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1) The cost principle needs that once assets are acquired, castle be videotaped at__________.A. Perform priceB. Marketing priceC. Exchange price paidD. Appraisal value2) "Generally accepted" in the phrase generally accepted bookkeeping principlesmeans that the values __________.A. Have been approved for usage by the managements of service firmsB. Have actually been approved by the internal Revenue ServiceC. Have an extensive authoritative supportD. Space proven theory of accounting3) The standards and also rules the are known as a general guide because that financialreporting are called __________.A. Criter of gaue won reportingB. Operation guidelinesC. Typically accepted accountancy principlesD. Usually accepted bookkeeping standards4) Sam"s used Cars provides the certain identification technique of costing inventory.During March, Sam purchased 3 cars because that $6,000, $7,500, and $9,750,respectively. Throughout March, two cars are sold for $9,000 each. Sam determines thatat march 31, the $9,750 vehicle is still on hand. What is Sam’s gross profit for March?A. $8,250B. $750C. $4,500D. $5,2505) Hess, Inc. Selling a single product v a contribution margin that $12 every unit andfixed costs of $74,400 and also sales because that the current year of $100,000. Exactly how much isHess’s break even point?A. 2,133 unitsB. 6,200 unitsC. $25,600D. 4,600 units6) together Plant Controller, you are trying to identify which prices over i m sorry youhave the most regulate on a day to day basis. Your goal is to accomplish betterprofitability. The plant Operations Manager argues that overhead is the easiest area to straight reduce costs. Which of the complying with items would certainly be classified asmanufacturing overhead?A. The western division’s evil president’s salaryB. Expense of landscaping the this firm officeC. Basic corporate legal responsibility insuranceD. Factory janitor7) What is the ready of reports for each level of responsibility in thecompany’s company chart called?A. Master budgeting analysisB. Exception reportingC. Responsibility reportingD. Revolution reporting8) Disney’s variable prices are 30% the sales. The company is contemplating anadvertising project that will expense $22,000. If sales space expected come increase$40,000, by how much will the company"s net earnings increase?A. $6,000B. $12,000C. $28,000D. $18,0009) The cost of one asset and its fair sector value space __________.A. Never ever the sameB. Irrelevant as soon as the legacy is supplied by the company in the operationsC. The same on the date of acquisitionD. The same as soon as the legacy is sold10) Which one of the complying with is a product cost?A. Indirect laborB. Sales person’s salariesC. Advertising costsD. Office salaries11) What exists as soon as budgeted costs exceed really results?A. A budgeting errorB. An adverse differenceC. An overfill profitD. A favorable difference12) The earnings statement and balance paper columns of pine Company"s worksheetreflects the complying with totals:Income StatementBalance Sheet B. The economy is engaged in trade through at least one various other economyC. Raising the manufacturing of one good by x units involves no opportunity expense in termsof the various other goodD. Increasing the manufacturing of one great by x units involves a consistent opportunitycost in regards to the various other good18) In economics, the price of miscellaneous is __________.A. What you give up to obtain itB. Frequently impossible to quantify, even in principleC. The dollar amount of obtaining itD. Constantly measured in units of time provided up to get it19) A taxes on an imported great is dubbed a __________.A. Supply taxB. Profession taxC. QuotaD. Tariff20) i m sorry of the adhering to statements around GDP is correct?A. GDP is come a nation’s economic situation as family income is come a household.B. GDP increases if the total population increases.C. GDP measures two things at once: the full income of anyone in the economic situation andthe unemployment rate.D. Money consistently flows from families to government and then earlier tohouseholds, and also GDP procedures this circulation of money.21) In computing GDP, market prices are offered to value final goods and also servicesbecause __________.A. If industry prices room out of line with how human being value goods, the federal government setsprice ceilings and price floorsB. Industry prices space not provided in computing GDPC. Market prices reflect the worths of goods and servicesD. Market prices execute not adjust much over time, so it is easy to do comparisonsbetween years22) i m sorry of the complying with statements around GDP is correct?A. Nominal GDP values production at market prices, whereas genuine GDP valuesproduction in ~ the expense of the resources supplied in the manufacturing process.B. In the name GDP repeatedly underestimates the value of production, vice versa, realGDP repeatedly overestimates the worth of production.C. Nominal GDP values manufacturing at current prices, whereas real GDP valuesproduction at constant prices. D. In the name of GDP values production at constant prices, whereas actual GDP valuesproduction at current prices.23) i m sorry of the following is not correct?A. The U.S. Debt per-person is huge compared through average life time income.B. In 2005, the U.S. Federal government had a deficit.C. A potential price of deficits is that they mitigate national saving, in order to reducinggrowth of the funding stock and output growth.D. Deficits give people the possibility to consume at the price of your children, butthey do not call for them to do so.24) The component of the balance of payments account that lists all permanent flows ofpayments is referred to as the:A. Balance the trade.B. Financial and also capital account.C. Government financial account.D. Present account.25) Edward Prescott and Finn Kydland won the Nobel compensation in economics in 2004.One of their contributions to be to argue that if a main bank can convince peopleto suppose zero inflation, then the Fed would certainly be tempted come raise calculation byincreasing inflation. This possibility is recognized as __________.A. The sacrifice ratio dilemmaB. The financial policy reaction lagC. The time inconsistency of policyD. Inflation targeting26) In general, the longest lag because that __________.A. Fiscal plan is the moment it take away to readjust policy, while for monetary policy thelongest lag is the moment it takes for policy to influence aggregate demandB. Both fiscal and also monetary policy is the time it takes for policy to influence aggregatedemandC. Financial policy is the time it take away to readjust policy, while because that fiscal policy thelongest lag is the time it take away for policy to affect aggregate demandD. Both fiscal and monetary plan is the time it bring away to adjust policy27) think about two item that could be included in GDP: (1) The approximated rentalvalue of owner-occupied housing; and (2) purchase of newly-constructed homes.How room these 2 items accounting for when GDP is calculated?A. Just item (2) is included in GDP and also it is consisted of in the investment component.B. Item (1) is contained in the intake component, while article (2) is contained inthe investment component. D. EmploymentE. Selection33) A manager"s capacity to stimulate world to it is in high performers is described as:A. PlanningB. SupervisingC. ControllingD. OrganizingE. Leading34) A series of top quality standards occurred by a committee functioning under theInternational company for Standardization come improve complete quality in allbusinesses for the advantage of both producers and also consumers is:A. Total quality managementB. Customer-based integrationC. Computer-integrated production (CIM)D. Just-in-time regulate (JIT)E. ISO 900035) Japanese manufacturers" kaizen (continuous improvement) programs enablethem to maintain:A. A strategic allianceB. A homogeneous workforceC. Optimistic working relationships through all employeesD. A Learning advantage over your competitionE. Larger, quicker facilities36) Listening to employee suggestions, obtaining support because that organizationalobjectives and fostering an atmosphere of cooperation are every considered:A. Technological skillsB. ConceptualC. Expert skillsD. Interpersonal/communication skillsE. Diagnostic skills37) The basic components of an effective sexual harassment policy include thefollowing EXCEPT:A. To build an organization large policy on sex-related harassmentB. To develop a method for ongoing trainingC. To act instantly when employee complain of sexual harassmentD. To create a power appraisal systemE. To establish a formal complaint procedure 38) teams that operate separately from the continual work structure and also existtemporarily are known as:A. Administration teamsB. Transnational teamsC. Self-managed teamsD. Parallel teamsE. Self-designing teams39) The Aquatic Center, Inc. Periodically reviews the goals of the company. Duringthe process, The Aquatic center managers analysis their existing strategies ascompared to your competitors, determine goals that they will certainly pursue and also decideupon certain actions because that each area that the company to take it in pursuit of this goals.The Aquatic facility managers have been engaged in the management duty of:A. Goal CoordinationB. ControllingC. OrganizingD. StaffingE. Planning40) As connected to managing of human being resources, diversity ad to:A. Differences in demographics (such together age, race, gender, impairment status,lifestyle, veteran status, education level, etc.)B. Distinctions in pay methods (such together hourly, salaried, overtime, hazard-pay,commissioned, etc.)C. Distinctions in employee benefit plans (such together pensions, insurance, vacations,memberships, etc.)D. Differences in retention strategies (such as training, hiring, incentives, etc)E. Differences in recruiting techniques (such together newspapers, schools, flyers, magazines,agencies, etc.)41) __________ is the procedure of working v people and also resources to accomplishorganizational goals.A. ControllingB. Decision makingC. PlanningD. SupervisingE. Management42) Twelve randomly-chosen students to be asked how numerous times they had actually missedclass during a certain semester, with this result: 2, 1, 5, 1, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1, 5, 18.For this sample, the mean is _____.A. 3B. 3.5 For this sample, which measure up of central tendency is least representative of the“typical” student?A. MidrangeB. MeanC. ModeD. Median48) likely reasons for inaccurate control boundaries would include which the thefollowing?A. Process variation was no zero, as expected.B. The engineering parameter for variance is unknown.C. There was inadequate preliminary sampling.D. The designers were underpaid for their work.49) you are confronted with a straight programming objective duty of:Max ns = $20X + $30Yand limit of:3X + 4Y = 24 (Constraint A)5X – Y = 18 (Constraint B)You discover that the shadow price for Constraint A is 7.5 and the zero pricefor Constraint B is 0. I m sorry of this statements is TRUE?A. The most you would desire to salary for secondary unit of A would certainly be $7.50.B. Friend can adjust quantities of X and also Y at no price for Constraint B.C. Because that every added unit that the objective role you create, the price of A rises by$7.50.D. Because that every extr unit of the objective function you create, you shed 0 systems of B.50) A project has actually three paths. A–B–C has a size of 25 days. A–D–C has a lengthof 15 days. Finally, A–E–C has a length of 20 days. Which among the followingstatements is TRUE?A. The supposed duration the this job is 25 + 15 + 20 = 60 days.B. A–D–C is the an essential path.C. The meant duration of this project is 25 days.D. A–B–C has the many slack.51) Which one of the adhering to statements concerning production and staffingplans is best?A. A master production schedule is a projected explain of income, costs, and profits.B. Aggregation deserve to be performed along 3 dimensions: product families, labor,and time.C. Production plans room based mainly on information from the understand productionplan. D. A staffing plan is the intermediary link in between the business plan and also the masterproduction schedule.52) if glancing end the sensitivity report, you keep in mind that the stitching labor hasa zero price that $10 and also a reduced limit of 24 hours with an top limit that 36 hours.If your initial right hand worth for stitching job was 30 hours, you recognize that:A. Girlfriend would lose $80 if one of your workers missed an entire 8 hour shift.B. The next worker that supplies to work-related an extra 8 hrs should receive at the very least $80.C. You would be willing pay up to $60 for someone come work one more 6 hours.D. You deserve to send someone home 6 hours early and also still pay them the $60 castle wouldhave earned while on the clock.53) The prices of delivering products in the _____ channel are much higher thandelivering products in the _____ channel.A. Physical, digitalB. E-commerce, digitalC. Physical, financialD. Digital, e-commerceE. Digital, physical54) when customers access a net site and also make purchases, they generate__________.A. Tracking cookiesB. Net dataC. InformationD. Clickstream dataE. Hyperlink data55) _____ is the integration that economic, social, cultural, and also ecological facets oflife, enabled by information.A. RegionalizationB. GlobalizationC. NationalizationD. Organization environment56) Various institutions that encourage fair and also responsible usage of informationsystems often build __________.A. A code of ethicsB. Obligation chartersC. A strategy planD. A mission statementE. A objectives outline 63) at 8% compounded annually, just how long will certainly it take $750 come double?A. 48 monthsB. 6.5 yearsC. 9 yearsD. 12 years64) which of the adhering to represents an attempt to measure the income of thefirm’s operations end a offered time period?A. Cash circulation statementB. Balance sheetC. Earnings statementD. Quarterly statement65) A an equipment costs $1,000, has actually a three-year life, and has an estimated salvagevalue the $100. It will certainly generate after-tax yearly cash operation (ACF) the $600 a year,starting following year. If your required rate of return because that the project is 10%, what isthe NPV of this investment? (Round your answerwer to the nearest $10.)A. $570B. $490C. $900D. -$15066) defect of using present liabilities together opposed to permanent debt include:A. Greater cash flow exposureB. Greater risk that illiquidity, and also uncertainty of interest costsC. Diminished risk of liquidityD. Certainty of interest costsE. Suspicion of future liabilities67) Petrified woodland Skin Care, Inc. Payment an yearly perpetual dividend that $1.70 pershare. If the stock is right now selling because that $21.25 every share, what is the meant rateof return ~ above this stock?A. 12.5%B. 36.13%C. 8.0%D. 13.6%68) which of the following is most continual with the hedging principle in workingcapital management?A. Fixed assets need to be sponsor with momentary notes payable.B. Inventory must be sponsor with wanted stock.C. Account receivable must be sponsor with momentary lines that credit.D. Lend on a floating rate basis come finance invest in irreversible assets. 69) rise in future value have the right to be caused by rise in the __________.A. Original amount investedB. Annual interest rate and variety of compounding periodsC. Rate of returnD. Dividend paidE. Starting value70) If the quote because that a forward exchange contract is higher than the computedprice, the front contract is:A. At equilibrium.B. Undervalued.C. A great buy.D. Overvalued.71) Your firm is considering an investment in a task which would requirean initial outlay that $300,000 and produce intended cash flows in years 1 v 5of $87,385 per year. Friend have identified that the existing after-tax expense of thefirm’s resources (required price of return) because that each resource of financing is together follows:Cost of debt8%Cost of preferred stock 12%Cost of typical stock 16%Long-term debt at this time makes up 20% that the capital structure, preferred stock10%, and common stock 70%. What is the net present value of this project?A. $1,568B. $871C. $1,241D. $46372) mean you identify that the NPV of a job is $1,525,855. What does thatmean?A. The project’s IRR would have to be much less that the firm’s discount rate.B. The project would add value come the firm.C. Under every conditions, the project’s payback would be much less than the profitabilityindex.D. In all cases, investing in this job would be better than investing in a task thathas one NPV of $850,000.73) The common stockholders space most involved with:A. The spread in between the return generated on new investments and the investor’srequired rate of return.B. The size of the firm’s start earnings per share.C. The danger of the investment. 80) __________ is a marketing management assist which refers to exactly how customersthink about proposed and/or present brands in a market.A. Brand familiarityB. PositioningC. Sector scanningD. Client relationship management (CRM)E. Industry segmentation81) The "four Ps" that a marketing mix are:A. Production, Personnel, Price, and Physical DistributionB. Promotion, Production, Price, and PeopleC. Potential customers, Product, Price, and an individual SellingD. Product, Price, Promotion, and also ProfitE. Product, Place, Promotion, and Price82) When assessing macro-marketing:A. The evaluation is necessarily subjective.B. The best strategy is to take into consideration the profit produced by individual firms within theoverall system.C. One must recognize how successfully the society"s resources are used.D. One must take into consideration the society’s role in the marketing system.E. One must take into consideration each separation, personal, instance firm"s duty in the marketing system.83) A cluster analysis of the "toothpaste market" would probably present that:A. The wide product-market can be served properly with one marketing mix.B. Most consumers are mostly concerned around brightness the teeth.C. Factors such as taste, price, and "sex appeal" space not important.D. Many consumers space concerned around cost.E. Different market segment seek various product benefits.84) Clustering techniques applied to segmenting industries __________.A. Typically require computers to group people based on data indigenous marketresearchB. Remove the need for managerial judgmentC. Get rid of the require for marketing supervisors to specify in breakthrough what dimensionsmight be appropriate for grouping consumersD. Doesn’t use to demographic dataE. Is time consuming and also expensive85) The three straightforward tasks of all managers, follow to the text, are:A. Planning, staffing, and evaluating.B. Marketing, production, and finance. C. Execution, feedback, and also control.D. Planning, implementation, and also control.E. Hiring, training, and compensating.86) The difference in between target marketing and also mass marketing is the targetmarketing:A. Method focusing on a small market.B. Concentrates on short-run objectives, while massive marketing focuses on long-runobjectives.C. Focuses on particular customers, while fixed marketing intends at whole market.D. Intends at boosted sales, while fixed marketing focuses on boosted profits.E. Go not depend on e-commerce yet mass marketing does.87) when one considers the strategy decisions organized by the four Ps, branding isrelated to packaging as:A. Store location is come sales pressure selection.B. Personal selling is to mass selling.C. Manufacturing is to marketing.D. Branding is come pricing.E. Pricing is come promotion.88) which of the adhering to statements is not true under the Fair labor StandardsAct?A. Children ages 16 and also 17 might work limitless hours in nonhazardous jobs.B. Persons period 18 or over might work endless hours in nonhazardous jobs.C. Youngsters ages 14 and 15 may work minimal hours in nonhazardous jobs.D. Children under 14 cannot work-related at all, other than on farms.E. Persons period 18 or over might work countless hours in hazardous jobs.89) Probable cause is many directly linked with which step of the criminalprocess?A. Plea bargainingB. ArraignmentC. IndictmentD. ArrestE. Jury deliberations90) i m sorry of the adhering to statements is normally not true about state intermediateappellate courts?A. The appellate court permits the next to make oral debates outlining theirposition.B. The appellate court permits the next to introduce brand-new evidence so long as itwas not previously presented at the initial trial. E. Moral minimum.96) which of the following lists, in diminish priority, of sources thought about bymost courts in settling inquiries of worldwide law?A. Conventions, treaties, comity, customsB. Treaties, customs, conventions, comityC. Treaties, customs, conventions, comityD. Conventions, comity, customs, general values of lawE. Treaties, customs, general ethics of law, judicial decisions and teachings97) If the value of the collateral is much less than the blame owed come the secured party,then:A. The secured party it s okay to take it some various other property as collateral therefore his entire debt issecured.B. The secured party is tho secured because that the entire debt fan him.C. The secured party is unsecured for the whole debt.D. The secured party loser the overfill of debt over the value of the security.E. The secured party is unsecured because that the overfill of debt over the worth of thesecurity.98) One study discovered that manufacturing labor costs about _____ an hour in China,compared come _____ dollars in the unified States.A. $2; about 25B. Much less than $1; around 15C. Less than $1; about 40D. Much less than $1; about 25E. About $2; around 1599) Which country does the text describe as coming to be the largest producer andconsumer of plenty of of the world"s goods?A. ChinaB. JapanC. EcuadorD. MexicoE. Canada100) although the U.S. Has had actually a longstanding agreement with _____ after thepassage that NAFTA, _____ became the united States" second largest tradingpartner.A. Mexico, VenezuelaB. Canada, VenezuelaC. Great Britain, ParaguayD. Mexico, Canada E.

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