C6H13SH (1-hexanethiol)
C4H9SH (1-butanethiol)
(a) (b)
Which would have the higher boiling point? _________(1-hexanethiol or 1-butanethiol)
Which would have the larger enthalpy of vaporization? _________(1-hexanethio or l1-butanethiol)

(c) The differences in (a) and also (b) are because of _________ (dispersion forces, dipole-dipole forces, or hydrogen bonding?)

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Draw the finest Lewis structure for CH2F2. I m sorry of the following is/are true?

A. CH2F2 is nonpolar

B. There are dispersion forces between two CH2F2 molecules

C. There are dipole-dipole forces in between two CH2F2 molecules

D. Over there is hydrogen bonding in between two CH2F2 molecules

E. The the strongest intermolecular force between two CH2F2 molecule is ion-dipole forces

F. CH2F2 should have actually a reduced boiling point than CH4

G. The molecular geometry because that CH2F2 is tetrahedral

Which the the following is/are true?

A. SF4 is a polar molecule and has a seesaw molecule geometry

B. The strongest intermolecular force in KBr(aq) is ion-dipole forces

C. BF3 is a nonpolar molecule and has a trigonal planar molecular geometry

D. CH3CHO is polar; there space dipole-dipole forces and also dispersion forces in between two CH3CHO molecules, yet no hydrogen bonding





Problem 11.28 lar forces current es, and also select the the greater boiling Signed in together lynx erve vancol H previous l 8 of component A recognize the varieties of intermolecular forces current in propane CaH8 inspect all that apply. A ipole-dipole interactions Hydrogen bonding London dispersion forces lon-dipole interactions send My Answers provide Up component B identify the species of intermolecular forces existing in n-butane C H10 inspect all the apply. Hydrogen bonding Dipole dipole interaction London dispersion forces lon-dipole interactions submit My Answers give Up

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