I newly upgraded to home windows 10, and when I rotate off or restart the computer, I acquire this post :

explorer.exe - application Error : The instruction at 0x0000000180001610 referenced memory at 0x0000000180001610. The memory can not it is in written.

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It"s preventing the computer from turning off, and also its questioning me to end the program.

How do I resolve this issue, or at least hide the post so i dont need to terminate manually the program?



As per comments, this deserve to be connected to:

overclocked device (memory, CPU, GPU),infection the virus (try come scan your system for any type of suspicious malware),anti-virus it-self (please disable it momentary to check if that"s the case),a bug, so please upgrade your windows to the recent version.
Does it perform this as soon as booted right into Safe Mode? If not, uninstall (or disable) all installed traveler extensions and shot again

How carry out I disable all explorer extentions?

Anything the adds symbols or food selection items to Explorer, or modifies the behavior of traveler can fall in this category. This might be OneDrive, anti-virus programs, back-up programs, Dropbox-style programs, "Tech Buddy" adware that inserts "friendly" messages telling you come "Click here for help" on each window, etc.

Since girlfriend upgraded to home windows 10, it"s possible one of those varieties of programs is not fully compatible or didn"t like the change in OS or permissions that went along with it.

One basic thing that might work is recreating your home windows profile. The easiest method to execute this is A) backup all papers in her C:\Users\username, B) produce a 2nd Windows account, C) if difficulties don"t persist on 2nd account, regain your papers to second account and also delete an initial account.

Next, try totally uninstalling, then reinstalling any kind of anti-virus/security software. Shot to download latest variation of her antivirus if friend can.

Run a full malware scan and enable it to delete anything the deems "Potentially Unwanted" or similar.

Then execute the same for any of the other types of programs listed above. Shot to acquire latest versions.

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And there is a way to understand in what dll this insturction is in?

The Windows event Viewer could tell friend (in the application Logs) but it can be miscellaneous you require a debugger come trace.