Joseph Haydn – often dubbed the father of the symphony and also the string quartet, teacher to many and all about good-natured man. To this day, that still attract the nickname “Papa Haydn” – yet where did that come from?

Haydn earn the name “Papa” in plenty of ways. That cared deeply for his students and musicians in orchestras. He was a patient, gentle, and good-humored teacher. The was also a prolific composer and earned a reputation as the best of his time – recognition that has actually lived on come this day. He likewise contributed so lot to the mediums the the string quartet (he created 68!) and the symphony (106!), that is often dubbed the “father” that both genres.

One that his finest loved symphonies, “Farewell,” is a good example the both his humor and also his caring nature. ~ a season that had gone on as well long, Haydn chose to send a goofy reminder to his patron, Prince Esterhazy, that it was high time the musician be released and allowed to return home. The last activity slowly lessened in the lot of players, and the musicians in reality left the stage during the performance. Luckily, the message was received and the musicians were released because that the season.

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With his caring nature and his contribute to music, it’s simple to see just how he wholeheartedly deserve the nickname, and how to this particular day we still speak to him “Papa Haydn.”

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