Shoulders and also hips are often described using the “ball and socket” comparison. Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen rise in shoulder problems in the office, even more frequently than hip complaints. When pointing out the anatomy through the patient, I always mention the hatchet “ball and socket,” yet I prefer to take it it a step further and explain exactly how the shoulder is various from the hip.

If you try moving your shoulder, you notification that it deserve to go 360 degrees roughly in rotation, whereas the i know good hits part hard finish ranges. This is due to the nature of the ball and also socket joint. A good way to note distinction is by thinking of the shoulder as more of a golf round sitting top top a golf tee and also the hip as a true round in socket.



After looking in ~ the anatomy above, you have the right to see the shoulder joint is made up of the head the the humerus, which rests ~ above the glenoid fossa of the scapula (or shoulder blade). Wherein as the hip share is the head the the femur the fits right into the acetabulum that the ilium (pelvic bones). So, as among my college professors always said, this provides the shoulder like one of your family members, a tiny unstable (he had actually some jokes!).

This way that shoulder injuries space normally more soft organization in nature. The shoulder blade itself is a floating bone, adhered come the back of the ribs by muscles. The humerus is organized to the shoulder tongue by the 4 muscles that comprise the rotator cuff. The only joint holding your shoulder girdle to the remainder of her body is the sternoclavicular joint – the area where your collarbone meets your chest bone.

The hip joint is a tiny tricky because of the means our bodies develop, and also it is a tough area to job-related on. That is an ext weight bearing so, yes, we do have a lot of muscles around it. However, the share itself deserve to suffer indigenous degeneration and also things like femoral acetabular impingement (where the head the the femur does no fit like Cinderella’s slipper in the acetabulum). We’ll talk about this an ext next time!

But back to the shoulder. If you execute suffer indigenous shoulder pain, think an ext about muscle involvement prior to anything else. Some self-tests you have the right to do room looking at rotation: have the right to you make an entire circle v your arm without pain? Does your arm acquire stuck in particular places if you turn it up? How around rotating it down? Is over there numbness, tingling, or ns of strength? If many of your tests only produce pain through movement and also not ns of strength or adjust in sensation, girlfriend may advantage from soft tissue manipulation and other chiropractic modalities fairly than needing much more invasive procedures right away!

As always, consult v a medical care provider concerning your shoulder pain. Conservative therapy such as graston, myofascial release and therapies may be helpful to obtain you back to your active life style.

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