Did you recognize water and wind are responsible for about 84 percent that degraded and eroded land?

Erosion is a herbal phenomenon, but since it reasons damage come vegetation, landscapes, agriculture, and property, it’s considered a serious eco-friendly issue. The degraded land that’s left in the wake up of long-term erosion can make formerly vibrant areas look an ext like a wasteland.

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The good news is the erosion deserve to be slowed or managed entirely by using organic solutions such together plants.

In this article, we’ll briefly check out the basics the erosion control, then talk around some plants that can aid with the process. Stop dive in!

Understanding Erosion Control

Erosion is a natural procedure where soil and also its nutrients get displaced. There room three major causes of erosion, i m sorry are:

Strong windsHeavy water flowHuman activity

Strong winds and massive water flows, like heavy rains or landslides, reason soil erosion by removing the topsoil. Intensive agriculture, deforestation, road building, climate change, and urban breakthrough are substantial human tasks that reason or contribute to erosion.

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Certain species are capable of keeping steady ~ above a steep or high-traffic area, i m sorry helps with soil erosion. Best tree species for downslope erosion manage include:

CascaraFirPineWillowBig-Leaf MapleWestern Red Cedar


Erosion is responsible because that damaging numerous acres the land every year. Strong winds, heavy water, and also the person footprint all play major roles in land degradation — but that doesn’t mean it can not be stopped.

Plants prefer groundcovers, shrubs, grass, and trees are natural solutions that assist prevent erosion. Many thanks to their substantial root systems and protective layers, healthy and balanced soil have the right to stay in location with less runoff.

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If you have a steep slope or are experiencing soil damages due come high wind and also water, Granite Seed has a wide variety of plants that help prevent erosion.