Digital Activity!This comprehensive quiz is a good way to wrap up Washington Irving's Gothic brief story, The Devil and Tom Walker. There room 12 multiple an option questions and 4 true/false questions. You can easily use this v scan-trons, have students write directly on it, or task it. Ther
Students will discover the brief story The Devil and also Tom pedestrian by completing activities that include cause and effect and symbolism.

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Are you brand-new to American literary works or worn down of boring worksheets? communicate students in real-world finding out connections and an important thinking through these lessons and tasks for your American literary works Curriculum. This growing bundle is organized thematically and also includes a selection of lessons that m
From electric English...This is a three-part assessment. The first is merely true and false questions; the 2nd is multiple choice; while, as a rule, I shot to protect against this kind of streamlined question and also answer, that is still an excellent to offer the students practice.... After ~ all, they will view these types
This short quiz approximates a analysis (literature) ar of the SAT. It utilizes a i from Washington Irving's short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" and also poses 5 SAT-style reading questions consisting of vocabulary in context, author technique and proof support. It deserve to be provided as a bell-ri
The standard Faustian story of "The Devil and also Tom Walker" by Washington Irving. Includes reading guide, journal, comprehension questions, past the message writing prompts through rubrics, and also a test.
Here is whatever you will require for a finish lesson top top Washington Irving's story, "The Devil and also Tom Walker". A college student handout introduce the life and also work the Irving and the characteristics of a folk tale. Twenty guided reading questions promote comprehension and also create a research guide. Graphics organi
This graphics organizer has actually students look at the literal, figurative, and symbolic an interpretation of the major symbols viewed throughout the short story.
From electric English...This is one in course or at house project, in which, the students are asked to take a closer look in ~ Irving's brief story, "The Devil and also Tom Walker". The students room asked to generate a story board from the message pulling out what they think about to be the most essential occurren
End of reading mini-writing assignment asking students to follow the TEPAC writing structure to handmade a thematic evaluation paragraph. Rubric included!
Bring music into your literary works classroom through this activity. Students listen to and also analyze The rojo Stone's "Sympathy because that the Devil" because that literary devices. Climate they compare the song's themes, characters, mood, etc. With Irving's "The Devil and Tom Walker."
Explore this dark classic quick story by Washington Irving (of "Sleepy Hollow" fame) through students. The Reading overview covers vocabulary words and also in-depth discussion questions come enrich students' expertise of the story. A quiz is had as well, assessing students' knowledge of both vocabular
Reading tasks for the examine of the quick story, "The Devil and also Tom Walker." Focused approximately the student of literary theories, especially Romanticism and Dark Romanticism. Load includes: American Romanticism and Dark Romanticism synopsis Slides full text the "The Devil and Tom Walker" through Washingto
Short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" by Washington Irving re-printed right here with close reading questions. Also contains nearby reading questions for "The Minister's black color Veil" through Nathaniel Hawthorne. Full text of this story accessible online. Show development to Romanticism Presentation first. (
Backwards instruction allows students to get their feet wet and get excited about a text prior to they even read it for the first time. These four task cards focus on story elements in the quick story "The Devil and also Tom Walker." publish as cards and also hand out one every day, or four on a sheet for Day 1 that
Guided concerns for the brief story The Devil and also Tom Walker through story included. Have the right to be provided for multiple levels and accompanied with miscellaneous other longer texts.
Students use this graphic organizer to help them choose and gather proof to prepare and also write a setup analysis paragraph.
Students room asked to discover examples of lively imagery in "The Devil and also Tom Walker" by Washington Irving. Students must analyze the result of the imagery on the work-related as a whole.

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From electric English...This is an assignment that asks student to discover one example for every of the characteristics of American Romanticism in Irving's tale, "The Devil and Tom Walker". It gets the college student thinking about this seemingly an easy story in a brand-new way.NOTE: over there is a fresh, clean cop
In this bundle are five quizzes comprised of short passages and also five multiple-choice inquiries written to almost right SAT reading questions. Question species include vocabulary in context, author technique and proof support. It is formatted to look like the satellite to assist students end up being familiar with
This is a finish unit i teach in the 2nd quarter v my AP Lit and Comp class. Ns think the is an extremely important because that students to have the ability to recognize diction before they move on come more difficult literary devices.This unit includes:Assignment 1: advent to DictionAssignment 2: Diction practice
This unit is sure to it is in a hit v students and teachers alike! The brand-new England Renaissance is a literature time duration during which some of our most-loved American writer flourished: Edgar Allan Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Washington Irving to surname a few. However, it can prove
From electric English...This is a substantial packet for Washington Irving and also his short stories, "The Devil and also Tom Walker" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". You might notice as you peruse my save that every of this items is noted individually, too as, bundled. For example, the rubric for

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