right. There\"s a Red ! Block here. Hit the to get the soup Cap. Fly about the level until you floor on among the pillars rising roughly the pyramid. As soon as the vulture paris overhead run up and also touch the Star the clutches.

Instead the dropping where you are, the Star will certainly launch come the far side that the pyramid. Fly end there to collection it.

Star 2: bright Atop the Pyramid

Traditional approach:

Once an ext run around the sandhill and also head to the dark quicksand maze area. Struggle the Red ! Block to obtain a soup Cap. Now fly to the pyramid and also land in the alcove on among its sides that residences a Star.

Faster/Skilled approach:

Upon start the level, run roughly the sandhill and also do a triple run to land on optimal of the pavilion top top the right. There\"s a Red ! Block here. Hit it to get the soup Cap. Fly roughly the pyramid till you find the indented ar that homes a Star. Floor in there and also collect it.

Star 3: within the old Pyramid

Make your means into the pyramid. You can either do this utilizing a Red ! Block\"s Wing cap or by getting there on foot. Wind your way right and up the ramp. Currently cross the monkey bars through the Amp circling the pillar. Continue on and also jump end the Grindel as it hits the ground.

Go up the pole and also then overcome the next section of monkey bars. Now jump up the steps and go right. Be cautious not come let the Spindel bulldoze you. Jump over it to continue. Currently jump increase the moving blocks, head along the narrow walkways while preventing the Amps.

Next, evade under the Grindel when it\"s rising right into the air and also jump up on the communication behind it. Make your way right to get to the Star.

Star 4: was standing Tall on the four Pillars

Make your means to the Red ! Block on either the stone pavilion or ~ above the ideal side of the quicksand maze. Hit the Block to gain a soup Cap. Currently use that to paris to the four pillars. Soil on every one to do the height of the pyramid spin off, revealing a hole. To do this easier, shot ground-pounding as soon as Mario\"s shadow shows up on the pillars.

Jump down into this hole and also you\"ll be face to face with two Eyeroks. To loss them, you\"ll must wait until they\"re upright wiggling their fingers through their eye open. Struggle the eye while they\"re in this position.

Make sure to evade their attacks as they shot to smash you or swipe you off the ledge. ~ hitting lock both 3 times they\"ll die and also leave you a Star.

Star 5: cost-free Flying for 8 Red Coins

Here\"s just how to acquire all 8 Red Coins in moving Sand Land:

Immediately upon entering the level, turn directly around and also head together far back as girlfriend can. A Red Coin is hiding back that way. Head to the stone pavilion and hit the big brown block at the earlier to acquire a Red Coin. Currently hit the Red ! Block either on top of the stone pavilion or on the appropriate side of the quicksand maze. Use the newly obtained Wing lid to conference the four Red Coins floating around the pyramid. Another Red Coin can be discovered at the quicksand maze. The last Red Coin is sitting in water close to the Bob-omb behind the pyramid.

Once you\"ve acquired all eight Red Coins, the Star will show up on the stone pavilion. Fight the Red ! Block in front of the pyramid if you want to paris to the or just make your means to the pavilion and also do a triple jump to obtain on top.

Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle

Get inside the pyramid and also start do your method to the height as friend did before. However, this time rather of getting the Star at the top, drop under on come the platform alongside the sand waterfall that has a Coin top top it. You\"ll an alert that a number shows up on Mario\"s head when he touches.

Carefully jump down to the next floating platform and also collect the Coin there. Repeat this one much more time. Currently jump down right into the sand riverway and collect the critical Coin there. ~ collecting four of these unique Coins, a Star will show up at the end of the sand riverway.

Star 7: 100 Coin power Star

Here\"s exactly how to collection all 100 Coins indigenous the Shifty Sand land level and also earn a Star.

Grab the brown box near where friend enter and it will certainly launch into the air, bounce, and also then ultimately explode into 5 Coins. Defeating Fly men makes two Coins appear. Defeat all the Fly men you see. If you acquire a Bob-omb to punch up, it will release one Coin. Loss all the Bob-ombs friend see. If friend can control to jump and also kick a Pokey\"s head off, you\"ll earn a Blue Coin. Loss all the Pokeys girlfriend see.Use one of the level\"s Red ! blocks to get the soup Cap and fly approximately collecting the various Coins floating in the air and atop pillars. Within the pyramid, hang an prompt left and you\"ll see a Blue Coin Button. Ground-pound it to make 3 Blue Coins appear, giving you 15 Coins total.There are number of Goombas within the pyramid. Beating them will gain you one Coin each. Loss all the Goombas you see.There are numerous Coins scattered throughout the inside of the pyramid. Collect all the lone Coins to make them include up. Eight Coins space dangling native monkey bars inside the pyramid. Just makes sure not to hit the electrical Amp adversary while collecting them. Within the pyramid, there\"s one more monkey bar stretch with what shows up to it is in ramped terracotta shingles beneath it. 5 Coins dangle from this monkey bars. Once you\"re nearly as high together you have the right to go in ~ the pyramid, you\"ll come top top 10 Coins.

Dire, Dire Docks is accessed indigenous the castle\"s basement. There\"s a twin door down there with a huge Star on it. If you\"ve collected 31 strength Stars, that will open revealing a hallway the ends in a blue portal. Jump into the portal to start the course.

Can\"t figure out just how to acquire one that the Dire, Dire Docks Stars? We\"ve gained you covered.

Star 1: board Bowser\"s Sub

After landing in the water, dive under to the cave and also then swim up when you watch the yellow arrow. Now swim down when you check out the next arrow. You\"ll come out into a tiny pool with a submarine in it. Head to the surface.

Jump top top the platform on the side of the room and then action on the violet ! Button. This will make a temporary bridge appear between yourself and also the submarine. Run from the leg to the sub prior to time operation out and also collect the Star that\"s waiting for you.

Star 2: Chests in the Current

Dive down to the bottom that the sea and also interact with the sweetheart chests in this order: best of the cave, middle of the cave, left of the cave, middle of the seafloor. Then collect the Star that appears.

Star 3: Pole-Jumping for Red Coins

You\"ll need to collect all of the Red Coins at Dire, Dire Docks to gain this Star.

Dive down into the cave and make your way to the area the previously hosted Bowser\"s submarine. Currently make your means onto a platform and also step on the violet ! Button. A bridge will certainly appear permitting you to jump onto the floating platforms. Run from one pole to one more collecting Red Coins along the way. They will certainly all be in level sight and accessible via this route.

Upon collecting every one of the Red Coins, the Star will show up on among the platforms. If you need to, head ago down come the purple ! Button and also make your method to the Star using the bridge, platforms, and poles.

Star 4: with the Jet Stream

Once more dive into the cave and also make your way to whereby Bowser\"s sub once docked. You\"ll notice that there\"s a grate on the ocean floor that has bubbles and also blue ring coming the end of it. Swim right into this stream till it counts to five. This will make a Star appear. To obtain it, head come the surface and also head to the green ! Block.

Hit the Block to turn right into Metal Mario and then walk end to the Star ~ above the grate.

Star 5: The Manta Ray\"s Reward

Dive down right into the waters as soon as you enter the level. There\"s a Manta beam swimming roughly here. Follow behind it and swim through five blue rings in quick sequence to do this Star appear above the jet stream.

Star 6: collection the Caps

Dive right into the water and also make your way to the area where Bowser\"s sub supplied to be. Jump on the much platform and then struggle the Blue ! Block to acquire a Vanish Cap and also become transparent. Currently run v the red barrier and also hit the environment-friendly ! Block. This will make you both intangible and metal for a quick amount of time. Quickly dive right into the water and also make your means to the caged Star before your powers walk away.

Star 7: 100 Coin strength Star

Here\"s exactly how to collection 100 Coins in ~ Dire, Dire Docks.

Dive straight down when you get in the level and you\"ll see two stacks of vertical Coins on your best side, offering you 10 Coins total. There are a couple of scattered Coins follow me the ocean floor just as you go into the level.There room three ring of Coins together you head right into the cave, including 24 Coins to her total.Head earlier into the area that once held Bowser\"s sub. You\"ll uncover multiple stacks that verticle Coins in the depths together you swim around. A ring that eight Coins is situated on the s floor in ~ the opposite finish of the cave. Over there are five Coins ~ above the platform near the purple ! switch in the room where Bowser\"s sub offered to it is in docked.

The entrance for Snowman\"s soil is situated in the castle\"s second story. To acquire there native the key entrance, head increase the stairs. You\"ll need the crucial you earned indigenous fighting Bowser in the Fire Sea to open this door. When it\"s unlocked, head up the winding stairs and also through the door.

You\"ll come right into a room whereby you\"re encountering a painting with a Skeeter on it. Head right and enter the door that has a Star top top it.

When girlfriend step into the next room, you\"ll be facing a giant mirror. An alert that in the reflection, there\"s a paint of snowmen top top the left wall, yet there\"s no paint on her side. Head come the left and jump into the plain wall surface to begin the course. If friend need aid acquiring the Snowman\"s soil Stars, store reading.

Star 1: Snowman\"s huge Head

Head come the backside the the large snowman and also triple jump your means over the ice cream obstacles gaining sent your way to with the cliff behind it. Now wind your means up the wood path, but stop prior to passing in former of the Snowman\"s face.

You need to use the penguin as a shield so that the Snowman cannot blow you turn off of him. Be mindful as the penguin sometimes actions backward instead of forwards. Jump onto the cliff that provides up the Snowman\"s head to acquire a Star.

Star 2: Chill v the Bully

Upon start the level head come the right roughly the gigantic Snowman. You\"ll check out a massive, blue chill Billy on an icy platform. Hit it enough time to make it loss off the ledge to get a Star.

Star 3: In the Deep Freeze

Upon landing, head to her left. You\"ll check out a Star in an ice block maze. Jump right into the opened that\"s nearest the gigantic Snowman. Currently do a backflip to reach the high ledge. Finally, drop under to the Star below.

Star 4: Whirl native the freeze Pond

Head to the ago right next of the level and jump on optimal of one of the Spindrifts to make Mario spin and also float in the air. Use this time to reach the cliff in the an extremely back. There room two Yellow ! Blocks. Hit the left one to expose a Star.

Star 5: shell Shreddin\" because that 8 Red Coins

Head to the back right of the level and jump on among the Spindrifts that\"s in the water therefore you deserve to float the cliff behind it. Now hit the Yellow ! Block top top the right to gain a environment-friendly Koopa Shell.

Ride the Koopa covering along the path to the left. After ~ collecting the an initial three, drop down to your appropriate to get another Red Coin. 2 Red Coins room in the water beneath the chill Billy and also another is sitting next to a tree just past that.

Star 6: right into the Igloo

Go to the back right behind the Snowman and jump ~ above a Spindrift to launch yourself into the air. Floor on the cliff behind and also hit the Yellow ! Block to get a Koopa Shell. Drive it earlier to the ideal backside the the Snowman and also go increase a ramp come a gated off section with one igloo in it. Now crawl into the igloo.

You\"ll discover an ice cream maze within filled v several various Power Blocks, Coins, and also a Star. Head straight ago into the maze and also make a slight right after you watch the Goomba. You\"ll check out a Blue ! Block with the ice. Ring the corner and also you\"ll check out a Spindrift.

There\"s a gap between the ice wall surface and the ceiling here. Run up and crawl right into the small room. Fight the Blue ! Block to acquire a Vanish cap that lets you walk with walls. Use this time to collect Coins and also the Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin power Star

Here\"s exactly how to collect 100 Coins at Snowman\"s Land.

There are several Spindrifts approximately Snowman soil - creatures with pink flowers cultivation from their heads. Each time you loss one, it will release 3 Coins. Friend can acquire a the majority of Coins this way. Part snowmen litter snowballs. If friend run approximately them and also make lock dizzy, lock will loss over and die leaving girlfriend with 3 Coins.

The Star will show up in the igloo in the section where many Coins space stacked nearby together.

Remember the painting of a Skeeter that we experienced before? You\"re walking to need to enter it to gain to Wet-Dry World. In situation you need help, remember the from the castle entrance you must go increase the stairs, enter the previously locked dual doors, wind your means around the stairs, and also then open up the door to with this painting.

Pro Tip - The height at i m sorry you enter the paint will determine exactly how high the water is in the level. To do the water at sight high, execute a backflip into the painting. For the lowest water level, hardly hop right into the painting.

Here\"s just how to get all of the Wet-Dry human being Stars.

Star 1: Shocking arrow Lifts!

Turn around and also swim under to the multicolored button beneath the water. This will reduced the water level. You\"ll check out a Yellow ! Block is currently hanging in the air in the distance. Swim over and also get ~ above the various platforms till you have the right to reach it. Hit the to obtain a Star.

Star 2: optimal O\" The Town

Head directly forward ~ landing ~ above the platform. There\"s a multicolored button under the water next to the brick ramp. Touch it to reduced the water level. Head left and also be wary that the violet Chuckya. You can defeat that by grabbing the from behind and throwing him.

You\"ll an alert that there\"s a communication in the skies in prior of you. Jump onto it and also carefully do your method past the electrical Amp enemies. Currently jump ~ above the platform v the Yellow ! Block. Hit the to reveal a Star.

Star 3: secrets in the Shallows & Sky

To begin, dive under beneath the curved white ramp and hit the multicolored button. This will considerably lower the water level.

You\"ll notification that there space gray and also red blocks behind the obelisk that has actually a yellow arrowhead on it. Relocate the block so that it is under the shadow of the Yellow ! Block floating above it. Hitting the Yellow ! Block will an outcome in Mario earning 10 Coins and also making a distinct number appear.Next head as much as the key structure\"s an initial level. You\"ll see one more one of these gray and also red blocks in the wall. Push it in more to get one more number.

Now you\"ll should make your means to the height of the structure. Execute this by make a windup Heave-Ho toy challenge away native the cliff you want to reach and then stepping on your floor mat. This will make lock launch you right into the air behind them.

Once you acquire to the second-highest level, you\"ll notification a obelisk surrounded by Coins and with a Yellow ! Block over it. Gain on peak of this pillar and hit the Block to get 10 Coins and also another one-of-a-kind number.

Go forward and you\"ll see one more grey and red block. Press it versus the brick structure before getting on optimal of it and hitting the Yellow ! Block. This will offer you 10 an ext Coins and another distinct number.

Now head as far right together you can and step top top the violet ! button near the cage. This will certainly make part blocks in the interim disappear. Run on height of these blocks and also get on height of the cage. Hit the Yellow ! Block located below to do a Star appear below.

Make your way to where the purple Chuckya enemy is. Now jump across the floating platforms till you\"re able come jump under on the platform where the Star resides.

Star 4: refer Elevators — rush up!

When you get in this level, the water will certainly be very low. Usage the windup Heave-Ho toys to launch you as much as the greatest section of the brick structure. Now run and also press the purple ! Button. Rise to the height of the cage and drop under on the wood plank passing v the bars.

This will make a section fall to the ground. Go down through it and also destroy the block at the bottom. Now enter the cage and jump on the platform. It will rise up and also take you come the Star.

Star 5: walk to city for Red Coins

When girlfriend enter, the water level will be really high. Swim come the wooden platform behind you and also talk to the pink Bob-omb. This will obtain it to open the cannon hatch. Currently make your means up the ramp and into the cannon.

Shoot yourself off into the distance so the you soil in a caged turn off area. Now dive down into this white cavern until you come out right into a brand-new area. Replenish her air before continuing. Currently it\"s time to find the Wet-Dry World\"s Red Coins:

Swim to the white and also red structure that resembles a tiny castle to gain the an initial Red Coin. Turn around and lower the water level through hitting the button just underneath whereby you swam into this place. Now head ago towards the tiny castle however go right as soon as you view the little brick garden bed. Wall jump back and forth till you with the top. Break the block top top the ideal to gain a Red Coin. Now jump across to the other platform and break the various other block come get one more Red Coin. Lengthy jump to launch you yourself onto the grey platform in former of the small castle. Jump down right into the an are directly in front of the little castle and break the block to get one more Red Coin. Very closely walk follow me the wall surface towards the block at the end. Fight one to gain a Red Coin. Make your way to the other one and break it to obtain yet one more Red Coin. You\"ll notice a block across the way on the building behind you. Jump onto the building. You guessed it, you\"ll gain a Red Coin if girlfriend hit it. Finally, fall down and head to the cage ~ above the left side of the little castle. Wall jump in between the wall and the cage till you reach the top. Hitting this last block it s okay you a Red Coin and also reveals the Star.

The Star will show up under the tiny castle\"s arch when you\"ve accumulated all of the Red Coins.

Star 6: rapid Race through Downtown

Swim come the wooden platform behind you and to the left to speak to the pink Bob-omb. Currently make your way to the recently opened cannon and drop in.

Shoot you yourself off into the street so that you soil in a caged turn off area. Now dive down right into this white cavern until you come out right into a new area fill with vast toy buildings. Replenish your air before continuing.

After coming v the grate, dive down and touch the multicolored switch to lower the water level. A Blue ! Block is situated on the best side of a little red and white castle. Hit that to gain the Vanish Cap. Currently run v the buildings to obtain to the caged area ~ above the left side of the castle.

Wall jump between the grey rock and the cage to obtain up top top the platforms. Now jump up the actions until you reach the Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin power Star

Here\"s exactly how to collection 100 Coins in ~ Wet-Dry World:

Note: We discover it helps to reduced the water level to its lowest once trying to obtain all 100 Coins. To execute this swim behind the curved rock ramp and also touch the multicolored button under the water behind it.

Killing a Skeeter gives you 3 Coins. Defeat as many of these together you can. Damage the brown blocks neighboring the level to obtain three Coins every time. To the left of where you come in, there\"s a Blue Coin switch on a ledge. Ground-pound it to make six Blue Coins appear, which adds 30 Coins to her total. On the second-highest component of the brick structure, there\"s a shaft surrounded through eight Coins and an electrical Amp. Jump onto the shaft mentioned above to fight a Yellow ! Block filled through 10 Coins.Defeating the violet Chuckya will an outcome in friend earning 5 Coins.

You\"ll uncover the Tall, Tall mountain painting in the very same room together the paint for Wet-Dry World. It\"s a smaller painting behind the large staircase that depicts giant mushrooms alongside a mountainside.

If girlfriend can\"t remember how to gain to Wet-Dry World, here\"s a reminder. Native the castle entrance, go up the formerly locked double doors and also then make your method up the winding staircase. As soon as you open up the door at the top, you\"ll it is in in this room.

Here\"s exactly how to get all of the Tall, Tall hill Stars.

Star 1: scale the Mountain

Run increase the mountain and also launch you yourself over the gaps. You\"ll view a section of long-stemmed mushrooms. Run past them and continue to rise the mountain. When you gain to the area v a fly Guy, head right and also jump on the log. Now very closely run on that to do it move closer come the platform on the other side.

Continue increase the slope avoiding rolling balls and Goombas follow me the way. Some areas will be really narrow and difficult to traverse. Take her time and also get across safely. When you finally reach the peak a Star will certainly be waiting for you.

Star 2: secret of the Monkey Cage

Head directly to your ideal upon beginning the level and also you\"ll view a 1-Up. Head come it and jump off into the blue. Rather of fall you\"ll hit a gust of air and also can use it come land on the cliff above. Either defeat or avoid the Chuckya and also follow the path until it gets to the log.

Jump throughout the log and also carefully do your way to the height of the mountain. You\"ll discover the monkey waiting up top. If you operation at it, the will obtain stuck by the fence behind it. Capture it and then cost-free it, it will lead you come a Star. Jump under to where the Star is to get it.

Star 3: Scary \"Shrooms, Red Coins

You\"ll need to collect all 8 Red Coins in ~ Tall, Tall mountain to acquire this Star:

Head increase the hill slope till you reach the section with several long red mushrooms. Jump across their heads and also collect 4 Red Coins. Now continue up the ramp. As soon as you see a mushroom on her right and Monty mole popping the end of the ground on your left, you\"re in the best place. Head over to the Monty miles and wall jump upwards to with a Red Coin. Fall down on your left come reach an additional Red Coin. Proceed heading up to reach another Red Coin. The critical Red Coin is on the highest platform in this area.

The Star will appear on the lone mushroom difficult out beside the mountain once you\"ve built up all the the Red Coins.

Star 4: secret Mountainside

Make your way up the mountain once again to the area through the Monty Moles. Run up the communication in this area and then proceed up the hill to her right. Jump throughout the void with the waterfall and also be careful not to let the publicly cloud punch you off.

At around this suggest you\"ll an alert a row of five Coins. If friend jump right into the square ar of the wall surface next come the Coins, you\"ll uncover yourself in a an enig new place. Slide under the slope and also collect Coins without falling turn off to knife a Star.

Star 5: Breathtaking view from Bridge

Once an ext make your journey up the mountain until you gain to the top of the waterfall. You\"ll notification that there\"s a Star covert behind it. Run behind the waterfall to acquire the Star.

Star 6: Blast come the Lonely Mountain

Head approximately the mountain until you gain to the location where the purple Chuckya is. Walk follow me the narrow wood plank the has 5 Coins ~ above it until you gain the far platform. Autumn down between this platform and the mountain and also you\"ll uncover a pink Bob-omb.

After talk to it, that will open up its cannons. Head down the mountain to where you constantly start every level and then begin heading up the mountain again. When you obtain to the job of long red mushrooms, you\"ll notice that every as soon as in awhile a black color Bob-omb drops from above.

Stand top top the mushroom that has a Yellow ! Block. Currently jump to the small mushroom ~ above the left. If you stand there because that a second, you will get teleported. In this new area, closely make your means to the left along the narrow cliff and you\"ll at some point reach the cannon.

Now shoot yourself at the Star in the distance. Be careful not come overshoot the mushroom or you\"ll need to do every little thing all over again.

Star 7: 100 Coin power Star

Here\"s just how to collect 100 Coins at Tall, tall Mountain.

Defeating the Chuckya will certainly earn you 5 Coins. Cram the Bob-ombs in ~ each other will result in two Coins. Over there are 5 Coins follow me the bridge alongside the waterfall in ~ the peak of the mountain.Five much more Coins have the right to be found near the peak of the mountain. Use the monkey bars close to the Monty moles to collect 5 Coins.

The Star will show up on top of the Monty Mole monkey bars when you\"ve accumulated at the very least 100 Coins.

To with Tiny-Huge Island, you have to once more head up to the second floor of the castle and take the winding stairs. Once you come right into the room with the big Wet-Dry human being painting, hang a left and also enter the very first door with a Star in it.Note that there are different sized paintings in this room each portraying two Goombas. The dimension of the painting relative come Mario will recognize if he is large or tiny in the level.

Not certain what to carry out here? Here\"s how to get every one of the Tiny-Huge Island Stars.

Star 1: Pluck the Piranha Flower

Enter the little painting top top the left the the room to start the course. Top top entering the level, head left and jump right into the pipe down the way. When you come out of the pipe, the civilization will it is in a lot of bigger. 4 Piranha Flowers will certainly pop up roughly you. Beat them to loss them. When they\"re every gone, a Star will appear.

Star 2: The Tip optimal of the substantial Island

Enter the small painting to start this course. You will certainly land next to three big Goombas. Either defeat them or run past them and also go with the feet in the wall. Now swim right from the hole to the much patch of green on the various other side the the water.

Make a left and also jump across the assorted platforms. There will be a solid wind blowing, so relocate carefully. Next, move along the narrow wood beam till you reach the following area of land. Instead of going down the pipe, continue down the wooden plank and also up the mountain dodging falling balls follow me the way.

Continue top top a ways much longer until you have the right to go no further. There you\"ll uncover a Yellow ! Block. Hit the to obtain a Star.

Star 3: Rematch v Koopa the Quick

Enter the small painting to start this course. Once more head to the pipe on the left however instead that jumping inside it, head behind it and also step top top the violet ! Button. This will temporarily create a bridge. Was standing on the bridge and jump approximately the ledge behind you. Relocate up the hill and also enter the pipe to become small. You\"ll an alert there is a flag near this pipe.

When you come out, everything will it is in huge. Go forward and down the slope. You\"ll see a little fence v a Koopa stand nearby. Speak to him come initiate a race.

Head earlier in the direction indigenous which you came and also beat the Koopa ago to the flag located just behind the pipe. If you victory the race, you\"ll earn a Star.

Star 4: five Itty Bitty Secrets

Enter the small painting to start the course. You\"ll require to locate five little holes approximately the island. They can be discovered in the following locations:

At the really top the the island there\"s a tiny pool of water with a hole in it. The hole wherein the stole balls are rolling out from.On the other side of the feet in the wall from where you get in the level. Near the pink Bob-omb on the environment-friendly slope.

After walk to all these areas, the Star will appear on a floating island. To get to it, press the purple ! button behind the pipe close to where you go into the level and also then walk end on the temporary bridge.

Star 5: Wiggler\"s Red Coins

Head come the huge painting to start this course. As soon as in the level, go with the feet in the wall surface and head to the small beach on the left. Jump on the Koopa come steal that shell. Use the covering to ride increase the hill top top the right.

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You\"ll notification there\"s a hole in the mountain with a narrow, bent walkway leading to it. Carefully walk follow me this beam and also enter the cave. There are 8 Red Coins on various platforms in ~ this area. Friend can also jump up and swing, monkey-bar style on the ceiling to reach Red Coins. Collect them all and the Star will certainly appear

Star 6: make Wiggler Squirm

Enter the small painting so the you are large when you enter the course. Make your method to the really top the the island and also ground-pound right into the water. This will make all of the water drop right into a hole.

Now do your method to a pipe and also make you yourself small