Text the The basaltic radical of the oceanic tardy is classified as (1) felsic, with a density of 2.7 g/cm 3...

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Which crustal attribute is situated at about 150N & 700W?1) Hawaii hot Spot2) eastern African Rift

3) Peru-Chile Trench4) Caribbean PlateThe basaltic radical of the oceanic tardy isclassified as(1) felsic, v a density of 2.7 g/cm3

(2) felsic, v a density of 3.0 g/cm3

(3) mafic, with a density of 2.7 g/cm3(4) mafic, v a thickness of 3.0 g/cm3

Which part of Earths internal is inferred to be the many dense?(1) strictly mantle (2) asthenosphere (3) outer core (4) within coreWhich component of Earths inner is inferred to it is in principally iron & Nickel?(1) strictly mantle (3) stiffer mantle

(2) asthenosphere (4) inner core

Which component of Earths interior is inferred to have convection currents that reason tectonic plates come move?(1) rigid mantle (3) outer core

(2) asthenosphere (4) inside coreWhich part of Earths internal is inferred come be separated into two components by the MOHO?(1) strict mantle (3) lithosphere

(2) asthenosphere (4) inside coreWhat is Earths inferred interior pressure, in countless atmospheres, at a depth that 4500kilometers?1.9 (3) 5500

(2) 2.7 (4) 6500What is Earths inferred temperature at the inner Core/Outer main point Interface?1900oC (3) 5500oC

(2) 2700oC(4) 6300oC

Base her answers come the inquiries on the cross section below, which reflects a section of Earths inner layers and also the place of one earthquake epicenter. Letter A represents a seismic terminal on Earths surface. Letter B represents a location in Earths interior.Explain why seismic terminal A receives P-waves yet not S-waves native this earthquake. What is the approximate depth at location B?2900 KmBecause S-waves cannot happen throughThe liquid outer core.

On the map points A through D represent areas on Earths surface.Which place is positioned over a mantle warm spot?

(1) A (3) C

(2) B (4) DDuring the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era, convection currents in Earths mantle1) damaged apart Pangaea

2) resulted in metamorphism the the Adirondacks

3) uplifted the Adirondack region

4) be separate Africa and also North America

Between which 2 lithospheric plates can this border be located?

(1) south American Plate and African Plate

(2) Scotia Plate and Antarctic Plate

(3) Nazca Plate and also South American Plate

(4) afri Plate and also Arabian Plate

Compared come the continental crust, the oceanic late is

(1) less dense and also thinner

(2) less dense and also thicker

(3) more dense and thinner

(4) much more dense and thickerThe map mirrors the ar of phibìc Island in new Zealand. The block diagram reflects a portion of phibìc Island. The Hikurangi Trench is displayed forming in ~ the sheet of the Pacific Plate. Point X is in ~ the boundary between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere.

State the almost right temperature at allude X.1000o CDescribe the form of tectonic plate activity that formed the Hikurangi Trench.Convergence (Subduction)This trench is a border where two plates meet. Name the tectonic plate that is much less dense.Indian-Australian Plate

According come the map, exactly how long after this earthquake did the an initial tsunami wave arriveat Bengkulu, Sumatra?About 1.6 hours.What space the approximate terrestrial collaborates of the earthquake epicenter?3 or 4o N & 96o EThe arrival of P-waves and also S-waves at a seismic station show an epicenter street of 2800 Km. 09:05:203) 09:22:20

09:09:404) 09:34:40If the P-wave came down on 09:18:00, once did the S-wave indigenous the quake arrive?Difference in arrival times is 04:20!The arrival of P-waves and also S-waves at a seismic station suggest an epicenter street of 1400 Km. 15:25:303) 15:27:00

15:32:234) 15:39:30If the P-wave arrived at 15:42:30, once did the earthquake occur?

1400 km takes a P tide 3 minutes!According to the seismogram, when did the an initial P-waves arrive at this seismic station?

(1) 3 minutes after an earthquake developed 2,600 km away(2) 5 minute after an earthquake emerged 2,600 km away(3) 9 minute after one earthquake emerged 3,500 kilometres away(4) 11 minutes after one earthquake arisen 3,500 kilometres away

The come time that the first earthquake P-wave at a seismograph terminal was 10:11:20(hours:minutes:seconds).

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If the epicenter that the earthquake is 8000 kilometres away, what to be the approximate come time the the an initial S-wave indigenous this earthquake?

(1) 10:02:00 (3) 10:20:40

(2) 10:09:20 (4) 10:32:00Earths inner main point is inferred to it is in solid based upon the evaluation of

(1) seismic waves

(2) crustal rocks

(3) radioactive decay rates

(4) magnetic pole reversals

The diagram here was completed by a seismologist. The earthquakes epicenter is closest come location