I've to win the game a variety of times on GC (years ago), however I just started up the game on computer (with TSfix that course) and also I can't psychic which species are ideal for each character. Help?


Oh boy!


Strike is solitary target and high caliber.

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Tech is multi target and also lower caliber

You can also switch midway come get details Techs girlfriend want.



Fierce Demon Fang

Super Sonic Thrust

Sonic sword Rain

Psi Tempest

Heavy Tiger Blade

Hunting Beast

Demonic Circle

Twin Tiger Blade



Double Demon Fang

Hurricane Thrust

Sword Rain: Alpha

Omega Tempest

Tiger Rage

Raging Beast

Demonic Chaos

Sword Rain: Beta


I am a pan of tech Lloyd myself, together the sword Rains and dual Demon Fang (as well as tiger rage and also raging beast) have great combing potential. Twin Tiger Blade and Hunting Beast over on the Strike side are likewise really, really fun, however. I constantly take Fierce Demon Fang over twin Demon Fang so ns can gain Grave Blade. Not sure whether this deserve to still be excellent without the technology Glitch.

I would certainly list the distinction in Techs in between Strike and also Tech Colette, however there isn’t lot of a point. You either want:


Tech: poison Hax with Toss Hammer (Pow Pow Hammer, Hammer Rain)

Strike: Para round Hax with Para sphere (and Torrential Para Ball)


You’ll desire the toxicity Hax versus bosses that space too an effective for girlfriend to deal with, and also you’ll want the Para round Hax against the Coliseum. Seriously, Colette is OP, however probably slightly much more so if you walk Strike.

Holy Moly.


Denis has actually too numerous S and also T techs come list, but the difference is once again really straightforward to describe:



Single facet Spells through your capstone being Indignation (which enables for your Mystic Arte, Indignation Judgment)


Multi aspect Spells that look super badass, with your capstone gift Prism Sword, the just Light assignment Genis deserve to learn. Too poor the tech Glitch is gone in the newer versions, otherwise you can do the wise thing through Genis and get everything.


I would go for Tech.

Almost everyone is going come tell girlfriend to go Tech, and also that is what i did for many playthroughs. If you placed her on Tech, you won’t have to worry around her act her job properly and you deserve to just give her Ex an abilities that offer her Concentration, so she have the right to do she job even better. Leave her top top Auto and never stroked nerves again.


However, I have the right to say v confidence that after mine first pair of playthroughs, i switched she to Strike and never looked back. (I likewise don’t usage Concentration as her link Ex Skill). Her healing spells room much, much more potent, however all single target. Her buffing spells are also more potent and also Holy Lance is way far better than Ray. Except perhaps for Unison Attacks. Climate again, Raine is never ever my key healer nowadays, that would be Kratos/ Zelos. Still, lock compliment each various other really well, and having a fast, strong solitary target healer/ buffer ~ above the team is much more useful come me 보다 a healer the heals anyone a little bit.

The Difference in between Tech and Strike Sheena is laughable. It problem very, really little, but as a de-buffer, she Pinion Seals space superior to her pure seals. Stick with Tech, never look back.

I constantly go strike on this guys simply so I obtain Grave tongue (Earth aspect Fierce Demon Fang), super Sonic Thrust and Light Spear Cannon (LIGHT SPEAR CANNON!). Hurricane Thrust and also Victory irradiate Spear simply don’t perform it for me.


Presea’s tech side is so much more powerful than her Strike side its not also funny.

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I honestly don’t know, there doesn’t seem to be lot of a difference. Chi healer (tech) is slightly much more useful 보다 Grand Healer though, in my opinion.