Study concerns The Appendicular Skeleton 1) What bones comprise the appendicular skeleton? 5) which appendicular bone that the top limb is many commonly broken in a fall? Clavicle 6) describe the articulation of the clavicle v the scapula. The clavicle articulates through the scapula distally v the acromion. 7) The clavicle articulates v the scapula at the Acromion. 8) What are the functions of the proximal end of the humerus? consists of a head, anatomical neck, good n lesser tubercles. 9) The depression top top the posterior surface ar at the distal finish of the humerus is the Olecranon Fossa 10) What is a forearm bone? Radius (lateral) Ulna (medial) 11) What surface attributes does the ulna possess? Olecranon, styloid process, & trochlear notch 15) The bones that kind the palm are the Metacarpals 16) The bones that offer the hand a wide range of movement are the Carpals. 17) The skeletal that form the fingers are the Phalanges. 18) The carpus has 8 bones. 19) What bones comprise upper limb? Scapula, Clavicle, Humerus, Ulna, Radius, Carpals, Metacarpals, Phalanges. 20) What bones make up the pelvis? Ilium, ischium, pubis, acetabulum, obturator foramen. 21) What bone articulates through the coxal bone at the acetabulum? Femur 22) Each one of the coxal skeletal is developed by the combination of 3 bones. 23) The largest component coxal bone is the Ilium. 24) The exceptional border of the ilium that acts together a suggest of attachment because that both ligaments and also muscles is the iliac crest. 25) The higher sciatic notch is a attribute on the Ilium. 26) The sacrum articulates with the Ilium . 27) when seated, the weight of the body is borne by the ischial tuberosities. 1 28) The pubic and also ischial rami encircle the Obturator Foramen. 29) The longest and heaviest bone in the body is the Femur. 30) The distal finish of the tibia articulates with the Talus. 31) powerful hip muscles attach posteriorly to the femur follow me the Linea aspera. 32) The medial bulge at her ankle is a forecast from the tibia 33) The lateral malleolus is discovered on the fibula. 34) The medial border that the fibula is bound to the tibia through the interosseous membrane. 35) The tarsus consists of 7 bones. 36) i m sorry bone is the heel bone? Calcaneus 38) one more name because that the very first toe is hallux 42) compared to the male skeleton, the woman skeleton has actually a higher angle inferior to the pubic symphysis, & has actually a smaller average cranium. 43) The clearest distinction between a male and female skeleton is seen in the attributes of the pelvis. 45) The only direct connection between the pectoral girdle and the axial skeleton is wherein the clavicle articulates v the manubrium the the sternum. 46) every coxal bone is composed of the adhering to three unify bones: ilium, ischium, and also pubis 47) The biggest bone that the reduced limb is the Femur 48) The pelvic organs are mostly uncovered within the iliac fossa. 50) What constitutes the pectoral girdle? clavicles and also scapulae 51) The glenohumeral joint, or shoulder joint, is an articulation between which 2 bones? Scapula & Humerus. 52) In the anatomical position, the ulna is located medial to the radius. 53) Lateral to the coronoid process, the radial notch accommodates the head the the radius in the radio-ulnar joint. 54) There room 8 carpal bones situated in the wrist, which type 2 rows of skeleton in the wrist.

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2 number The Scapula Use figure to answer the adhering to questions: 83) recognize the structure labeled "7." Spine 84) determine the framework labeled "1." Coracoid procedure 85) Which structure is the acromion? 5 86) recognize the structure labeled "2." Glenoid cavity 5 number The Femur Use figure to price the adhering to questions: 88) recognize the framework labeled "2." better Trochanter 89) recognize the structure labeled "3." later Condyle 90) Which framework articulates through the acetabulum? 5 91) determine the diaphysis that the femur. 7 92) recognize the framework labeled "12." Linea Aspera 6