I am helping an yonsi widow that a freind clear out her garage which had actually her husbands rafting, fishing and also boating gear. I discovered a serviceable Sears Ted Williams 7.5 HP motor, model 217-5888-2, serial # 3J526957. The turned end easily, and also with a shooting of starting fluid started best up.

She is interested in offering the motor, and also thought the it might appeal come an neck outboard collector.

Can anyone provide me an almost right value? Or have an intertest in it.

I walk on line because that a look at E-Bay, and purchased a DVD the the original hands-on an saw a 5.5 HP the the exact same vintage there.

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The motor is situated in Gresham, OR in ~ this time.

Thanks for your help, and also I do enjoy spring at every the pics on the website that the old motors, particularly when on a duration matched boat. Nostalgia is a powerful thing …





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billwUS Member - 2 YearsReplies: 1575Topics: 46
December 7, 2020 in ~ 5:25 am#224468

I mean no disrespect come the widow; i truly don’t. However, unfortunately, a Sears Ted Williams is no what a collector of old outboards would think about of any valve at all. They space noisier than many other engines and do not have the very same power as other motors of the same rated equine power. There is nothing technologically far-ranging about them, in regards to mechanical history, either. If i were you, I would certainly list the on Craigslist or the like, for maybe $100 and maybe she will get lucky. Actual lucky. (Read that, “If friend get any offer in ~ ALL, take it.”) ~ above a confident note, she husband must have actually been a an excellent man. He may have liked fishing yet he didn’t rest the financial institution when he made decision an outboard motor to buy.

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Long live American manufacturing!

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