"Knowing exactly how to use an anti-lock brake system (ABS) is an extremely important in preventing car vehicle crashes," says Naples vehicle Crash Attorney, Randall Spivey the Spivey legislation Firm, personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. 

When used properly, ABS is a safe and effective braking system. Anti-lock braking solution are energetic safety features designed to help drivers maintain steering control by avoiding wheels from locking up during an illustration of heavy braking, an especially on wet and slippery road surfaces. To obtain this safety advantage, chauffeurs must learn how to run their ABS properly according come brainonboard.com (A program released in January 2013 in Canada to carry out a "one-stop-shop" to learn around vehicle safety and security features.) 

There room three crucial words which must be remembered as soon as braking through ABS:





The ABS instantly changes the press in the vehicle"s brake present to preserve maximum brake power just short of locking up the wheels. ABS go this really rapidly v electronics. In four-wheel ABS-equipped vehicles, pumping the brake turns the mechanism on and off. ABS pumps the brakes because that you automatically, at a much quicker rate, and also allows much better steering control.

There are differences in ABS setups. Some stop wheel lock ~ above all 4 wheels, while rather prevent only the rear wheels from locking. However, every ABS job-related by monitoring wheel speed and also then, if a potential wheel lock is detected, promptly applying and also releasing the brake to the problem wheel. Every ABS have three major components:

Wheel rate sensors monitor wheel rotation speed;Hydraulic systems pump the brakes, and;

The national Highway Traffic security Association (NHTSA) says that motorists should no be alarmed by mechanical noises or pedal pulsations when using the brake. This is normal and indicates the the ABS is active. Various ABS sound or feeling differently. Several of the effects, for instance are: a groaning noise, a rapid pulsing the the brake pedal, a routine dropping the the brake pedal, a difficult (non compliant) brake pedal, a light that transforms on come say "low traction". The "Owner"s Manual" is the an initial place to look to familiarize you yourself with exactly how your device functions. Then experimentation your ABS in an empty parking lot of under various climatic conditions i.e. Dry and wet. You need to not pump your brakes if you have actually ABS. Just host your foot firmly on the brakes pedal and also remember that you can still steer.

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ABS does not compensate for unsafe control or poor road conditions. In order to ensure the appropriate performance that ABS, chauffeurs must proceed to usage caution and an excellent judgment behind the wheel. When combined with safe driving practices, safety features like ABS have actually been proven come mitigate and also prevent road crashes.

Not every vehicles have actually ABS. The best method to inspect is by feather in the owner"s manual and/or looking in ~ the dashboard when the ignition is turn on, prior to the engine starts.



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