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This igneous structure is identified by two distinctively different crystal sizes.

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Isotopes that the same facet have the same mass number. False
Which pair of minerals is most common in detrital sedimentary rocks? clay and quartz
Which the the complying with is NOT one of the eight many common elements in Earth's crust? carbon
What facet is the many abundant in the Earth's late by weight? oxygen
Intrusive rocks none the these
As the rate of cooling increases, the dimension of the crystals that form decreases
Olivine and also quartz are typically found together in the same rock. False
Evaporites have a biochemical origin. false
The strong tendency of particular minerals to break along smooth, parallel planes is known as cleavage
Quartz is rather resistant to weathering and is an important component the sands in riverbeds and also on beaches. true
All atoms of the same element have the very same atomic number. true
Glassy igneous rocks type when magma cools so gradually that mineral crystals can not grow. false
Sedimentary rocks all the these
The most abundant chemistry sedimentary rock is limestone
Which group of minerals space the many abundant in the Earth's crust? silicates
One magma can produce several various igneous rocks having various mineral compositions True
Which the the following best defines a mineral and also a rock? in a mineral the constituent atoms are bonded in a regular, repetitive, interior structure; a absent is a lithified or consolidated aggregate of various mineral grains
The major agent of call metamorphism is heat
Which that the following minerals is a silicate? feldspar
Most limestone has a biochemical origin. true
The many unreliable (variable) diagnostic property of minerals such as quartz is color
Detrital sedimentary rocks are classified (named) generally on the basis of particle size
Atoms that the exact same element, zinc because that example, have actually the same variety of protons in the nucleus
Select the coarse-grained rock which is composed mainly of quartz and potassium feldspar from the list below. granite
Which that these determinants influence the kind and price of weathering? all of these
Metamorphism can affect only sedimentary rocks. false
All atoms of the same element have the very same atomic number. true
Rocks room aggregates the one or more minerals. true
Metamorphism may an outcome from all of these
The resistance of a mineral to abrasion is known as hardness
All silicate mineral contain which 2 elements? silicon, oxygen
In the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron there are an ext silicon atoms than oxygen atoms. false
Which the adhering to denotes the positively charged particles in an atom's nucleus? protons
Electrically neutral atoms have equal number of electrons and protons. true
Most minerals have a greater specific gravity 보다 water. true
Metamorphism is commonly associated with mountain building. true
An atom's fixed number is 13 and its atomic number is 6. How countless neutrons room in its nucleus? 7
Which one of the complying with is no true about mechanical weathering? does not affect metamorphic rocks
All minerals exhibit cleavage. false
A mineral can be composed completely of one element.

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Atoms that have actually an electrical charge due to a get or lose of electrons room called ions
is a strong, parallel alignment of various mineral bands in a metamorphic rock. Foliation
Which among the complying with is not true for minerals? they have the right to be a liquid, solid, or glass
Which one of the complying with is an igneous rock? rhyolite
Which that the complying with is correct for isotopes of the very same element? the atoms have different numbers of neutrons and the same variety of protons
Detrital sediments would certainly predominate in every one of the following settings except salt flat
Which of the following best describes bedded gypsum and rock salt? evaporites; chemical, sedimentary rocks
The ion in ~ the facility of a silicon-oxygen tetrahedron is surrounded by 4 oxygen ions