A problem-solving obstacle is something that stops civilization finding a effective solution come a problem. These obstacles are often caused by cognitive block – exactly how we think and feel – and also by useful social and also physical blocks.

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Everybody has cognitive blocks, and each human being will have actually different species and at various intensities. This will influence which obstacles we encounter.

It is essential that human being are conscious of the range of barriers, and also that the impact they have on trouble solving. In this means the barriers can it is in overcome.


Key barriers are:

Confirmation biasMental setFunctional fixednessUnnecessary constraintsIrrelevant information

What reasons these barriers?

PerspectivePerspective causes us to see the human being in various ways, and also from different viewpoints. A marketing officer is most likely to watch a problem in a different means to a company manager.

Perspective can cause potential options to be missed or ignored together unworkable based upon our beliefs, attitudes and also opinions.

EmotionEmotional blocks are the things that we feel that avoid us to difficulty solve accurately. This can be not suggesting an idea because it might sound stupid, and also make us appear silly.


Another example, is fear of change, or feeling guilty the the problem emerged in the an initial place.

IntellectualIntellectual barriers can be brought about by not having actually the training, skills or knowledge to deal with a problem. Because that example, it might be a lack of an abilities in testimonial or study etc.

ExpressionThis is around how we express ourselves. Poor expression the problems and also solutions bring about misinterpretation and communication.

Many problem-solving techniques often have a method to solve this directly via producing a problem an interpretation and the usage of intuitive techniques. Yet people might still battle to come increase with precise description – making use of a ideal fit instead.


These are hindrances led to by the social or physics environment, and influence on our ability to think clearly or to perform a task. Because that example, a according to office stops the difficulty solver being able to concentration on the task.

However, eco-friendly blocks can additionally be more practical, e.g. No access to a computer with the correct software. Environmental worries can be straightforward to overlook and also relate straight to external experiences rather than inner thoughts and feelings.

CulturalThis functions on three levels. One is about how we behave in relationship to workplace culture and ethics. For example, in the workplace it might be discouraged to interrupt other employees in the work place, therefore you feeling you can’t strategy people to gain their input. The following is about our own social bias. This consists of all develops of discrimination. The last one is around how our own society expects us to behave.

If girlfriend come native a culture where it is urged to be reserved, you may have issues sharing her ideas. If friend come from a society where conversation is encouraged, you may diverge indigenous the topic. This often starts through ‘By the way’, ‘Before i forget’, or ‘While i remember’.

Problem addressing Barriers

Different blocks, and also combinations the these result in a range of obstacles to problem solving. There is no definitive way to connect blocks to obstacles but part suggestions are listed below.

Confirmation BiasThis is around not following the problem solving method, and also so introducing bias. This can be the an outcome of absent steps out, or not using them correctly. Confirmation predisposition arises as soon as the method taken is to check a preconceived solution.

Basically, you would have uncovered the solution prior to you discovered the problem, and also perceive the problem solving technique through this lens (perspective and also intellectual blocks). Because that example, if you feel you currently know everything around the problem, girlfriend won’t execute research, or just research points that confirm the appropriateness of the systems you want to use.

Mental SetThis comes from relying too greatly on heuristics – the clichés of problem solving, favor a ‘rule that thumb’ or ‘common sense’ as a way to fix a problem, rather than actively looking because that the ideal or most basic solution.

It is about reusing what has been effective in the past, quite than assessing and assessing the problem.

The heuristic for mental mind set could be dubbed ‘why reinvent the wheel’. It relies on previous experience to straight how a trouble can be solved. This might be an pundit block, together the difficulty solver is not all set to learn new problem solving skills, and emotionally counts on familiarity to feeling comfortable v a solution.

Functional FixednessThis is about not thinking creatively. That is a narrow mind-set. Functional Fixedness come from human being thinking that an object has just one function.

For example; a jug deserve to only be provided to pour fluids; it can not be supplied as a mixing bowl. It deserve to be summarized as ‘You can’t perform that’. Sensible Fixedness affects the time required to make a decision. If girlfriend don’t have a mix bowl, but won’t use the jug, you waste time going to buy a new mixing bowl. Due to the fact that it relates to objects, often caused by an pundit or eco-friendly block.

Unnecessary ConstraintsThis barrier causes unwarranted borders to be inserted on a problem. It web links to do the efforts to resolve a problem using previous endure of what has functioned in a situation and trying to force it to job-related in the existing situation, fairly than trying to find a new solution.

This inhibits creativity. The barrier can be removed by insight. Most problem solving methods focus on emerging insight right into a problem – through information gathering, evaluation and also assessment.

Unnecessary Constraints can be resulted in by an pundit block, or an emotionally one causing an over reliance top top the known. An example would it is in trying to boost a organization using present procedures and processes, fairly than find a solution and design brand-new procedures and also processes.

Irrelevant InformationThis is information that is not essential to resolve the problem, frequently caused by human being diverging from the trouble itself, onto various other topics they feeling are related or presenting too lot information.

Irrelevant information hinders problem solving together it slow the procedure down, can cause confusion or misunderstandings.

A brainstorming session have the right to be impaired due to the fact that people want to go off topic. This is why countless brainstorming sessions have actually a facilitator to obtain things earlier on track. As soon as gathering information, it deserve to be gaining distracted and looking at something that is interesting however not useful. It can result in as well much details being collected, and people having actually trouble taking in it.

For example, giving a problem-solving team full copies of every the details found, fairly than summarising it as headlines, a graph or a mind map.

This might be an expression block – people struggle to summarise the information, an emotionally one – civilization fear they i will not ~ have enough information, or even a cultural one – full documents are always presented in meetings.

There room a range of barriers to problem solving based on cognitive blocks and also practical social and physical jobs. These have the right to be perceptual, emotional, intellectual, expressive, environmental, cultural.

Cognitive blocks are our means of thinking and also feeling. These add to exactly how we approach and carry out problem solving, bring about barriers. Lock usually present bias, errors, and an outcome in imperfect solutions. These barriers can be gotten rid of by awareness of the pitfalls in difficulty solving, and training in how to usage a difficulty solving method correctly.

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