catch, circumscription, demur, disbelief, doubt, fine print, hesitancy, incorrect, kicker, provision, proviso, qualification, restriction, scruple, skepticism, string, strings, terms, untrue

Idiom scenario 1

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Three colleagues are talking ...

Ralph: It's every over. We're every going to lose our jobs as a an outcome of this this firm takeover.

Colleague 2: now I'm worried. Need to I be looking for another job?

Colleague 3: Relax. You should constantly take what Ralph claims with a serial of salt.

Colleague 2: You mean that Ralph doesn't really understand what will certainly happen?

Colleague 3: Exactly. There might be some changes however not necessarily as drastic together Ralph describes.

Idiom scenario 2

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Two friends space talking ...

Friend 1: do you really believe that man was mugged?

Friend 2: I believe that he acquired into some sort of trouble.

Friend 1: but you think we need to take what he states with a serial of salt?

Friend 2: man does have tendency to exaggerate and make up stories.

to take through a serial of salt - In the News

to take through a serial of salt - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 295

to take with a grain of salt - Gerund Form:

Taking his declare of denial through a serial of salt, she continued the investigation.

to take v a grain of salt - Examples:

1) that is a an excellent lesson for us all come take everything we check out with a grain of salt, and not jump to conclusions being that us weren't there.

2) Flurry's data is typically pretty misleading, and also you need to take it v a grain of salt, at least until you shot to to really recognize what they're ...

3) ... Species of promises. You've got to take whatever these knuckleheads say v a grain of salt. They're not in it for us, ...

4) as soon as you speak something sucks I tend to take it with a grain of salt, however when you to speak something is really good I constantly check that ...

5) knowing that self-reported answers must constantly be taken with a grain of salt, there room still some amazing findings in this survey.

6) you re welcome take what you check out with a grain of salt. Usage your usual sense and also consult your doctor ...

7) similar to other estimates, this advice need to be taken through a grain of salt, as each student's needs and also abilities vary.

8) Maybe human being should take these shows and the news on national politics with a grain of salt and also actually think because that yourselves.

9) Again, it's an unsubstantiated claim, so take it that through a grain of salt.

10) ... Associated with the??? conditional, you need to take it through a grain of salt here because people are naturally lazy.

11) ... Which is why i take our poverty numbers v a very big grain of salt. The "poor" in America generally have 2 vehicles, multiple ...

12) please take these outcomes with a grain of salt together they space skewed by numerous factors, particularly towards the much more popular ...

13) ns am dealing with this as a level-one "grain of salt" rumor, except that one of the most recent trailers that came ...

14) ... The maniac fringe. Take anything claimed about or by this guy with a huge grain of salt.

15) Let's simply say ns am acquisition it v a very very big grain of salt and have an ext then a few doubts about the full accuracy of the ...

16) take it every single thing ns say right here with a grain of salt. I'm speaking from zero experience and with virtually no insight into ...

17) I typically take most media v a big grain of salt esp. Things prefer Huff and Puff and Fox news.

18) Anyways it appears that overview should be taken through a grain of salt. Offered the unfortunate level of the errors and omissions, ...

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19) ... Will blow his own horn and that self-reported accomplishments must it is in taken through a grain of salt.

20) I'm acquisition his write-up with a grain of salt due to the fact that it appeared to be specifically crafted come promote an ext drama.