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Tom Canty

This character is an unwanted boy born in the first half that the sixteenth century in London to really poor family.

Edward Tudor

This human being is the Prince of Wales and heir come the throne of England.

Miles Hendon

This character is a soldier who has just changed from England after three years that fighting a international war.

John Canty

This character, that is Tom"s relative, drinks a lot and steals.


This character is a young ruffian that helps john Canty in his initiatives to capture Edward.

The Earl the Hertford

This human is lord Chancellor the the realm and the uncle of Edward the Tudor.

Henry VIII

This human being is the King of England and Edward Tudor"s father.

Mrs. Canty

This character is the warm and gentle mom of Tom.

Father Andrew

This is a member the the priest who stays in the...

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